Saturday, December 29, 2007

An off day

Today was not exactly my day. I thought I set my alarm for 9 and maybe I did, but I guess I should have known better than to just set one alarm and leave it in the same room as Sleepy Dave. So I woke up at noon and when I saw the time I cried "Holy Shit!" No lie.

1) I went for approximately a 10 mile bike ride today. From my apartment all the way to McCormick Place and back. This is nearly 3 times further than my last ill fated bike ride and it took me about the same time and it wasn't absolutely miserable on the way back. It was actually pretty pleasant.

2) I watched the pilot of this British game show, (link courtesy of Sam) why do the British have so much better game shows than us (it seems)? Not that this is really a game show, but it's far more entertaining than most American ones. I want to punch Howie Mandel in the kidney.

3) Although my first attempt was blocked by my sweet old cat lady of a neighbor, I did eventually do 4 loads of laundry. I still have to fold the t-shirts, which is my least favorite part.

4) I cleaned (parts of) my apartment. Did dishes as well.

5) Made pumpkin bread. Mmmm.... (Although because today was off, this was more of an ordeal than it should have been)

6) Watched something like 5 episodes of Arrested Development. God I love that show. Highlights: Lindsay's chicken dance and "I'm a monster!" x2

7) Finally got a Gold trophy on the Star Cup 100 cc in Mario Kart 64. I used the strategy of playing as the character that had previously beat me. Bowser reigns victorious.

8) In contrast, I Beat the final version of Bowser for the first time as Luigi today as well. Ending still makes no sense, but now Peach screams Luigi!, instead of Mario! as she falls (in space?) to her doom.

9) Got past the 3rd and 4th castles in Super Mario World. (They're so close together.) That game is trickier than I remember.

10) Mango slices

I totally forgot two things I had been meaning to put on here.

11) Read Volumes 2 and 3 of "The Maxx," which had just been sitting on my table unread for weeks. Really enjoyed it. The seams aren't perfect, but it actually makes remarkable sense.

12) I realized that even though the sun was going down a lot earlier than I wanted today it is already past the shortest day of the year so it is only getting better. It's like in the Great Gatsby where they talk about how you always look forward to the longest day of the year, but then you miss it and don't even realize it until afterwards. I'm happy to have missed the shortest day. Huzzah!

Friday, December 28, 2007

White Ninja Bonus!

White Ninja Comics are awesome. I just stumbled upon one that is sheer genius. Comedy Gold you might say.

Now a bonus! Enjoy these 10 wonderful White Ninja comics.

A Realization

I use a lot of exclamation points in this blog, don't I? So be it!


1) Finally caught up with myself on this blog. Whew!

2) Slept in just a little today (I'm easing my way back to normal)

3) The snow was very pretty.

4) Ben came into work and worked on the Hospital Transplant project. This project has been The Project of Doom, it was supposed to be done in September but it has just been hanging around and while I had committed myself to finishing it by early next week, Ben made that a lot easier by coming in and working away at one section. He also said he'll be back this weekend and monday. Sweet!

5) I did get the section I was working on finished and compressing today. Huzzah!

6) I came home and rediscovered the hummus and pitas I had and feasted upon them. Also had an apple beer.

7) bracket8bracket

8) Stephanie's coming over this weekend!

9) The bus kept me from walking in the cold today.

10) It's Friday! (Even though I will be going in to work for a bit tomorrow night)

12/27/07 Yesterday

1) Sleeping in. I had a weird dream about exploring a pyramid that may have involved Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2) I had a headache at work and was not very productive, so on Stephanie's advice I went home. On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some necessities. Which is good because my cupboard was quite bare until then.

3) I got together the Lego Dwarve's set. Fun fun fun. I was able to do this using the natural light in my apartment because it was the afternoon!

4) I read Cosmicomics for a little while then...

5) I fell asleep and when I woke up no more headache.

6)Pasta thing for dinner!

7) Also some hummus + pita & carrots

8) Arrested Development - George Senior's hot tub incident.

9) I got an e-mail from Ben saying he was going to come in to work today! An employee! Yippee!

10) I took some time putting things away better than I did after first coming home. This made me feel better. I was not happy with the piles of stuff on the floor and table.

12/26/07 "Yesteday"

1) Packing up my stuff I made space to bring back some Legos (strategically picked and packed of course) and a mini disco ball. Also my greatest work of photography "Death By Disco"

(My scanner broke so I just took a picture of the picture)

2) My dad made pancakes for breakfast. He makes perfect pancakes.

3) Mom sewed up the top of a sock I had been carrying around my ipod in. Before that it was just stapled together. This looks much more professional and is also sturdy.

4) Taking a nap in the car on the way to Philly.

5) We had dinner (my parents and my brother and I) at a tasty Mexican place not far from where J-P lives. I got chicken fajitas. mmm... guacamole...

6) So I had seen "The Dark Knight" Trailer that preceded "I Am Legend" and I loved it, but my brother informed me that there was another "trailer" that only showed infront of Imax versions of "I Am Legend" that was actually just 6 minutes from the movie. A bank heist scene to be specific. I found a crappy bootleg version, which has only heightened my desire to see it regular wise when it comes out. From what I've seen Heath Ledger is not amazing as the Joker, he is the Joker.

7) This Penny-Arcade Comic

8) My parents said they are going to pay for my plane ticket for Christmas. It's unnecessary, but I wasn't going to turn them down. I also finally switched my phone bill to me name so I will start paying that. Yay financial independence!

9) In the South Park episodes, (The Imaginationland Trilogy) the boys travel to a land where all imaginary characters live. Although they didn't perhaps use this concept to it's fullest potential they did have all sorts of great characters sprinkled throughout. For example, The Council of Nine: the wisest and most respected imaginary characters. "The council consists of Aslan, Gandalf, Glinda the Good Witch, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Morpheus, Popeye, Wonder Woman, and Zeus." Just seeing all these characters together warms my heart and makes me think of the Lego Movie series.

10) Getting home.

12/25/07 ""Christmas""

1) On the car ride home having two ipods was not absurd, because it meant that there was one for me and one for J-P and therefore neither of us had to listen to Dad's music. Hoorah!

2) Falling asleep in the car. Because I can!

3) The following passage from Cosmicomics: "...she abandoned herself to dreams. They weren't dreams like ours (in the midst of the darkness, we dreamed of more darkness, because nothing else came into our minds); no, she dreamed -- from what we could understand of her ravings -- of a darkness a hundred times deeper and more various and velvety."

4) I got a good number for my boarding pass (A19!)

5) My dad made meatballs and sausag for dinner.

6) I watched a few episodes of Arrested Devlopment

7) While driving iIturned on wPRB and there was a weird "Audio Circus" program on, I only caught the tail end of one "song" but then heard the DJ list all the things he had just played which in some ways is better than actually hearing them:

kurt weill/ira gershwin
hugo ball
dali paints a picture
shortwave radio fanfare
raspberry & laughter
man making animal noises
turn that thing off
man singing always
jungle sounds

Raspberry being the kind you make with your mouth, the kind that amuses babies.

8) Seeing Jeremy Coyle, who I haven't seen since last New Year's Eve when he drank Jagermeister and Adam and I drank mimosas while we watched Rifftrax of Phantom Menace and Top Gun. It was cool to catch up and soon we will be wii friends. Bringing my grand total up to 2. He also put three episodes of South Park on my iPod.

9) We talked about me going out to visit him in CA sometime next year. Maybe go camping. I like this idea. I'm really looking forward to making use of my vacation time.

10) I played Warioware for a while. I love that game. Dance Monkey, Dance!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tuesday "Christmas" 12/24/07

So we did Christmas on Christmas Eve. What are you going to do about it?

1) Awesome gifts: Dwarves' Mine, (which I hadn't asked for because I wasn't sure she'd be able to find it since it was a limited time thing, so it was a real surprise.) these really cool retro Tony the Tiger Bowls, (they're greeeaaaat!), warioware, zack & wiki, the rest of Arrested Development, Cosmicomics and some other things

2) Some of the presents I gave got some great responses: my brother was psyched about Super Mario Galaxy (as he should be), and my mom was thrilled about "The Quilter's Travel Companion" a guide to quilting stores around the country.

3) Dinner was delicious. Mashed potato casserole, roast beef, zucchini thing, mmm....

4) Since my brother and sister both got wii's we had enough controllers for doubles tennis. Me and Isaiah played against Jenny and Leo. Isaiah picked up the controller a few times and one time I thought he hit the ball but I was hallucinating. We still won and low-fived.

5) I amused Isaiah by spinning rings for him. He really is into spinning things. He loves to spin wheels. Me brother and I both got him cars and rather than roll them he is just interested in turning them over and spinning the wheels with his hands. My parents got him this 5-in-1 tiny wagon type thing and he was upset until we turned it upside down so he could spin the wheels.

6) I got Jenny and Leo "Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree" for their wii and I was worried for a little while whether it was a good choice, but they were having a ball playing through it and Jenny was excited to use it as a group activity for an upcoming team building thing at work.

7) Christmas cookies! They are so good, but also so bad for you which is why we only have them this time a year. Almond butter cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. mmmmmmmmmm....

8) Jenny and Leo put sparklers in everyone's stocking and at night we all lit them and waved them around for Isaiah's (and our own) amusement.

9) Mom and J-P compromised on watching a televised midnight mass since we had missed the real one we had planned to go to. However there was no way my mom was going to stay up that late on her own so we all watched the first 5 episode of Rock 30 season 1 which I had not seen before. Oh 30 Rock, best show.

10) I read the first story in Cosmicomics, called "The Distance of the Moon" it was wonderful and made me want to reread Invisible Cities and also to read "If on a winter's night a traveler..." although a certain someone never finished it.

Monday 12/23/07

1) In the morning Isaiah unwrapped a gift. Jenny got it started but then he got the idea and started pulling the paper. Once he had some paper off though, he was more interested in playing with that than unwrapping the rest.

2) As I mentioned one of Isaiah's favorite toys is a shiny bowl. He really love it when you use a spoon or your finger to spin it around really fast. I entertained him this way for maybe 10 minutes. He was kicking his legs like crazy. It was awesome. I also picked him up so he could watch mom use the electric mixer.

3) Isaiah and I then returned to the living room where he made me read to him. He sat in front of me and would pull out books for me to read although he often would make me go back or skip ahead or get bored with a book half-way through and pick out another one. Again, lots of fun.

4) Jenny and Leo made waffles, almond waffles and chocolate waffles. Mmm...

5) Isaiah got a big ball (relative to him, it's maybe 60% his height) and was very excited about rolling it around and throwing/dropping it at people. We played ball for a while.

6) Dad making funny faces. He's always been kind of goofy, but Isaiah really brings it out.

7) Taking a nap in the afternoon.

8) Going to a used bookstore and buying things I would otherwise, but thought I might like.

9) Being able to play video games without having to worry about work or any other responsibilities.

10) My brother J-P came in that night and Isaiah had a ball playing with him. As documented in this video he really liked hitting/tickling him and giving him kisses. I apologize for my voice/laughter in the video. It probably won't bother you as much as me, but dear god do I really sound like that?


Today I remembered another misheard Weezer lyric (because I was listening to it)

"I'm sorry, here I go" was always "I'm sorry, you're my girl" to me. Which again doesn't make sense since the song is about him having many girls, not one.

Last Saturday 12/22/07

We drove up to Ithaca that day and predictably most of the wonderful things involve my nephew who I submit as the Cutest Baby EVER. Here he is wrapped up with Jenny:

1) Isaiah was shy at first and clinging to Jenny and Leo. But eventually he got bored of being shy and started moving around and while he wasn't directly acknowledging me he did use my knee for support in one of his many attempts to stand. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor and then he also sat down right up against the cross for support while he "talked" to Jenny.

2) His favorite toys are things that are not designed as such. A spoon, a shiny bowl, an empty oatmeal cylinder and my shoe. He turned it over inspecting it and then played with the laces for a few minutes. I was honored to have my shoe serve for his amusement.

3) Seeing my parents be silly with Isaiah. My mom often talks in this high pitch sing songy voice I didn't know existed. My Dad mostly makes funny faces and noises at him.

4) Watching Isaiah play. It's amazing how much of a person he is now. Very different from the little baby who couldn't hold his head up. Although, he still kicks his legs like crazy when he's excited.

5) Laughing with everyone while Isaiah played.

6) When we pulled out of the driveway in the morning my mom went "doot dee dee dooo..." to siginify that we were on our way.

7) On the drive up I was thining about NNN and had a realization about Sherry Tiles. So I have this plan that between every season of the show there will be a movie. The first movie is going to be about Phil and Sherry meeting and starting NNN. Also there will be pirates. I've known for a long time that Sherry's father is a wealthy tile magnate who created TV (Tile Vision). He wanted Sherry to become a TV actor like her mother, but she was rebellious and studied sculpting. However it was not until Saturday that I realized where she studied. SVELT! It makes so much sense. She'd be there at the same time as Phil's evil twin and it fits with her being slightly evil. Perfect.

8) Seeing my sister Jenny, who is awesome and I don't see often enough.

9) Playing wii with Jenny and Leo. Or should I say Jennii and Liio? More miis! The sports were fun as always but the real winner was the cow race.

10) Wrapping all my presents.

Last Friday 12/21/07

1) Once again Pumpkin Bread at work. The last of it.

2) Falling asleep on the 55 on my way to Midway.

3)Discovering that I can make polls! (The current poll closes at the end of this year. Vote now!)

4) <8>

5) Dinner at Potbelly's at the airport. (I had plenty of time because of Terrible #1)

6) The flight attendant reading the safety information was funny. When talking about the Oxygen masks she said "nitrous oxide" instead of oxygen and "If you are traveling with a child or anyone else who might need assistance, put on your own mask before helping them. If you are travelling with multiple children, pick your favorite."

7) I was really excited about the in flight snack. Mostly because I sleep through it half the time.

8) Remembering that I could be listening to my ipod in stead of Terrible #2.

9) Hanging out with the one and only Veronica Aglow, who I haven't seen in approximately forever. She is awesome.

10) Playing Wii with Veronica, particularly baseball which we tied even though the wii thinks I won.

Terrible things!

1) My flight was delayed by an hour or so and I had arrived at the airport kind of early. Bleh.

2) There was this super obnoxious guy sitting in the row behind me and he would not shut up. i wanted to punch him in the face.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wonderful Surplus

I'm in Ithaca with the family. Everything is wonderful and I have been writing down points for when I have steady access to the internet again. Expect a wealth of backlogged wonderful things when I return in a few days. Have a merry!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I've added a poll on the side. The results will determine if there will be more polls in the future.


The other day i was listening to my ipod and the song "Falling for You" by Weezer and I had one of those moments which I have every now and then with Weezer songs where I realize what some of the lyrics actually are after years (a decade, OMG I'm old) of hearing them wrong. In this case I finally heard "I'm shaking at your touch" which makes way more sense than "I'm shaking natural touch" Other instances of this:
"Pink triangle on the street" and "Pink triangle honestly" instead of "Pink triangle on her sleeve"
There are more i can't remember right now but the best is instead of "why bother? it's gonna hurt me, gonna kill when you desert me" for quite a long time I heard (and would sing aloud) "My father, is gonna hurt me, gonna kill when you desert me" which really changes the whole song.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Blursday

1) Mannequin dance

2) Left-overs from yesterday's pot-luck at work. Cookies and snap peas and my pumpkin bread. Mmm...

3) BBC LSD Documentary (link courtesy of Sam)

4) Knowing tomorrow is the last day of work for a while.

5) Bowser's Dark Matter Plant is an awesome level (moving holes and gravity every which way)

6) Listening to my iPod for most of work because I wasn't working on soundy things and my boss is gone so why not.

7) gChatting / texting with Stephanie during work.

8) Packing up for my mini-holiday. (I really enjoy packing)

9) So I had posed the Mannequin in this "Atlas Shrugged way this morning:

But it was facing toward the kitchen and so when I came home and sat down at my desk I happened to look over and see this creepy dude:

You'd think I would have made him intentionally except that his knees bend the other way.

10) "I think so Brain, but if our knees bent the other way how would we ride bicycles?" and many more

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Most Original

1) Brought in the Pumpkin Bread I made last night to work for our holiday "pot-luck". Got several compliments and saw one of my coworkers taking home a bowl full of it.

2) The NSIT 5 minute film festival was today. I had a recording so I missed the first half, which is when the Franky Job played, so I didn't get to see the crowd's reaction which is unfortunate because it's one of my favorite parts. However my film did win the Most Original category "by a significant margin." I'm surprised, the Lego Surrealist Noir is kind of worn out if I do say so myself.

2.5) Remembering the 6th grade Halloween Dance where my costume "Half Super-Man, Half Clark Kent" won the Most Original prize. Of course all the credit goes to my mom who made it. It was her last costume (unless she decides to start making them for her grandchildren I guess) and she did go out with a bang. I'll photograph it when I'm home.

3) The prize was an (blue) iPod Nano! So now I have two iPods. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it, but I do know it's name: Blueelzebub. I guess I could use the big one for video more and the Nano more for music. I still haven't finished loading Lucifer with music and video. As cool as the touch is I do like having button controls so I could change songs without having to pull it out off my pocket. We'll see.

4) Renee was really excited about getting Lego Renee. I haven't heard her talk so earnestly about somethin in a while. Our conversations are often exchanges of gripes peppered with sarcasm.

5) I got Rajun Cajun for dinner!

6) I fell into a Rajun Cajun Coma and took an hour nap or so.

7) I watched a butt load of Arrested Development. Finished up Season 1.

8) The moment where Buster and Oscar try to give each other backrubs at the same time and start spinning around made me laugh so hard.

9) Ooh, I had cheese and crackers thanks to the Holiday Pot-Luck. I really enjoyed those and the pea pods as well. Wait I have a question. You know peas, like the vegetable, they're small and round and green and even though I know I actually enjoy them, I have some strange deep-seeded aversion to them which I try to overcome. Are they the same as the peas inside your typical peapod. Like a snap pea or a snow pea? Or is that a different type of pea?

10) Wikipedia immediately answered my question. They're like dogs, they're all the same species, but they are different varieties. Oh wikipedia, font of wisdom, what would I do without you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is hard

I suppose any day would feel lame after a day saturated with awesomeness like yesterday. But I really felt like I just couldn't get it together today. Still, I persevere.

1) Sleeping in for an extra hour and a half (Even though I regretted it later)

2) Helping a co-worker (well we work on the same floor but don't even do remotely the same thing) make a CD label and feeling really talented just because I knew how to use Photoshop.

3) Watching John Barrowman be sexy and hilarious when I should have been doing work. (<3 to Stephanie for the link.)

4) I filmed this "lecture" called "Physics with a Bang!" two weeks ago and I worked on editing it today. I made a ridiculous title sequence. It's a minute long. That's fine for the video that has the whole hour of lecture following it. But it's a little absurd on the three 5 minute versions. Still, I love it.

5) Used my iPod + University wifi to buy an album from iTunes which I could then play immediately (until my computer destroyed it, but that's another story). Why do we still have physical stores?

6) Made Pumpkin bread which means nice smell in apartment and deliciousness in my mouth.

7) In Super Luigi Galaxy Luigi rescues Luigi. The rescued Luigi says, "Are you me? I guess the universe is big enough for there to be another person who looks like me in it." This is hillarious, first off, but i also just love that Luigi is so cool about meeting his double. Whereas if the samething happened to Mario he'd probably be suspicious and fight himself or say "Mama mia! I think I've had too many mushrooms." Oh which makes me think of that amazing Robot Chicken sketch.

8) Watching that sketch. "There's-a coins everywhere! I'm-a rich!"

9) Moving more of my movies and more of my music on to my iPod. Lucifer is now more than half full. Wonderful.

10) The Mario GTA clip reminded me of this awesome part from "The Critic" where Jay's dad is driving and he's madly swerving back and forth and honking and his wife is yelling at him what is he doing and he says "Can't you see the danger we're in?!" and it switches to his perspective where Donkey Kong is hurling barrels at him and he makes the car jump by honking the horn. Sadly I could not find the clip using the internet. Still the search for it has turned up some another gem.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

1) Woke up, turned off my alarm, went back to sleep.

2) The trees outside my windows were covered with snow this morning. Very pretty.

3) It was a bright day so I got to appreciate my wall of windows, which hasn't happened for a while.

4) Got to shop for baby toys for my nephew. I picked out some blocks with interactive elements (one has a mirror, another has a thing inside that slides back and forth) and little wooden car with a little wooden mouse driver, but not too little.

5) Finished all of my christmas shopping for my family.

6) Got a Classic Controller for the Wii so that I could properly play Super Mario World (and other games). It is 10X better than using a Gamecube controller.

7) Re-edited The Franky Job down to 5 minutes to enter into a 5 minute festival that NSIT is holding this week. Editing makes me happy. Especially when it's my own stuff.

8)Talked to my parents about this coming weekend. I'm really excited for it. I can't wait to play with Isaiah.

9) On Arrested Development "That's not what a chicken sounds like and chickens don't clap!" Oh Buster Bluth, you are the best.

10) I bought a vacuum. Now I have the power to remove the pine needles from my entryway. Those pine needles have been bothering me since I put up my lovely festive wreath. I haven't used this power because I'm lazy.

A world of white and grey

1) Woke up this morning ate breakfast, checked e-mail and then went right back to bed for an hour or so. Naps are oh so lovely.

2) I bought a scarf today. It's orange and fleecy and I love it. I also bought a bunch of cool gifts and some winter clothes for me. A good shopping day.

3) A few weeks ago I saw a great deal at the Lego store. They had Arkham Asylum sets for 50% off. However I did not feel like I should make an impulse purchase since that it still $40 and I waited a day. When I returned they were all gone, but then I went back today they were there again so I snatched one up. It's a great set.

4) I got the awesome cereal from Trader Joe's. Vanilla Almond Granola clusters. Delicious.

5) Paul and Stephanie really liked the ornaments I got them.

6) Dinner at Chipotle w/ Paul, Stephanie, JJ and Krista.

7) Seeing the trailer for The Dark Knight on the big screen

8) "I Am Legend", which was a lot better than I was expecting, although the last 5 minutes or so were total cheeze. Still, I prefer cheeze to the ending of The Mist. Ugh.

9) Getting home and finally being able to relax / put away my shopping.

10) The sky today. Grey is so beautiful. The way the tops of the buildings disappear and the way that all the edges disappear and the whole world sort of blurs together. Gray grey gray.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cut me up and serve me on a platter

1) After midnight last night I realized I had never seen the 30 Rock Episode from last week because of traveling to LA so I immediately went to the internet and watched it. Twas hilarious.

2) This morning before work I rewatched last night's 30 Rock to see the few minutes I missed and also because I never mind watching 30 Rock a second time.

3) A couple of my students came into work today and I was able to give them tasks that I would have otherwise had to do myself. Yay for delegation!

4) I'm probably going to use this one again and again as the winter goes on, but I took a free shuttle home from work that picks me up a block from where I work and dropped me off a block from where I live. As much as I enjoy being outside, it is wonderful to not have to walk when it's cold outside. Especially going home.

5) When I got home I locked my door and then and changed into pajamas because there was absolutely no reason for me to go outside again tonight.

6) I did not have to cook tonight. Hooray leftovers!

7) Watched an hour and a half of Arrested Development. Highlights: "Speech! Speech! Speech!" "I want to get punched in the face!" "We're cleaning the dog! We're cleaning the dog!"

8) Took an unplanned nap for an hour and a half.

9) The sink, which was previously overfull with a over a week's worth of dishes is now mostly empty (just a few soaking pots) which menas I can once again properly refill my water pitcher.

10) I don't have to get up for work tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Basically Tiffany and Krista

1) Not having to take any Wal-Profen today to combat the tonsil pain.

2) Walking down the aisle of the grocery store and feeling like I was floating.

2) Getting the last 6 pack of Apple Spice Beer in the liquor store.

3) Drinking one of said Apple Beers upon returning home.

4) Tiffany arriving at my place and watching 30 Rock and laughing.

5) Krista arriving and smiling.

6) Tiffany and I high-fiving because Krista is a music snob.

7) Seeing Tiffany's paused fork and furtive glance after making a corny joke. Then pointing out this glance and seeing Tiffany collapse on the floor in shame/laughter.

8) Making butterbeer and drinking it and having cupcakes for Tiffany's birthday.

9) Watching (and mocking) the BBC Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

10) Monkeydragon

11) Tiffany not being satisfied by Krista's description of a snake penis

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The First 10

1) This morning it was not too cold out, it was definitely above freezing and there was no rain or snow or wind. It was kind of nice.

2) Making dinner was really fast tonight because I had cut up the vegetables and cooked the rice on Monday night and so I had everything in little tupperware and felt like I was on a cooking show. It was awesome.

3) Dinner was awesome because it was Thai Peanut Chicken and Fried Rice from The Occasional Vegetarian. Delicious!

4) I was able to eat solid food without unbearable pain. Take that tonsils!

5) In Pushing Daisies, Olive did both sides of a conversation with Ned that ended with "Bosom bosom bosom!" in her deep Ned voice. Olive Snook, I don't know what that show would do without you.

6) Lila Pearl called me! She received her Christmas present from me today and called to sing it's praises. It's always lovely to talk with Lila, especially about Legos, in fact that is how we first met.

7) I got all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy! The ending still didn't make sense though. Killer Whale Moat! (Sorry if I Spolier'D you.)

8) Werther's Original's. They're not the best candy, but they are a perfect sensation. Mmmm....

9) I found out today that youTube now gives you three screenshots to choose from to represent your video (or perhaps it always did, but I failed to notice). So I went back through all my videos and picked the more appropriate screenshots. Then I changed my channel icon to the new Franky Job one because it's so awesome.

10) Oh yeah, the bus was was perfectly timed this morning so I didn't have to run to catch it or wait around at all. It's a rare and wonderful thing.

Well that's all for today. This was a little harder than I thought it would be. I think I'm going to try writing them down as the day goes on so I don't have to sit and scratch my head for the last few.

The Reason

I am the youngest of three children. There is a significant gap age gap between me and my older siblings. They are 7 and 9 years older than me. Back before I was born my family had a daily tradition. Every day at dinner they would go around the table and list "10 wonderful things" that had happened to them that day. 

By the time I was old enough to participate, this tradition had passed from practice to legend. We did it maybe a couple of times a year, if that, only at major holidays. My siblings recounted the horror of trying to come up with 10 different positive things that happened to them every single day. There were a couple freebies of course, Dad kissing you goodbye in the morning, Mom making you a snack after school, but that still left you with 8. The fact that I was never subject to this daily ritual was yet another item on their list of why I had it so much easier than they did. 

Well now I'm enforcing it on myself, from now on this blog will collect my daily lists of 10 wonderful things. On particularly bad days I may also add 10 terrible things, but I will also have 10 wonderful things too. Why? Because being alive is awesome, and everyday there's always something worth celebrating. Or in my case 10 somethings.