Friday, December 28, 2007

12/25/07 ""Christmas""

1) On the car ride home having two ipods was not absurd, because it meant that there was one for me and one for J-P and therefore neither of us had to listen to Dad's music. Hoorah!

2) Falling asleep in the car. Because I can!

3) The following passage from Cosmicomics: "...she abandoned herself to dreams. They weren't dreams like ours (in the midst of the darkness, we dreamed of more darkness, because nothing else came into our minds); no, she dreamed -- from what we could understand of her ravings -- of a darkness a hundred times deeper and more various and velvety."

4) I got a good number for my boarding pass (A19!)

5) My dad made meatballs and sausag for dinner.

6) I watched a few episodes of Arrested Devlopment

7) While driving iIturned on wPRB and there was a weird "Audio Circus" program on, I only caught the tail end of one "song" but then heard the DJ list all the things he had just played which in some ways is better than actually hearing them:

kurt weill/ira gershwin
hugo ball
dali paints a picture
shortwave radio fanfare
raspberry & laughter
man making animal noises
turn that thing off
man singing always
jungle sounds

Raspberry being the kind you make with your mouth, the kind that amuses babies.

8) Seeing Jeremy Coyle, who I haven't seen since last New Year's Eve when he drank Jagermeister and Adam and I drank mimosas while we watched Rifftrax of Phantom Menace and Top Gun. It was cool to catch up and soon we will be wii friends. Bringing my grand total up to 2. He also put three episodes of South Park on my iPod.

9) We talked about me going out to visit him in CA sometime next year. Maybe go camping. I like this idea. I'm really looking forward to making use of my vacation time.

10) I played Warioware for a while. I love that game. Dance Monkey, Dance!

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