Friday, December 28, 2007

12/26/07 "Yesteday"

1) Packing up my stuff I made space to bring back some Legos (strategically picked and packed of course) and a mini disco ball. Also my greatest work of photography "Death By Disco"

(My scanner broke so I just took a picture of the picture)

2) My dad made pancakes for breakfast. He makes perfect pancakes.

3) Mom sewed up the top of a sock I had been carrying around my ipod in. Before that it was just stapled together. This looks much more professional and is also sturdy.

4) Taking a nap in the car on the way to Philly.

5) We had dinner (my parents and my brother and I) at a tasty Mexican place not far from where J-P lives. I got chicken fajitas. mmm... guacamole...

6) So I had seen "The Dark Knight" Trailer that preceded "I Am Legend" and I loved it, but my brother informed me that there was another "trailer" that only showed infront of Imax versions of "I Am Legend" that was actually just 6 minutes from the movie. A bank heist scene to be specific. I found a crappy bootleg version, which has only heightened my desire to see it regular wise when it comes out. From what I've seen Heath Ledger is not amazing as the Joker, he is the Joker.

7) This Penny-Arcade Comic

8) My parents said they are going to pay for my plane ticket for Christmas. It's unnecessary, but I wasn't going to turn them down. I also finally switched my phone bill to me name so I will start paying that. Yay financial independence!

9) In the South Park episodes, (The Imaginationland Trilogy) the boys travel to a land where all imaginary characters live. Although they didn't perhaps use this concept to it's fullest potential they did have all sorts of great characters sprinkled throughout. For example, The Council of Nine: the wisest and most respected imaginary characters. "The council consists of Aslan, Gandalf, Glinda the Good Witch, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Morpheus, Popeye, Wonder Woman, and Zeus." Just seeing all these characters together warms my heart and makes me think of the Lego Movie series.

10) Getting home.

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