Thursday, December 13, 2007

Basically Tiffany and Krista

1) Not having to take any Wal-Profen today to combat the tonsil pain.

2) Walking down the aisle of the grocery store and feeling like I was floating.

2) Getting the last 6 pack of Apple Spice Beer in the liquor store.

3) Drinking one of said Apple Beers upon returning home.

4) Tiffany arriving at my place and watching 30 Rock and laughing.

5) Krista arriving and smiling.

6) Tiffany and I high-fiving because Krista is a music snob.

7) Seeing Tiffany's paused fork and furtive glance after making a corny joke. Then pointing out this glance and seeing Tiffany collapse on the floor in shame/laughter.

8) Making butterbeer and drinking it and having cupcakes for Tiffany's birthday.

9) Watching (and mocking) the BBC Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

10) Monkeydragon

11) Tiffany not being satisfied by Krista's description of a snake penis

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