Friday, December 14, 2007

Cut me up and serve me on a platter

1) After midnight last night I realized I had never seen the 30 Rock Episode from last week because of traveling to LA so I immediately went to the internet and watched it. Twas hilarious.

2) This morning before work I rewatched last night's 30 Rock to see the few minutes I missed and also because I never mind watching 30 Rock a second time.

3) A couple of my students came into work today and I was able to give them tasks that I would have otherwise had to do myself. Yay for delegation!

4) I'm probably going to use this one again and again as the winter goes on, but I took a free shuttle home from work that picks me up a block from where I work and dropped me off a block from where I live. As much as I enjoy being outside, it is wonderful to not have to walk when it's cold outside. Especially going home.

5) When I got home I locked my door and then and changed into pajamas because there was absolutely no reason for me to go outside again tonight.

6) I did not have to cook tonight. Hooray leftovers!

7) Watched an hour and a half of Arrested Development. Highlights: "Speech! Speech! Speech!" "I want to get punched in the face!" "We're cleaning the dog! We're cleaning the dog!"

8) Took an unplanned nap for an hour and a half.

9) The sink, which was previously overfull with a over a week's worth of dishes is now mostly empty (just a few soaking pots) which menas I can once again properly refill my water pitcher.

10) I don't have to get up for work tomorrow.

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