Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The First 10

1) This morning it was not too cold out, it was definitely above freezing and there was no rain or snow or wind. It was kind of nice.

2) Making dinner was really fast tonight because I had cut up the vegetables and cooked the rice on Monday night and so I had everything in little tupperware and felt like I was on a cooking show. It was awesome.

3) Dinner was awesome because it was Thai Peanut Chicken and Fried Rice from The Occasional Vegetarian. Delicious!

4) I was able to eat solid food without unbearable pain. Take that tonsils!

5) In Pushing Daisies, Olive did both sides of a conversation with Ned that ended with "Bosom bosom bosom!" in her deep Ned voice. Olive Snook, I don't know what that show would do without you.

6) Lila Pearl called me! She received her Christmas present from me today and called to sing it's praises. It's always lovely to talk with Lila, especially about Legos, in fact that is how we first met.

7) I got all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy! The ending still didn't make sense though. Killer Whale Moat! (Sorry if I Spolier'D you.)

8) Werther's Original's. They're not the best candy, but they are a perfect sensation. Mmmm....

9) I found out today that youTube now gives you three screenshots to choose from to represent your video (or perhaps it always did, but I failed to notice). So I went back through all my videos and picked the more appropriate screenshots. Then I changed my channel icon to the new Franky Job one because it's so awesome.

10) Oh yeah, the bus was was perfectly timed this morning so I didn't have to run to catch it or wait around at all. It's a rare and wonderful thing.

Well that's all for today. This was a little harder than I thought it would be. I think I'm going to try writing them down as the day goes on so I don't have to sit and scratch my head for the last few.

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