Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Friday 12/21/07

1) Once again Pumpkin Bread at work. The last of it.

2) Falling asleep on the 55 on my way to Midway.

3)Discovering that I can make polls! (The current poll closes at the end of this year. Vote now!)

4) <8>

5) Dinner at Potbelly's at the airport. (I had plenty of time because of Terrible #1)

6) The flight attendant reading the safety information was funny. When talking about the Oxygen masks she said "nitrous oxide" instead of oxygen and "If you are traveling with a child or anyone else who might need assistance, put on your own mask before helping them. If you are travelling with multiple children, pick your favorite."

7) I was really excited about the in flight snack. Mostly because I sleep through it half the time.

8) Remembering that I could be listening to my ipod in stead of Terrible #2.

9) Hanging out with the one and only Veronica Aglow, who I haven't seen in approximately forever. She is awesome.

10) Playing Wii with Veronica, particularly baseball which we tied even though the wii thinks I won.

Terrible things!

1) My flight was delayed by an hour or so and I had arrived at the airport kind of early. Bleh.

2) There was this super obnoxious guy sitting in the row behind me and he would not shut up. i wanted to punch him in the face.

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