Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Saturday 12/22/07

We drove up to Ithaca that day and predictably most of the wonderful things involve my nephew who I submit as the Cutest Baby EVER. Here he is wrapped up with Jenny:

1) Isaiah was shy at first and clinging to Jenny and Leo. But eventually he got bored of being shy and started moving around and while he wasn't directly acknowledging me he did use my knee for support in one of his many attempts to stand. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor and then he also sat down right up against the cross for support while he "talked" to Jenny.

2) His favorite toys are things that are not designed as such. A spoon, a shiny bowl, an empty oatmeal cylinder and my shoe. He turned it over inspecting it and then played with the laces for a few minutes. I was honored to have my shoe serve for his amusement.

3) Seeing my parents be silly with Isaiah. My mom often talks in this high pitch sing songy voice I didn't know existed. My Dad mostly makes funny faces and noises at him.

4) Watching Isaiah play. It's amazing how much of a person he is now. Very different from the little baby who couldn't hold his head up. Although, he still kicks his legs like crazy when he's excited.

5) Laughing with everyone while Isaiah played.

6) When we pulled out of the driveway in the morning my mom went "doot dee dee dooo..." to siginify that we were on our way.

7) On the drive up I was thining about NNN and had a realization about Sherry Tiles. So I have this plan that between every season of the show there will be a movie. The first movie is going to be about Phil and Sherry meeting and starting NNN. Also there will be pirates. I've known for a long time that Sherry's father is a wealthy tile magnate who created TV (Tile Vision). He wanted Sherry to become a TV actor like her mother, but she was rebellious and studied sculpting. However it was not until Saturday that I realized where she studied. SVELT! It makes so much sense. She'd be there at the same time as Phil's evil twin and it fits with her being slightly evil. Perfect.

8) Seeing my sister Jenny, who is awesome and I don't see often enough.

9) Playing wii with Jenny and Leo. Or should I say Jennii and Liio? More miis! The sports were fun as always but the real winner was the cow race.

10) Wrapping all my presents.

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