Thursday, December 27, 2007

Monday 12/23/07

1) In the morning Isaiah unwrapped a gift. Jenny got it started but then he got the idea and started pulling the paper. Once he had some paper off though, he was more interested in playing with that than unwrapping the rest.

2) As I mentioned one of Isaiah's favorite toys is a shiny bowl. He really love it when you use a spoon or your finger to spin it around really fast. I entertained him this way for maybe 10 minutes. He was kicking his legs like crazy. It was awesome. I also picked him up so he could watch mom use the electric mixer.

3) Isaiah and I then returned to the living room where he made me read to him. He sat in front of me and would pull out books for me to read although he often would make me go back or skip ahead or get bored with a book half-way through and pick out another one. Again, lots of fun.

4) Jenny and Leo made waffles, almond waffles and chocolate waffles. Mmm...

5) Isaiah got a big ball (relative to him, it's maybe 60% his height) and was very excited about rolling it around and throwing/dropping it at people. We played ball for a while.

6) Dad making funny faces. He's always been kind of goofy, but Isaiah really brings it out.

7) Taking a nap in the afternoon.

8) Going to a used bookstore and buying things I would otherwise, but thought I might like.

9) Being able to play video games without having to worry about work or any other responsibilities.

10) My brother J-P came in that night and Isaiah had a ball playing with him. As documented in this video he really liked hitting/tickling him and giving him kisses. I apologize for my voice/laughter in the video. It probably won't bother you as much as me, but dear god do I really sound like that?

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Anonymous said...

You sound like that when you're talking to a baby, or when you're being very very silly. Normally your voice isn't that high pitched.