Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Most Original

1) Brought in the Pumpkin Bread I made last night to work for our holiday "pot-luck". Got several compliments and saw one of my coworkers taking home a bowl full of it.

2) The NSIT 5 minute film festival was today. I had a recording so I missed the first half, which is when the Franky Job played, so I didn't get to see the crowd's reaction which is unfortunate because it's one of my favorite parts. However my film did win the Most Original category "by a significant margin." I'm surprised, the Lego Surrealist Noir is kind of worn out if I do say so myself.

2.5) Remembering the 6th grade Halloween Dance where my costume "Half Super-Man, Half Clark Kent" won the Most Original prize. Of course all the credit goes to my mom who made it. It was her last costume (unless she decides to start making them for her grandchildren I guess) and she did go out with a bang. I'll photograph it when I'm home.

3) The prize was an (blue) iPod Nano! So now I have two iPods. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it, but I do know it's name: Blueelzebub. I guess I could use the big one for video more and the Nano more for music. I still haven't finished loading Lucifer with music and video. As cool as the touch is I do like having button controls so I could change songs without having to pull it out off my pocket. We'll see.

4) Renee was really excited about getting Lego Renee. I haven't heard her talk so earnestly about somethin in a while. Our conversations are often exchanges of gripes peppered with sarcasm.

5) I got Rajun Cajun for dinner!

6) I fell into a Rajun Cajun Coma and took an hour nap or so.

7) I watched a butt load of Arrested Development. Finished up Season 1.

8) The moment where Buster and Oscar try to give each other backrubs at the same time and start spinning around made me laugh so hard.

9) Ooh, I had cheese and crackers thanks to the Holiday Pot-Luck. I really enjoyed those and the pea pods as well. Wait I have a question. You know peas, like the vegetable, they're small and round and green and even though I know I actually enjoy them, I have some strange deep-seeded aversion to them which I try to overcome. Are they the same as the peas inside your typical peapod. Like a snap pea or a snow pea? Or is that a different type of pea?

10) Wikipedia immediately answered my question. They're like dogs, they're all the same species, but they are different varieties. Oh wikipedia, font of wisdom, what would I do without you.

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