Saturday, December 29, 2007

An off day

Today was not exactly my day. I thought I set my alarm for 9 and maybe I did, but I guess I should have known better than to just set one alarm and leave it in the same room as Sleepy Dave. So I woke up at noon and when I saw the time I cried "Holy Shit!" No lie.

1) I went for approximately a 10 mile bike ride today. From my apartment all the way to McCormick Place and back. This is nearly 3 times further than my last ill fated bike ride and it took me about the same time and it wasn't absolutely miserable on the way back. It was actually pretty pleasant.

2) I watched the pilot of this British game show, (link courtesy of Sam) why do the British have so much better game shows than us (it seems)? Not that this is really a game show, but it's far more entertaining than most American ones. I want to punch Howie Mandel in the kidney.

3) Although my first attempt was blocked by my sweet old cat lady of a neighbor, I did eventually do 4 loads of laundry. I still have to fold the t-shirts, which is my least favorite part.

4) I cleaned (parts of) my apartment. Did dishes as well.

5) Made pumpkin bread. Mmmm.... (Although because today was off, this was more of an ordeal than it should have been)

6) Watched something like 5 episodes of Arrested Development. God I love that show. Highlights: Lindsay's chicken dance and "I'm a monster!" x2

7) Finally got a Gold trophy on the Star Cup 100 cc in Mario Kart 64. I used the strategy of playing as the character that had previously beat me. Bowser reigns victorious.

8) In contrast, I Beat the final version of Bowser for the first time as Luigi today as well. Ending still makes no sense, but now Peach screams Luigi!, instead of Mario! as she falls (in space?) to her doom.

9) Got past the 3rd and 4th castles in Super Mario World. (They're so close together.) That game is trickier than I remember.

10) Mango slices

I totally forgot two things I had been meaning to put on here.

11) Read Volumes 2 and 3 of "The Maxx," which had just been sitting on my table unread for weeks. Really enjoyed it. The seams aren't perfect, but it actually makes remarkable sense.

12) I realized that even though the sun was going down a lot earlier than I wanted today it is already past the shortest day of the year so it is only getting better. It's like in the Great Gatsby where they talk about how you always look forward to the longest day of the year, but then you miss it and don't even realize it until afterwards. I'm happy to have missed the shortest day. Huzzah!

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