Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is hard

I suppose any day would feel lame after a day saturated with awesomeness like yesterday. But I really felt like I just couldn't get it together today. Still, I persevere.

1) Sleeping in for an extra hour and a half (Even though I regretted it later)

2) Helping a co-worker (well we work on the same floor but don't even do remotely the same thing) make a CD label and feeling really talented just because I knew how to use Photoshop.

3) Watching John Barrowman be sexy and hilarious when I should have been doing work. (<3 to Stephanie for the link.)

4) I filmed this "lecture" called "Physics with a Bang!" two weeks ago and I worked on editing it today. I made a ridiculous title sequence. It's a minute long. That's fine for the video that has the whole hour of lecture following it. But it's a little absurd on the three 5 minute versions. Still, I love it.

5) Used my iPod + University wifi to buy an album from iTunes which I could then play immediately (until my computer destroyed it, but that's another story). Why do we still have physical stores?

6) Made Pumpkin bread which means nice smell in apartment and deliciousness in my mouth.

7) In Super Luigi Galaxy Luigi rescues Luigi. The rescued Luigi says, "Are you me? I guess the universe is big enough for there to be another person who looks like me in it." This is hillarious, first off, but i also just love that Luigi is so cool about meeting his double. Whereas if the samething happened to Mario he'd probably be suspicious and fight himself or say "Mama mia! I think I've had too many mushrooms." Oh which makes me think of that amazing Robot Chicken sketch.

8) Watching that sketch. "There's-a coins everywhere! I'm-a rich!"

9) Moving more of my movies and more of my music on to my iPod. Lucifer is now more than half full. Wonderful.

10) The Mario GTA clip reminded me of this awesome part from "The Critic" where Jay's dad is driving and he's madly swerving back and forth and honking and his wife is yelling at him what is he doing and he says "Can't you see the danger we're in?!" and it switches to his perspective where Donkey Kong is hurling barrels at him and he makes the car jump by honking the horn. Sadly I could not find the clip using the internet. Still the search for it has turned up some another gem.

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