Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Blursday

1) Mannequin dance

2) Left-overs from yesterday's pot-luck at work. Cookies and snap peas and my pumpkin bread. Mmm...

3) BBC LSD Documentary (link courtesy of Sam)

4) Knowing tomorrow is the last day of work for a while.

5) Bowser's Dark Matter Plant is an awesome level (moving holes and gravity every which way)

6) Listening to my iPod for most of work because I wasn't working on soundy things and my boss is gone so why not.

7) gChatting / texting with Stephanie during work.

8) Packing up for my mini-holiday. (I really enjoy packing)

9) So I had posed the Mannequin in this "Atlas Shrugged way this morning:

But it was facing toward the kitchen and so when I came home and sat down at my desk I happened to look over and see this creepy dude:

You'd think I would have made him intentionally except that his knees bend the other way.

10) "I think so Brain, but if our knees bent the other way how would we ride bicycles?" and many more

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