Friday, December 28, 2007


1) Finally caught up with myself on this blog. Whew!

2) Slept in just a little today (I'm easing my way back to normal)

3) The snow was very pretty.

4) Ben came into work and worked on the Hospital Transplant project. This project has been The Project of Doom, it was supposed to be done in September but it has just been hanging around and while I had committed myself to finishing it by early next week, Ben made that a lot easier by coming in and working away at one section. He also said he'll be back this weekend and monday. Sweet!

5) I did get the section I was working on finished and compressing today. Huzzah!

6) I came home and rediscovered the hummus and pitas I had and feasted upon them. Also had an apple beer.

7) bracket8bracket

8) Stephanie's coming over this weekend!

9) The bus kept me from walking in the cold today.

10) It's Friday! (Even though I will be going in to work for a bit tomorrow night)

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