Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tuesday "Christmas" 12/24/07

So we did Christmas on Christmas Eve. What are you going to do about it?

1) Awesome gifts: Dwarves' Mine, (which I hadn't asked for because I wasn't sure she'd be able to find it since it was a limited time thing, so it was a real surprise.) these really cool retro Tony the Tiger Bowls, (they're greeeaaaat!), warioware, zack & wiki, the rest of Arrested Development, Cosmicomics and some other things

2) Some of the presents I gave got some great responses: my brother was psyched about Super Mario Galaxy (as he should be), and my mom was thrilled about "The Quilter's Travel Companion" a guide to quilting stores around the country.

3) Dinner was delicious. Mashed potato casserole, roast beef, zucchini thing, mmm....

4) Since my brother and sister both got wii's we had enough controllers for doubles tennis. Me and Isaiah played against Jenny and Leo. Isaiah picked up the controller a few times and one time I thought he hit the ball but I was hallucinating. We still won and low-fived.

5) I amused Isaiah by spinning rings for him. He really is into spinning things. He loves to spin wheels. Me brother and I both got him cars and rather than roll them he is just interested in turning them over and spinning the wheels with his hands. My parents got him this 5-in-1 tiny wagon type thing and he was upset until we turned it upside down so he could spin the wheels.

6) I got Jenny and Leo "Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree" for their wii and I was worried for a little while whether it was a good choice, but they were having a ball playing through it and Jenny was excited to use it as a group activity for an upcoming team building thing at work.

7) Christmas cookies! They are so good, but also so bad for you which is why we only have them this time a year. Almond butter cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. mmmmmmmmmm....

8) Jenny and Leo put sparklers in everyone's stocking and at night we all lit them and waved them around for Isaiah's (and our own) amusement.

9) Mom and J-P compromised on watching a televised midnight mass since we had missed the real one we had planned to go to. However there was no way my mom was going to stay up that late on her own so we all watched the first 5 episode of Rock 30 season 1 which I had not seen before. Oh 30 Rock, best show.

10) I read the first story in Cosmicomics, called "The Distance of the Moon" it was wonderful and made me want to reread Invisible Cities and also to read "If on a winter's night a traveler..." although a certain someone never finished it.

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i have never refused a request to borrow it!