Sunday, December 16, 2007

A world of white and grey

1) Woke up this morning ate breakfast, checked e-mail and then went right back to bed for an hour or so. Naps are oh so lovely.

2) I bought a scarf today. It's orange and fleecy and I love it. I also bought a bunch of cool gifts and some winter clothes for me. A good shopping day.

3) A few weeks ago I saw a great deal at the Lego store. They had Arkham Asylum sets for 50% off. However I did not feel like I should make an impulse purchase since that it still $40 and I waited a day. When I returned they were all gone, but then I went back today they were there again so I snatched one up. It's a great set.

4) I got the awesome cereal from Trader Joe's. Vanilla Almond Granola clusters. Delicious.

5) Paul and Stephanie really liked the ornaments I got them.

6) Dinner at Chipotle w/ Paul, Stephanie, JJ and Krista.

7) Seeing the trailer for The Dark Knight on the big screen

8) "I Am Legend", which was a lot better than I was expecting, although the last 5 minutes or so were total cheeze. Still, I prefer cheeze to the ending of The Mist. Ugh.

9) Getting home and finally being able to relax / put away my shopping.

10) The sky today. Grey is so beautiful. The way the tops of the buildings disappear and the way that all the edges disappear and the whole world sort of blurs together. Gray grey gray.

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