Thursday, January 31, 2008


1) Slept in half an hour.

2) Wore pajama pants under real pants all day. Because the day before my legs were cold and because pajama pants are like little blankets for your legs.

3) For lunch had the last of those Honey Oat Bagels with Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Also had some more Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Who know the last time I had a peanut butter sandwich and homemade cookies for lunch. Made me feel like a kid (in the good way).

4) Not as cold as yesterday

5) Snow is nice when you're looking at it from inside

6) I went to Hyde Park Produce after work to pick up some bread, lunchmeat and apples. I also picked up Mango Slices(!) and a small assortment of cookies as a dessert for the dinner I was going to:

7) Had dinner with Tiffany and Krista. It was such a great thing. I completely forgot about work and all the things I still needed to do for work that night. We laughed quite a lot. I don't even remember about what. Who cares.

8) Dinner itself was tasty Roasted(?) Chicken and Risotto and White Wine (Chardonnay).

9) Part of the reason I brought that assortment of cookies is because as I was standing in Hyde park produce I was thinking I should get something to bring for dinner. I originally thought like chips and guacamole, but I didn't know what Krista was making so I thought I'd go for dessert. I thought Krista often brings "a little something something" for dessert, I could bring these cookies and call them "a little something something" and it would be funny and delicious. Then it turns out that Krista had also purchased a variety of cookies from HPP for dessert. So we had more cookies than we knew what to do with.

10) My favorite of the cookies was two long chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. Krista also bought a "cake-in-cup" which was a layered mousse-y cake-y rummy treat.

11) More No More Heroes. Yesterday I played the first boss, today was just odd jobs.

12) Rediscovered this awesome Bouncy Ball Commercial . There is also a behind the scenes video, Highlights: People fleeing an avalanche of bouncy balls, people wearing riot gear to protect against bouncy balls.

Feeling my age

So there's a big online Lego game planned for release later this year. I am constantly torn between getting really excited thinking about how cool it could be and worrying about how lame it probably will be.

Anyway tonight I was thinking about the cool things that could be possible if they design it the way I would and basically let people build with legos online. I scoured the internet for information, there is not much to be had. So in my desperation I looked at the message boards on Lego's official site.

As to be expected most of the people posting are probably not even in high school. There was one thread that was talking about "old" Lego sets. The sets they were talking about came out in 1998. I was like "What are you talking about? Adventurers being old? I mean at least say Dragon Masters (93-94)! But you want to talk about old? Let's talk about Forest Men (1988~) if not Space (1978~)!" Then I realized I was like a crazy old man yelling at children. Luckily I only yelled in my head.

Bonus 1) Then I went where I should have gone in the first place, over to an Adult Fan of Lego message board where I discovered that some of those AFOLs that are also computer programmers are helping the Lego Universe team perfect the 3d modeling on the in game lego pieces. To quote, "See the differences in center pinhole collars and orientation of pins..." Whew!

Bonus 2) That makes me more willing to believe things like "you will be able to create your own stuff so for example you could build your own Viking ship, invite your friends to be the crew and then sail off for an adventure." and "it will be the game to end all games!"

Sorry about the continued delay in Wonderfuls. It's been super busy at work. Even though I try to only be in the office 8 hours a day, most nights this week I have gotten at least one , if not more calls about issues that I have to deal with right then and there. Which, granted I knew when I took the job, but still can be exhausting when you get a voicemail, a phone call and two text messages (Monday.)

Bonus 3) Now I will go collapse.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wonderful Delay

That is, a delay in when I will post today's wonderfuls. Not a delay that is in itself a wonderful thing. Unless I make it into one right now...

Bonus 1) I came across this thing from Wired Magazine that makes fun of how many different versions of the Star Wars Films have been released and postulates 4 future versions that George Lucas might release. Highlights: "Alderaan shoot[s] first at the Death Star!," The All-Wampa Edition, and a version that will "turn [you] into a 4-year-old... to enjoy the jokes in The Phantom Menace."

Anyway I'll get today's 10 up sometime tomorrow. Thought I should put up a little something to tide you over.

Packages Galore!

Wow, Wednesday was a long time ago, luckily I wrote down the list of wonderful things that night so I can use that to remember and flesh them out. Anyway here goes:

1) Sleeping in. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:45 so there was no point going to work until after and so I was able to sleep in until 9:20. Sweet!

2) When I first woke up I looked at my phone and thought it said 9:45, which is when I had planned to leave. Then I went into the other room and all the clocks said 9:20 and for a minute I was amazed how all of my clocks were 25 minutes slow. Then I looked back at my cell phone again and realized it really was earlier. It was awesome.

3) Went to the doctor just for a check-up since my throat hasn't really been bothering me and I think it may just be the weather combined with the fact that I often sleep with my mouth open. It felt good to finally make use of my medical insurance, even if nothing really transpired.

4) On the way from the Doctor to work I got a Potbelly's sandwich. Delicious!

5) At work I got a care package from my parents. Highlights: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Peter Pan Peanut Butter! Pretzel Goldfish! Mesquite Mix! I will make Mesquite Chicken this weekend and it will be awesome. Maybe I could also make a nice little pasta salad to go with it like the last time I made Mesquite Chicken. Oooo....

6) When I got home there was an Amazon package waiting for me. It contained a new wii game - No More Heroes (more on that later). I've decided that now that I'm an adult with disposable income I am going to order things from Amazon more often. I am going to limit myself to the following rules:
A) I can only order something new once the last thing arrives
B) The new thing has to be a different type of thing than the last two things (Video Game -> Movie(s) -> Book(s) -> Video Game)
C) No more than $50 per order
D) I will always use Super Saver shipping

7) In keeping with the following rules, later that night I ordered the Star Wars DVD of the original versions released in theaters of the superior trilogy. Unfortunately the only way to buy them is to buy them bundled with the twice redone versions which do stupid things like change Boba Fett's voice and insert Hayden Christiansen as the blue ghost of Anakin Skywalker. But I figure these could be used as coasters or hilarious joke gifts.

8) Ate leftover lime cilantro chicken. But, all the zucchini was gone! Damn YesterDave! However, care package from parents had a can of Green Beans! Huzzah! That way I didn't have to go out and get a vegetable. Also they were tasty.

9) After dinner was done away with I got down to more important matters - videogames. I didn't want to jump right into No More Heroes so I played a little Super Luigi Galaxy to warm up. Played one really annoying star I had forgotten existed as well as some sweet ones. Only 5 more to go and then I can get the super secret 121st star and then a secret message.

10) After that I felt ready to try out No More Heroes. No More Heroes is very much like a Quentin Taratino movie, except it's a videogame. The plot is very thin, you are an assassin trying to become the number 1 ranked assassin in the world. To do this you must kill the 10 top ranked assassins. Obviously it's very violent, but also like Tarantino the violence is so stylized and over the top that it's not very graphic.

I should mention that your weapon is no ordinary weapon. It's essentially a lightsaber (they call it a beam katana to avoid copyright infringement). You also have a rEdiculous motocycle you drive around the city when you are going from assignment to assignment.

The 10 boss battles with the other assassins are obviously the core of the game, but in between you have to go around the city (Santa Destroy, California) and perform odd jobs to get enough money to pay the entry fee for the next match. These jobs are often mundane to the extreme. Like mowing lawns or collecting coconuts. It's very much at odds with the crazy fighting that goes on elsewhere. You can also play with your cat in your apartment, which I really enjoy.

It's fun, even though I'm not very good at it, but the art direction is so good that even failing is enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


1) Put the latest episode of Break a Leg on my ipod and watched it on the bus ride to work. Highlights: "No, it's very clear. If there's one thing that is, it's clear." David shooting the basketball.

2) Today at work was busy, but good, much better than yesterday. I spent the first half of the day recording and then the second half was catching up on e-mails and phone calls and a tiny bit of editing.

3) I had to go right from one shoot to the next and I was worried about the time, but then I remembered there was a bus that would take me right where I was going. A bus pulled up right after I got outside and took me where I was heading. It made a 15-20 minute walk into a 5 minute ride. Twas awesome. Also twas free.

4) When I got home I was rather hungry because I hadn't had a sandwich, because I'm out of lunch meat. But I had one of those honey oat bagels when I got home and staved off my hunger while I prepared dinner. Mmmm...

5) Before I made dinner I watched the opening cinematic for the upcoming super smash brothers game. Twas exciting. It's releasing in Japan in a few days so information about it is pouring out like crazy. I'm glad to hear that Mr. Game and Watch is making a return.

6) Then I made dinner, only I hadn't noticed before that I had to marinade the chicken for an hour. So i got it marinading and then did some dishes so hooray for clean dishes!

7) Then I played some super Luigi galaxy to pass the rest of the time. Twas fun.

8) Then I had dinner! Lime Cilantro chicken with some zucchini and rice. about half way through dinner I remember I had previously made a similar dish, but stopped making it because it was dissapointing. This was not disappointing. Twas delicious.

9) With dinner I watched an episode of 30 Rock. Highlights: Northrax, Tracy's Dance during the three way call, "The Dog that Took My Face And gave me a better Face to change the world: the Celeste Cunningham story", "I gave her the ottoman and she walked out on me." Twas hilarious.

10) Finally folded all the laundry from Sunday. It had been hangin all over my living room furniture. It was nice to sit on the couch agaim. Twas comfortable.

11) Oh yeah, I was thinking about going to the gym tonight, but dinner took longer than I expected and more importnatly I looked outside to see an inch of snow on the ground and obvious wind and decided I could stay in tonight.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poll-ice Show

UPDATE 2: Pictures!

UPDATE: So it turns out I can't alter a poll once it's started, which I guess makes sense from a democratic sense. Anyway, if you want to vote for one that isn't listed on the poll just click Other and then leave a comment on this post specifying which Other you are voting for. Right now there is only Pirate as Other but who knows, maybe there will be another one.

If you're a regular reader you're probably well acquainted with NNN. It's news show set in the lego world that I am developing. I'm currently working on the script for the first and second episodes. In addition to "news" each episode also contains "commercials." So far I have written a commercial for a college for villains and political commercials for Orange and Green. I also have a toy commercial that parodies the terror alert scale in the works. I have an idea for another commercial I want to do but need help figuring out the particulars.

The commercial would be for a new police show. The idea is to start out with a narrator saying something along the lines of "There's a new cop in Town and this one has an unconventional approach to crime solving." What I'm not sure of is what the cop/approach should be. I will explain my ideas below and you can vote for which is funniest.

So my first idea for this was to make the cop be a dragon and that be the joke. But then I thought that wasn't very original because Zundar as weather dragon already sort of does that. But I guess that doesn't really change the fact that a police dragon is still amusing. His approach would obviously involve tearing off limbs, putting people's heads in his jaws, breathing fire, and flying to catch the getaway helicopter.

Windumbledore (Win-doom-bull-door)
So there's this character I made who I imagine as Samuel L Jackson cast as Dumbledore. (In Chamber of Secrets he might say "I want this motherf---ing snake out of my motherf---ing school!") His approach would involve magic/the force, general badassery, wisecracks and pearls of wisdom.

A robot, incapable of emotion, he enforces crime with pure cold logic. Oh wait. I just remembered that Robocop exists. But I was thinking more like Data from Star Trek as a cop. Or R2D2. Oh man R2D2 would make a great cop. That's a better idea. His method would involve beeping (imaging him in a room lit by a single light bulb viciously interrogating a witness "Beep boop boop bee BOOP BEEP BEEP?!?!") and having an endless arrays of attachments at his disposal.

Pirate (Captain Detective? Detective Redbeard? I'm not sure.)
To quite my dad, "Have you considered a pirate. They could also have an alter ego parrot to
add to the fun. AARRRRR me hardies!!!!" If I were to do a pirate I would probably play it like this, the pirate would constantly threaten to make people walk the plank even though there is no plank around to walk. Someone might even say "What plank? Walk what? What are you talking about?" To which the pirate would respond by pulling a plank up from the floor and attaching it to the window. Or maybe just smack them with the plank. Something like that.

If you have an idea that you think is even funnier, leave a comment on this post and I will add it to the poll.

Slowly I approach Monday.

1) Waking up in the same house as Stephanie. It used to happen everyday and now it only happens once or twice a month. I miss the good old days. Although I am also enjoying the good current days and look forward to some good future days.

2) We watched another episode of Torchwood and then the extras. The weevil is a lot cooler than I originally gave it credit for. Also, the Torchwood set remains totally awesome.

3) On my way home I got a haircut. The last time I paid for a haircut was over 4 years ago. I mean it's nothing special, I just went to Hair Cuttery and got it cut maybe half as short. It's still long enough that it doesn't freak me out, but now that it's shorter it won't take so long to dry in the morning. Going outside with wet hair is not fun in the winter.

4) Had a nice conversation with my hair cutter.

5) Since it's relatively nice out I walked over to catch the 6 by the museum campus and my Ipod played me "Golden "by Jill Scott which is an awesome song.

6) I had good bus/train luck today. Only had to wait a few minutes for each one.

7) I got home and there was sunlight streaming in my living room. A rare and wonderful sight these days. The days are getting longer though. It used to be dark before 5. Now it is dusk at 5. Slowly the light will return!

8) Read the new part of Jack and ellis

9) Because my beard did not go with my new hair cut I shaved it off. I look much younger than I did this morning. I was going to take a picture, but my camera's battery was dead so it'll have to wait.

10) I wen to get groceries and it was not too cold out. I didn't even wear my coat. I wore a sweatshirt and a thin sweater and a t-shirt, but still. 3 Layers? When was the last time I only wore 3 layers outside? I usually go with 4. Slowly I will become less of a marshmellow!

11) My dinner consisted of carrots and hummus and an orange pepper and some grape tomatoes. And then a little later a little bit of bacon. <>

12) Watched the "Comedian" trailer after I remembered Robo Cop existed when writing up the post for the new poll (posted above this).

13) My weekly phone call with my parents. Highlights: Mom was really excited to tell me how she got a Wii bowling score of 280(!!!) at the Nixon's last night, hearing how Isaiah, upon Jenny asking "Are you ready for your bath Isaiah?" put down the book they were reading crawled to the stairs and then up the stairs and then down the hall to the bathroom(!!!) How quickly he becomes more and more of a little person. Next thing I know he'll be talking.

14) I got a voice message from Lila with an impromptu version of "Swordfish" a song she invented and performed for The Franky Job.

15) I did two loads of laundry. Still waiting for it to dry more so I can fold it all. I overstuff the driers all the time. Normally I put an extra token in if it's still wet. But I only had 4 tokens. I need to get more this week and do the other laundry I wanted to do. Slowly I cross things off my list!

How far I've come

1) Slept in like whoah today. Got up and turned off the alarms and then went back to sleep for another 2 and a half hours. Still up before noon (barely) though, which used to be an accomplishment.

2) Went to the Fire Escape office to help Mead edit her film. Most of what I did was fix simple problems that recur frequently in the Fire Escape office. It reminded me of back when I was the office manager and this was my responsibility. That place is such a mess. It's always been a mess, but I very glad that i don't have to deal with that anymore. The CMIG office is so much cleaner and more organized. And things don't get randomly disconnected or reconnected in strange and improper ways. So glad I don't have to deal with Fire Escape office anymore.

3)Went to Ratner and signed up for a membership. It was suprisingly easy, the money will come straight out of my paycheck, and it's not even that much. So now I just need to start making use of my membership. I'm thinking of using the rowing machine, because treadmills and ellipticals always seem so silly.

4) Got home had some lunch (ravioli and chips and salsa) and updating the last two days of wonderfuls (see below).

5) Took a nice shower and officially depleted my socks and underwear. I really need to do laundry tomorrow.

6) Tiffany picked me up in her car and her, Seth, Krista and I drove to Stephanie and Paul's place for dinner and Cranium. So glad I didn't have to take the CTA.

7) Stephanie had the genius idea of breakfast dinner. There were waffles and biscuits and eggs and sausage and it was delicious.

8) Paul had the genius idea that Stephanie should make the mulled wine she makes so well. It's so nice and warm and delicious. Note: It is not delicious when cold.

9) Then we played Cranium, Krista and I took first place, although it was a little scary there at the end trying to get through the reds. I should have known BLT wasn't an airport. Highlights of the game: "3 Breast Suit!", Stephanie's humpback whale, club cranium puppets, "I'm a ___, I'm a minority"

10) We hung out for a while after the game and then Krista, Tiffany and Seth headed off and I gave Stephanie her Christmas present: Torchwood Season 1. Then we watched the first episode, which we had both seen before, but a low resolution cluttered version from TV links.

Hopefully it won't be too cold and snowy on the way home tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Updated (but hidden)

Apartently my blog orders posts by when I first create them not when I post them. So I added the last two days wonderfuls but you'll have to go down a few posts to find them.

Some work

Not much, but another little animation I tried out tonight. I will color correct and smooth it out later. See if it's usable for anything.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I know I still haven't gotten yesterday's 10 things up, but I have them listed, I just need to flesh them out. Same thing for today (almost). I just had a whole bunch of people over for screenwriters and I am pretty tired (it's been a long week). I hope to be able to get them all up tomorrow. Also I've thought of the new poll so that will be arriving soon!

Okay now I may go to sleep.

Stimulation Overload

1) I left work a little early so I could pick up some things for screenwriters. I first went to the NEW HPP and it's amazing. It's so much bigger and though the other one was charming, this one shiny and there's a whole lot more meat and fish so I could actually make more of my usual recipes. It's a beautiful store and it doesn't seem like the old mini Co-Op at all. It seems like they entirely gutted the place.

2) I picked up chips and guacamole and salsa at HPP for screenwriters. It was a nice way to taste the deliciousness without eating half a pound of guacamole by myself. Not that there's anythign wrong with that, but I can only do it so often. Also picked up a couple 6 packs, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Woodchuck Cider.

3) Screenwriters circle went great. It was officially the most people I have had in my apartment at once (8) and it's always nice when the furniture gets utilized. My script went over well, no one really had any corrections.

4) Did a little bit of voice work during it. I read one scene from mine with Zundar and Robert Vylan and did both of their voices (since I will be voicing them). I hadn't read it aloud before and it went over really well. Lots of laughter. Also was the main voice in Theo's script. Did a crazy voice for it.

5) Read the new parts of Jack and Ellis.

6) Beat Portal the Flash game. It was quite fun, though I'm sad I didn't get the cake.

7) After screenwriting I realized it was almost 9 and I hadn't eaten any dinner. I combined the disappointing ravioli from the day before with some pasta sauce and they were much improved. Delicious even.

8) Played some Super Luigi Galaxy and got a very tricky star on the first try.

9) Caught up on all the Break a Leg minisodes and conversations. "Kaballatology" was probably my favorite, I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. But I also liked "Zombies are part of every major religious tradition" as someone's defense for the Hanukkah/Zombie movie they wanted to make.

10) Because it was Friday and I didn't have to get up early the next morning and because I had the idea and because I felt I should be animating more often anyway I animated a little thing with Phil and Sherry (it's in a post above this one). I thought it might work as part of the opening title sequence. I may redo it though, try to reduce the reflections and not bump the camera so much.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to Thursday

1) For work I had to go record a professor in his office while he was interviewed over the phone. It was something I'd never done before but it worked out fine. I went back and sent the mp3 of the interview to the client and then I realized, "This is going to be on NPR." Granted NPR isn't at all inaccessible and it only a short bit of it would be used, but it still has a much wider audience than our usual distribution network. The NPR lady also said it "sounds great."

2) The bagel sandwich was once again delicious

3) Made maple carrots I love so much as half of dinner. The other half of dinner didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, but I didn't care too much because the carrots were so good.

4) Beat Level 32 on the Portal Flash game. It took me many many tries but I finally triumphed.

I had to go back into work from 8-9 at night which was not my idea of fun. Why you ask? Well there was a complicated shoot yesterday (Friday) and I was going over with one of the videographers to talk with the client. The event is a musical put on by faculty and when we went over they were in the middle of dress rehearsal and we couldn't look at the sound equipment and such until they were done. However, this wasn't too bad because:

5) The producer was really nice and told us to make ourselves comfortable and then she brought us some chips and guacamole and soda. The chips were kind of stale, but it was still nice.

6) So we sat there for a while after a little while I had figured out the set-up and turned to Jim and told him what it was. It's not very complicated, but it's a skill I didn't have a year ago and it was nice to have a moment where I realized "I'm good at my job."

7) The director of the show was awesome. He's very British and told us "We tell them (the faculty cast) that the microphones aren't real." At the end he was telling them that in the big group numbers they need to come to the front of the stage because they had all lined up as far away from the front of the stage as possible. It's like the inverse problem of working with real actors.

8) In between the musical bits there were two ~sportscasters giving commentary. Although most of it was really lame puns I considered watching them research for Phil and Sherry's interactions. The "two people sitting at a desk" set-up has a long history and there are certain ways you expect them to interact. It's good to have an idea of those expectations so I can use/subvert them,

9) Taking the evening shuttle there and back cause oh god it was so cold out.

10) This part from Stephanie's part of the Experiment:
"If you want a drink, help yourself. Assuming that is Jean out there and not a robber. If you are a robber, please ignore that and leave. Preferably without stealing anything. Though, then I guess you wouldn't be a robber. Maybe that would wreak havoc on your personal identity. You may steal that vase by the door, as it was given to me by an ex and I don't really like it."

11) Now have a Clean Apartment. Mopped, dusted, vacuumed etc. Also made a sign for the window of doom so that I never open it again. I had forgotten that it was nearly impossible to close and opened it to air out the apartment then spent 5 minutes trying to close it.

12) "Forget Yourself" by
The Church is a great album. I listened to it while cleaning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A delayed dozen

Sorry this is late, Wednesday was so full of good things I didn't have a chance to write about them. 

The day did not start off well. SickDave reared his ugly head (or throat in this case) and woke me up 45 minutes before my alarm. Needless to say SleepyDave was none too pleased about this. Here's approximately how it went.

SickDave: Oh god my throat!
SleepyDave: We can deal with that later, that alarm hasn't even gone off yet
SickDave: Oh god my throat!
SleepyDave: 45 minutes!
Dave: What's going on here? Ow, my throat, I can't sleep.
SickDave: The winner is me!

SickDave: 1 SleepyDave: 0

Anyway I decided to call the doctor, but they don't open until 9. It was too early to get ready for work so I had to find something to amuse me, which is when I remembered:

1) The Portal Flash Game. It's based on a real videogame which I would already have if I had a computer with the power to play it. But this is very fun and uses the same concept. I'm currently on level 32. I know what to do, but keep messing it up.

2) Turns out bagels are more than just a substitute for bread, they are actually better than bread. My Honey Oat bagel with Mesquite Roasted Turkey sandwich was delicious. Yum.

3) Called the doctor's office and made an appointment. There wasn't any available until next wednesday but that's okay. My throat was only really bad in the morning. It was only a minor annoyance the rest of the day. If it turns out this is just a sore throat that goes away by next week I will just get the physical I've been meaning to get ever since I got medical insurance.  

4) On my way home from work I had a fortuitous encounter. I missed the 171 so I turned to walk home when I saw my friend Elise, who I had not seen since maybe early this last summer. We were walking in the same direction and so we walked and caught up and talked about our various projects. 

She told me about "Wikinarrative" a website she's been developing with some wed designing friends. The idea is that it would be fiction, except rather than being contained in a typical form like a short story or a novel it would be a series of interlinking articles. I had actually been thinking about restructuring that novel that I rarely work on into a form like this. So each character would have their own page or set of pages that would tell their story more or less chronologically, but there could also be articles about specific events that would be linked on the character pages. So Joe might have been affected by "the Cheeseburger incident" and you could choose to read about the Cheeseburger incident right then if you wanted, or maybe you weren't ready for that and needed to find out more about Joe right now. That's a really simple example but obviously the possibilities are endless. 

She also mentioned she trying to start a troupe of surrealists as part of an effort to make Chicago a stranger place to live. And she mentioned that making instructional lego videos for at risk teens is much closer possibility. 

Anyway, we got to talking and ended up hanging out for a bit. It was wonderful and completely unexpected.

5) I got home and made some dinner and because I had been thinking about these different cool projects I was in the thinking mode. I thought of maybe 5 different animation projects. Some involving the mannequin. I may decide to use some of these ideas for the 48 hour film festival. I think that may be a better use of that time than trying to do something Lego.

6) Also had a couple NNN ideas/insights. 

I've been worried about how I can keep the bi-pedal shark segments fresh and funny. Because him running around eating people is only good for so many laughs. But I realized a perfect characteristic for him. I've decided that he's highly impressionable and will mimic things he sees. The way I imagine this working is there will be a commercial before his segment. Say it's a toy commercial. Leggs will watch the commercial and then act like he's the guy trying to sell toys. So he'll pretend the people he's interviewing are toys he's trying to sell and fling them around/ rip them apart in appropriately humorous ways. Or if it is a commercial for a cop show Leggs will start playing good cop/bad cop with the interviewees. Etc.

I also think I have a solution to the Phil and Sherry vacation slides problem. It may actually be something Stephanie told me to try a while ago. Basically making it much shorter and dropping out most of the proper nouns. Focusing on amusing/weird aspects.

7) It wasn't really cold, but it was snowing a wet snow that gets all over you and it totally gross. So I took a shower and felt much much better.

8) Good use of the evening shuttles to avoid the aforementioned weather at night.

9) Because my throat was bothering me I got a Naked Juice for half of my dinner. The flavor was (surprise surprise) Mango Madness!

10) Saw Tiffany and Krista at DOC for a little bit.

11) Saw "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" for the first time. I went in knowing very little about it. I knew that it was in Spanish and that it was highly regarded. It starts off seeming like a drama. The title obviously lends to that and it is very focused on the stressful life of the main character. But very slowly it starts turning into a comedy and by the end it is completely hilarious. It was all very well shot and really enjoyable. 

12) Watched Episode 5 of Break a Leg "Stop it! Everyone stop raising your hands." "I've got abs like a cougar. A Chase Cougar."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Keeping Score

SleepyDave was victorious this morning. The three day weekend made him strong. He made a simple argument "why would we get up this early?" and back to bed we went for two hours. This meant I was at work until almost 7. Blah. SleepyDave: 1 Dave: 0

1) Listened to the "Once" soundtrack on my ipod on the way to work, when I had to run errands for work and coming home from work.

2) I went to the post office to get stamps and decided to use the vending machine because the line was long and I had enough 1s and 5s to get it. However the machine refused to accept my 5. I decided to give up and get in line, but then it refused to return the money I had already put in. This is when it became a battle of wills. I was determined to get stamps and it was determined to take as much of my money as possible without giving me stamps. I got a different, crisper 5 from one of the cashiers and tried this one Still no luck. But then I tried it a few more times and basically willed the machine to take it. I then received my stamps. Victory!
Dave: 1 Stamp Machine: 0

3) Mango slices! I am like a mango fiend. I forgot to mention yesterday that at HPP I snagged the last thing of mango slices. I thought someone else was going to take them, but they were looking at the mixed nuts that were next to them. Mangoes: 1 Nuts: 0

4) Getting home and changing out of work clothes.

5) Got some real (big) mail from mom. A magazine full of recipes and a newspaper clipping about a murder mystery play set in the 70s called "Death by Disco." Regular readers will remember this is also the name of my greatest photograph ever. I'm looking forward to trying out some recipes. Although many of them will probably have to wait until a full service grocery store exists nearby.

6) Leftovers for dinner - finished off the chips and guacamole and almost finished off the meat sauce.

7) Took about an hour long nap which was very nice. SleepyDave: 1 Chances of falling asleep when I want to tonight: 0

8) Got some more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy, including the hardest star ever:

Imagine if you will that you are a simple Italian plumber who is very good at jumping. Now imagine you are on a tiled surface suspended in the sky. Now imagine that the none of the tiles on this surface are safe to stand on for long. Some start shrinking away into nothing the moment you step on them. Others begin to rotate when you step on them, threating to drop you into the void below. And the rest of the tiles are a green gooey quicksand that kills you instantly. Now imagine that there are 150 purple coins scattered across this surface and you have to collect 100 of them. Also imagine you have to do this all in 3 minutes. Now imagine that this is part of a game and therefore is "fun".

It wasn't oo bad, since I've done it before, but it still claimed quite a few of Luigi's lives.
Dave: 1 Luigi: -5 (lives)

9) Went to walgreens to get cough drops, milk and bread. There was no bread so i got bagels, or round thick bread with a hole in the middle. The cough drops are because my throat is starting to hurt. It's not my tonsils, but it could be another infection like I got around graduation. I'm hoping it's just a sore throat. I may call my doctor tomorrow. First I have to figure out how to call my doctor.

10) Made a list of stuff to do and to get and crossed off things done and gotten.
Crossed off: Milk, Bread, Stamps, Bills
Not Crossed off: Mopping, (other) Cleaning, Laundry, Ratner (the gym)
In other words Dave: 4 List: 4

Dave: 6
List: 4
SleepyDave: 2
Mangoes: 1
Nuts: 0
Stamp Machine: 0
Chances of falling asleep when I want to tonight: 0
Luigi: -5

I know it looks grim, but I think mangoes will make a comeback.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Day Waffle Weekend

1) Yet again had Waffles for breakfast. They were delicious. You hear that Adam? Delicious!

2) Got 10 more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy. I have a tactic of getting the most unpleasant stars as quickly as possible so that the last part will be pure awesome. For instance I got a bunch of stars from the Ghostly galaxy today. Because unlike in Super Mario 64 the ghost level is not my favorite. It is actually one of my least favorite. (Except the hidden star is awesome, so i didn't get that one.)

3) From Stephanie's part of The Experiment: "I don't know a lot of good ways to make friends. I thought skipping the awkward stage might work."

4) Being a shut in for the past couple days has put a strain on my food supplies so I made the trek to HPP and CVS today. HPP was so crowded and all the bread type products were missing. So no pitas for me. But! The New Bigger HPP opens Wednesday (although we've heard that before, haven't we? Last Wednesday, I'm looking at you). But I got some good stuff and remembered to use my canvas bag.

5) Completed the (nearly) final version of the NNN Pilot Script. Feedback is appreciated as always. After I get feedback from the screenwriter's circle this friday I'm going to move to phase 2: recording voices. (Although I already have ROBOphelia's part recorded. I did it when I visited Lila in July. See how long I've been working on this? rEdiculous)

6) One of the things I got were the irresistible Chips and Guacamole. I had some as a snack. Mmm....

7) Had dinner at Ali's apartment. Tasty potatoes and roast beef. Yum.

8) Ali asked me to bring "my favorite episode of Arrested Development" so I brought "Pier Pressure." It may not be my absolute favorite episode, but it's definitely top 3. Plus it is easy enough to follow without having seen the show before. Other Arrested Development fans: what do you think is the best episode? We also watched the next three episodes. Highlights: "And that's why you don't teach lessons." "Oh I thought you meant like you were a plumber or something and I was thinking when did that happen?" "Speech! Speech! Speech!" "Will someone please have the decency to punch me in the face?"

9) IMed with Adam (who is a liar). Found out he is jealous of my waffles. Commiserated about sad state of American politics. If only I could really get behind the Green Party. The Democrats certainly aren't doing it for me.

10) Most of my work in The Experiment today was writing Mmm'Baat's tale.

"Let me tell you a story. During the Last War, I was a soldier stationed along the defensive perimeter south of Whetten. In those days there was a great forest there, another unfortunate casualty of war.

The commanders had overestimated the strength of the defensive battlements and had only but a handful of us there to guard them. No one was expecting the enemy to attack from that direction to begin with so our battalion was really an afterthought. When the attack came, it came so fast that we had no chance to react. By the time we realized we were under attack half of us were dead and the rest of us panicked and fled into the forest.

There was a small lake not too far into the woods where we would go to swim and wallow during our breaks. I headed straight for that because I knew there was a hidden underwater cave where I could hide and survive for a while. I hid there for I don't know how long, days, maybe weeks. There was plenty to eat and no one came looking for me. I was a coward to hide like that, but I'd do it again. In war there are only cowards and corpses.

Once I felt that enough time had passed I very cautiously approached the surface. I emerged to a completely different world. The forest was a smoldering wasteland of stumps and charred ghosts of trees. There was no sight of either army. I took as much fresh water as I could carry from the lake and set off in no particular direction. As I walked through that graveyard I began to realize that while all of the trees were dead, not of all of them were dead in the same way.

Most of the trees had just fallen over or burnt up, like trees should. But some of them had fallen in such peculiar ways, it's almost as if they were trying to get somewhere when they had caught on fire. After the sun went down I hadn't gotten as far as I'd hoped and I was considering turning back and returning to the lake. But then something caught my eye -- a pale shimmer that seemed to hang over one of the strange trees. I didn't know then what it meant but I felt compelled to follow it.

It lead me to a small cave that was completely blocked by fallen trees, like they were protecting it. I dug through the rubble and that's were I found-- He croak-called and his servant brought out what looked like a giant chestnut, it was rough and weathered and bigger than James' head -- the Entseeds."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Shut-In

1) Once again had waffles for breakfast. Yum.

2) It was still too freaking cold out today. So I didn't leave my apartment once.

3) How did I entertain myself being inside all day? For one I watched all the episodes of this awesome inter-net sitcom that Stephanie shared with me. It's hard to choose highlights when there was so much hilarity packed in. I may have to watch them all again. Swamblers! Broommates! Goatlegs!

4) Took a nice shower this afternoon.

5) During the shower I had a great insight about where my part of The Experiment is headed. Can't say anything because that would be cheating.

6) Playing a board game online with Stephanie and Paul and Alex.

7) Created a character I really like for The Experiment: "Mmm'Baat" "an old Frogman" "staring at them through spectacles that magnified his already enormous eyes"

8) Got some more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy.

9) Did all the dishes that had accumulated in the sink. Again not a wonderful thing in itself, but the final product being wonderful.

10) Subsisted the whole day on left-overs. I will have to go shopping again soon. With HPP basically the only grocery store around I may become a vegetarian for a couple weeks. Thank goodness for The Occasional Vegetarian.

11) No work tomorrow either!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I love the weekend

1) Slept in till 9:30

2) Had waffles and orange juice for breakfast

3) Played some Maro Kart 64 and got 2 more gold trophies, just one more and I've unlocked mirror mode!

4) Played a little Super Mario Bros. 3. Specifically Giant Land and the Kuribo's Shoe Level

5) Took a nap, woke up briefly and then returned to the nap. All in all it was probably close to two hours.

6) This excerpt from one of Stephanie's entries in The Experiment:

Everything was more or less ready when she blew in. She'd told me that dramatic flair came with Magery, but i thought the lighting excessive, and told her so. She frowned.
"I've been thinking of making it my trademark. Gets people's attention," she said.

7) Had toast and asparagus soup for dinner

8) Played some Super Luigi Galaxy. Mostly purple coin missions. In the couple weeks since I last played it I'd forgotten that how amazing it is. Oh man, what a good game.

9) I was craving something chocolatey but had no desire to go outside, but realized I had all the materials to make Cocoa Throw Downs. Delicious!

10) Went to Doc and saw the movie Once. It was really good. It was basically the most uplifting movie ever. As soon as I got home I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes and I am listening to it now.

11) Hung out with Tiffany, even if only for a little while. Laughs were had.

12) Aside from going to the movie I didn't leave my house at all today. Which is good because it is really really cold out there. Even when I did it was only for a little while. I caught the evening shuttle right in front of my apartment building and took that to campus and Tiffany had her car there and drove me home. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, which is good, because this is too cold. So glad I didn't have to go to work today.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Frazzled Friday

This week has been very busy. The kind of busy where I don't even remember half the things I did at work and while I'm at work I am constantly jumping between projects which just leaves me frazzled. I'm very glad it's Friday.

1) Rode the bus this morning from my front door to as close as it would take me to work. There are two reasons I like getting on right outside my front door. The obvious one is it means less time in the cold. The less obvious one is that my stop is right before the Shoreland, where the majority of the students get on. The bus is generally packed with people and if I get on there instead of walking down the street I am guaranteed a seat.

2) I threw out my old Post-it of Doom. First, because it no longer sticks to my computer monitor without some added tape. Second, because there were so many additions and cross offs in pencil and two colors of pen it had become sort of frantic looking and the last thing I need is my to do list to be frantic. Third, because I accomplished a couple things on the post-it today. Fourth, because my post-its are now blue, whereas the old Post-It of Doom was a bad shade of green. So I moved the few remaining items onto the new blue post-it and everything is clearly written and looking at it no longer makes me feel (more) frantic.

3) The last thing I did for work today was record a retirement party for one of our semi-co-workers (they work on the same floor of our building, but do completely different things). It was weird and good. The camera made it okay that I was standing in the corner not talking to anyone. It also meant that I didn't have to actually watch the overly long slideshow. Instead I was filming close-ups of the audience as they watched it.

4) First Screenwriter's Circle meeting of the quarter. It's a really nice way to end the week. We got on a lot of tangents but they were interesting and there wasn't much work to discuss this week anyway. Next week it's at my apartment and my NNN script will be one of the ones under review.

5) During screenwriters I made effective use of my ipod's internet capabilities. One of the scripts we were reading had been sent out while I was at the retirement party so I hadn't had a chance to print it out or read it before hand. Not to fear ipod touch is here! I hopped onto Mead's wireless network, went to my e-mail and opened up the word document. Then I turned my ipod sideways so the text would be bigger and was able to read along. How can something smaller than my hand do that? Amazing.

6) Getting home and taking off my work clothes.

7) Having leftovers for dinner

8) Taking a wonderful nap

9) Fooled around on the wii for a while, voted in the polls, entered the Sherry Tiles Mii I made a couple weeks ago in the "Anchorwoman" contest. I mean that's what she is. I just found out (from wikipedia) though that the Europeans have been getting cooler Check Mii Out contests than us and I'm kind of jealous. They get famous characters from fiction and history (Hamlet, King Arthur, Alexander the Great) and we get "The girl with the bubbly personality" and "The overbearing boss who makes you come to work on your day off" (they might as well say "The boss from Office Space").

10) Beat this weird game I downloaded for my wii last weekend called Sin & Punishment. Until it was released for Wii's virtual console it was only available in Japan. You basically shoot things, be they monsters or soldiers or other monsters or jet planes or still yet other monsters. The storyline is very ridiculous and very reminiscent of many anime.

WARNING: The following is a summary of the game, it is long and convoluted.

You start out as this (androgenous) guy running though a field with a red sky and lots of monsters flying around. After you destroy the a gigantic flying centipede you wake up. That's right the first level was a dream. Okay so the guy wakes up and the two girls (red head and crazy gray hair) are like "it's time to go!" Go where and for what purpose? Who knows.

So level two you are running through a city fighting off soldiers and then monsters once the monsters start attacking the city when finally you get to your destination: the central command building (where else?). You ride an elevator to the top, all the while fighting off more soldiers and monsters. You get to the top and face a big back flipping monster. Once that is destroyed this woman who kind of joined you on the elevator and watched while you fought the monster gets really angry at you for destroying her research. (Well I wouldn't have if she had said something earlier!) Then a giant pair of disembodied purple eyes with a soothing masculine voice talk to the evil scientist woman "Don't fight him, he's too strong." She fights, using her special blood to make monsters materialize out of thin air and throwing them at Androgenous guy. Guy wins (well he is player controlled...) and then the woman starts bleeding this special blood of hers and even though she's normal sized it kind of floods the whole town. Androgenous guy gets covered in it and turns into a big monster, so does evil scientist woman. The two monsters fight in the the lake of blood and obvious Andorgenous Monster wins.

BUT THEN! Some military dude with a fleet says that our friend the Androgenous Monster is attacking Tokyo and must be stopped. Cut back to the two girl friends of Andro. (you forgot about them didn't you?) They have safely escaped the flood of blood in a plane. But Red Head does not like this Navy guy attacking her monster friend So she goes and somhow infiltrates his ship. Now you play as her and fight through the inside of the ship until you face this guy (who is the owner of those disembodied eyes from earlier) and his pet/lover(?) rat/mutant thingy. You knock him out the window of the ship but then realize there is still a whole fleet trying to kill your monster friend. Crazy gray hair is like "No problem" and then makes a piece of the ship you are one detach and start flying around.

At this point Red Head should ask "If you have incredible psychic powers why am I doing all the fighting when all I have it this tiny laser gun?" Instead she just rides this floating hunk of metal and single handed takes down the fleet (which includes not only the usual ships and aircraft but also a giant spaceship) with the aforementioned tiny laser gun. Then a rocket is launched at your monster friend which you manage to stop. Red head and Gray hair float next to monster and consider what to do. Gray hair says that Red hair needs to go inside of the monster and find his heart and remind him of his humanity. Of course to do this first she had to paralyze him but shooting him in the head. Red hair is not keen on shooting her monster friend in the head and tells Gray Hair to shut up as Gray hair insists it the only way.

Then Red Hair teleports 10 years into the future (and half way around the globe). Apparently that how she deals with arguments. There are worse things you could do. Unless the future is filled with monsters! Which it is. Also there is a child, which Red hair decides is the child she and Andro would have if he wasn't a monster. Except he is a monster leading the attack on Future America. Paradox? No! Because this is all actually a vision created in the mind of Red Hair by Gray Hair to prove that shooting Monster Andro in the head and then cutting open his chest and putting red hair is the right thing to do.

It's a pretty convincing argument so that's what happens next. EXCEPT! Just as Red hair is getting ready to go inside Monster Andro Gray Hair is like "BTW I'm the real bad guy, i planned all of this so I could use Monster Andro in some space war that's going to happen in a few years. Have fun inside my ultimate weapon!"

Monster Andro stands up spasms and then disappears. Gray Hair says "They teleported? Guess I shouldn't have revealed I was evil quite so soon." But where did they teleport to? Some random beach. Also they are both human again some how. They are in monster central. They fight monsters, red Head gets captured by gray hair. Andro fights more monsters until getting to Gray Hair. Gray Hair then reveals her master plan. To destroy earth and replace it with a look alike earth, except this look alike earth can shoot stuff. So Andro guy turns back into Monster in order to defend earth. So clearly the final boss entails Monster Andro standing on earth and defending it from the attacks of Battleship Earth while also trying to destroy Battleship Earth.
Success followed by colorful confusing explosions and Red head and Andro deciding to become police officers in Japan to clean up all the left over monsters.

But then... Gray Hair is still alive... in space? Making some very significant sounding pronouncements. Perhaps implying a sequel. Or maybe there's something more if you beat it on a difficultly other than Easy? Who knows.

If you just read all of that I congratulate you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


1) Had some great insights about NNN this morning. In particular about the season 1 finale and movie which follows season 1. Knowing the season finale is pretty important as I continue to write episodes because that way I know what I need to build to. For instance I know that I have to introduce Fauscius Iceloy and his goons relatively early on so they can have one or two shenanigans before their big dance party. The dance party is of course when the stolen weather machine is put to use in order to frame Zundar. And then there is the trial of Zundar which is all part of Malifios' convoluted plan to destroy New Block City. Don't worry it will all make much more sense as it unfolds.

2) Got an e-mail from Stephanie suggesting we start writing a collaborative story. All I can say to that is <8>. We will each write from the perspective of a different character, alternating every 12 lines.

3) Had maybe 7 clementines today. I love them so. Today was also a very busy day at work, my mind is still sort of frazzled from it. The clementines helped me get through it.

4) I remembered to use my bag at HPP today when I was getting the ingredients for:

5) Asparagus Soup!

6) Watched a 30-minute Lego movie called America: Outlawed. The animation was much smoother than pretty much anything I've done, but the plot was pretty basic (a western) and though the voice acting was for the most part amazing there were a couple voices that just got on my nerves. Basically I'm saying it's a high quality lego movie, but I don't feel threatened most of the brickfilmers are more concerned about technical aspects than entertainment value, which I think is what should really be the focus of a movie made with a toy.

7) I briefly had an empty sink.

8) Writing my piece for "The Experiment." It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do, but once I figured it out I was very happy.

9) Reading Stephanie's first piece. So the way we did the first part is that we both wrote 12 lines without talking to each other about them and then shared them. This way we had no idea what the other person would be introducing (like talking animals or ambulatory furniture) and would just have to reconcile those things afterward. Upon reading hers I immediately realized somethings I would have to account for in mine. We then decided that I would go next because I was ready to write something tonight and because Stephanie always has more time to write in the morning than I do.

10) Writing another part and integrating idea's from Stephanie's. It's going great so far, I'm super excited. I'm not going to go into any specifics. Ask me again when we're finished. I promise I won't talk so much about it in the future, since it's such a teasing thing to do, but today I just can't contain myself.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blender Bender

1) My Christmas blender came today. Now I can make asparagus soup (and will tomorrow unless I forget to go to HPP after work) and chocolate dipped almond butter cookies with sprinkles and smoothies, and anything else that needs blending.

2) The FedEx package was successfully delivered!

3) It's Wednesday, which means the week is now waning. And next week is a 4 day week. Huzzah!

4) Enjoyed some Clementines today, yes I did.

5) Went to the Fire Escape Meeting this evening where I learned that the 48 hr Film Festival will start on the night of February 29th, a day I have already decided I will be taking off (using one of my nifty personal days), because it's not a real day. I also signed up to offer my editing skills to any project that desires them. Because I like editing, especially when it's a creative/narrative project. The lectures are not as much fun.

6) I just looked up the trick about leap years. So we add an extra day every 4 years unless it's a multiple of 100 unless it's also a multiple of 400. So the leap day in 2000 was actually far more complicated than it seemed. Cool.

7) Had leftovers meat suace and finished off those wonderful green beans for dinner. Followed by finishing off the pretzel goldfish.

8) Played Zack & Wiki, got some fun special treasures, I'm pretty much finished. Whether I go and get those last few treasures depends on how crazy a completionist I am. I used to be an absolute completionist, I had to complete every task in a game before I would be satisfied. Even if I had to do unfun things to do this. Now I like to thing I'm more laid back and let those superfluous tasks remain undone but some small part of me is still going crazy "You only have 98.7% of the collectible thingamajigs! Just think of that sad 1.3% sitting out there uncollected."

9) Played some Wii Sports and finally got my Bowling skill level high enough to unlock the Sparkly Ball for my Mii. Now there's an unlockable worth the effort. (I like shiny things)

10) Buffy Musical episode soundtrack is playing. I may or may not be singing along.

EDIT: I'm just remember something wonderful from this morning:

11) I woke up very parched and desiring some orange juice. And then I had some Orange Juice (drank it straight from the carton, because why get another dish dirty?) and it was great.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mistake Fixery

If horoscopes were true mine for today would be:

"You not going to get anything right the first time, maybe not even the second time. Don't try anything too important!" Today let's start with some terrible things:

-1) I had to re-re-re-export and re-re-re-re-export some clips and then I found out that it was all for naught and I have to do something different with them still.

-2) I made a mistake when Fedexing a package today. I got the address wrong by 1. I tried to rectify this twice using their online system to no avail.

-3) I had a pretty upsetting dream about my hair coming out in clumps. Where's Sherry Bobbins when you need her?

1) Well I did accomplish something I meant to do yesterday and picked up my ~$1000 reimbursement check and deposited it. For a while I've been considering buying things and then telling myself "I'll get it after I get that reimbursement check." But now I can't remember what any of those things were. Apparently they've had this check ready for me to pick-up since December 20th, but I only got a call about it yesterday?

2) Reading Jenny's comment on Sunday's post and pondering our parallel mango lives whilst munching on some of those mango slices I love so very very much.

3) Ali said she'd come with me to this poetry slam on Sunday night. Awesome!

4) Apple released an update for the iPod Touch today. It was $20, but well worth it IMO. It adds a some essential functions like a notepad and e-mail support. It also has a weather forecast and lets you rearrange all the icons on the menu and put webpages s icons so you can quickly access your favorite sites.

It also has a Google maps feature. What's really cool about this is there's a button you can press and then it figures out where you are based on the wi-fi network you are one and puts shows you where you are on the map. It's remarkably accurate and caused me to exclaim "My ipod knows where I am." You can then have it give you directions from your current location to any other location. And since it's all touch controlled you just have to point to where you want to go.

I definitely played with it for half an hour before realizing I was still at work and therefore should probably... something something...

-4) I accidentally bought the software upgrade twice. Hopefully Apple Support will remove the duplicate charge, because it's cool, but not that cool.

5) It has been confirmed, Treasure Island will be moving in to replace the Co-Op!

-5) It is aiming to be opening "before the end of February" The Co-Op is already effectively shut down, there's very little left I want to buy. The bigger Hyde Park Produce is not opening tomorrow but "by the end of January" I guess I will just have to eat at Rajun Cajun everyday. What a shame.

6) I did remember to go to HPP today and buy necessary supplies for dinner. Also picked up a crate of clementines.

-6) Did not remember to use my new canvas shopping bag because I had cleverly hidden it from myself in my work bag.

7) Made meat sauce, although I had to make some substitutions, but it was still tasty.

8) Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, because I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen it. Decided to skip the desert flashback, because while I do enjoy that part, I just didn't feel like I needed to see it tonight. It's just so jarringly separate from the rest of the film, visually at least (until the end, but let's not quibble) and let's be honest, it goes on a little long.

9) Gorged myself on Pretzel Goldfish. I love them so and it's so hard to stop eating them because they are so small so you always feel like you can eat one more.

10) Over the phone I was able to finally reroute the package to the correct address. At least I'm pretty sure I did. After today I'm skeptical anything ever gets where it's supposed to.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Forgetful Day

1) So this morning I wad to wake up early because there was a big meeting being put on by the VP of Communication, my boss's boss, for all the people on campus involved in communication. Obviously this included myself and the rest of the Communications staff who have heard Julie talk about her plans for University Communication at least twice, but also a whole bunch of other people from around the University who are somehow involved with communication.

Anyway, SleepyDave was having none of it. He walked all the way to the kitchen to turn off the alarms, but as it was still dark outside, there was no way he was getting up then. We passed out for 40 minutes or so, but then managed to get everything together quickly so we got there only 5-10 minutes in, when everyone was still getting food and mingling.

2) One of the things they had on the buffet was a fruit plate, which had some delicious pineapple. I ate a plate full.

3) So, as I expected pretty much everyone else there was clearly older than me. Well, maybe there were some people in their late 20's , but mostly thirtysomethings and up. This is probably one of the few things I don't like about my job, aside from my student employees (who are great) there's no one close to my age that I interact with at my job. Except at the thing today was one guy who looked mid 20's at most. We talked and I found out he only started in November, so he's at least new to this. So that makes one. Small victories.

4) I got a call telling me that my reimbursement check from the trip to LA is ready. Hooray! I've been wanting that $900. (But then I forgot to pick it up!)

5) Pretty good day at work. The meeting ate up the first 3 hours of the day and then I had a series of exporting and uploading that filled my screen with status bars:

We also did some voice recording in the afternoon at a sound booth in the Reg. I was roped into doing one of the voices. Normally I'd be all over that, but I wasn't expecting it and I didn't feel like I could do the character justice. But it was only for a test sample so I did it.

5) It snowed in the nice gentle, enough to coat the trees and cars, but it's not too cold or windy so it's nice kind of way. I walked home. (But I forgot to go to Hyde Park Produce on my way!)

6) I got home and didn't feel like making the trek back to HPP to wait in that monstrous line so I used what I had on hand and feasted on raw green beans and toasty pita and hummus, followed by a couple minneolas (they'll be gone soon).

7) Took an hour nap after dinner.

8) Watched another episode of 30 Rock from this season. Highlights:
Kenneth's Parties,
"Why is there a pop tart in.... what do you guys do with the pop tart!?"
LL-" People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff and they're going to be disappointed and angry. " TJ- "Just like colonial Williamsburg."
"You'll be Greenzo-ed Jack. You'll all be Greenzo-ed!"

9) I found out that as of last night Isaiah is walking. He does it by pushing the laundry basket around. Go nephew go!

10) One thing I did remember is that I've been meaning to go to OC Remix and find if there was a remix of this song from a Zack & Wiki. I was not disappointed, although the title of the remix is completely absurd, "PsychoUnderpants". Oh yeah I also played Zack & Wiki for a while.

EDIT: Apparently I also forgot how to count. Well enjoy the extra.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just call me the Bag Man

1) Played some more Zack and Wiki to help subdue SleepyDave in the morning. Getting close to completing it.

2) Got an e-mail from my dad pointing out a glaring omission from the list of evil degrees. Despite my love of the word and it's actual relevance I somehow missed the chance to use abscond. Not to worry, the list will now start off with "Abscondery", which I thought best summed up the various uses of abscond. A google search for abscondery had 3 results, including this priceless one: In 1826 in Sydney Australia, Thomas Woods was charged with "abscondery/Parramatta Barracks/to Lunatic Asylum." It's stuff like this that makes me love the internet.

3) I bought something I've been meaning to buy for a while now. A "business case." I don't know what I would call it. It's not a briefcase, but it's not just a shoulder bag. Here's a couple pictures:

It's big enough to carry my laptop (I think, I haven't tried but I held it up next to my laptop and it looked like it would fit), plus it has a whole bunch of pockets and divisions (I keep discovering more pockets) which is good because the bag I was taking to work before now was just one big pocket, so everything was together: my lunch, my notepad and organizer, my little pack of tissues, important papers, sometimes camera equipment. This one will be much better for keeping things organized and also looks much more professional. Ever since I got this job I've been taking steps to make myself look more like an adult working at a job as opposed to a recent college graduate that is for some reason still hanging around his alma mater. Other things on that list include: An umbrella, Clothes (an ongoing process), and a haircut that I pay someone to give me (the last time that happened was 2003).

4)Rajun Cajun leftovers for lunch.

5) Went downtown to meet Stephanie and Paul and Krista to see "There Will Be Blood." On the way I got started on the script for episode 2 off NNN. I figure even though I will working on voice recording/animating/editing of the 1st episode for a while it can't hurt to start production on the next one, especially if I want to turn that around faster than I did this one.

The movie was really good. The soundtrack was odd (I just went on a wikipedia spiral which informed me, among other things, that it was scored by a member of Radiohead, makes sense) but good. All the acting was great, the imagery was fantastic, all around great.

6) Afterwards went with Stephanie and Paul to chipotle for chips and guacamole (delicious!) while we figured out where we would meet Dana for dinner.

7) We had dinner at Fox and Obel, which is a fancy grocery store that has a cafe in it. I swore Dana said "Pasa Nobel" on the phone, but that's not a real place. I got a Margherita pizza which was delicious, although I wouldn't have minded more basil (but maybe I'm a basil fiend). We talked and laughed, it was a good time.

8) While I was downtown I went to Trader Joe's. Shopping there always makes me happy. Especially now that the Co-Op is a like a set out of a disaster movie. I also decided to finally get a canvas bag, because it's only 3 dollars and I care about the environment and god I hate how those plastic bags pile up.

Yes I took all these pictures in the bathroom. That's where my mirrors are.

9) That wikipedia spiral I mentioned earlier? I'm still on it. Current topics include: raining animals, and self fulfilling prophecies.

10) Oh yeah, I got mango slices at Trader Joes. They are superior to the Co-Op Mango slices. I could probably eat mango slices every day and never get tired of them. Heck I'm pretty close to that right now. There's usually a day or two between packages, but otherwise it's all mango all the time. Also got some hybrid ctirus fruit. Manello? No Minneolas. They're tasty. So long as those hybrids retain a decent percentage of orange I generally approve.

Happy Anniversary Blog!

I've been doing this for a month! I enjoy it. I like having these mini-logs of all my days.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I keep forgetting to title these posts

1) Got an e-mail from Jess Brock this morning. It was good to hear from her, it's been quite a long time. Now that I'm out of college there's no convenient school breaks during which to see my friends from high school. Hopefully I can keep in touch with the ones that matter.

2) Again went for a Bike Ride all the way to the Shedd Aquarium, although this time I did more than just turn around there. I went inside. Along the way I saw a guy skiing on the path. No, there wasn't any snow, he was wearing skis with wheels on them. At least that's how I'd describe them. He even had poles.

3) The Aquarium is free admission all this week so I met up with Stephanie and Paul there and we had a good couple hours looking at the animals. Cool things in no particular order: eyeless cave fish, gigantic crabs, gigantic snapping turtle, turtle with a snout-like nose digging around in the dirt for something, sea horses that look like seaweed, red-eye fish, a very colorful queen angel fish, big sea turtle, brightly colored posion frogs, this one small fish that had all these different colored lines running over it, furry looking sea stars.

4) The return trip took longer than the way there, partly because the wind was against me but also because my legs were tired from riding there and then walking around the aquarium. When I did get home it was very nice to shower and sit down.

5) Played some more Smash Brothers

6) Got Rajun Cajun for dinner. Mmm... Samosa.

7) Re-Watched more 30 Rock from this season. Highlights: "An eagle with the head of a bear." "You can't tell a bird not the fly. You can't tell a fish not to swim. You can't tell a tiger not to turn back into an Asian dude at midnight." Jack role-playing with Tracy. "Page off! Page off!"

8) Worked on the revising the NNN pilot script. In doing so I came up (with help from Stephanie) the following list of evil degrees offered by SVELT: (imagine them as a scrolling list in one of those cheesy technical college commercials)
Breaking and Entering,
Business Management and Accounting,
General Disarray,
Looting and Plundering,
Moral Relativism,
Quantum Mechanical Engineering,
Wilderness Survival,

Even though this is something will only be on screen for a few seconds, it's important to do it right. Such is my dedication to authenticity. Or something.

9) Added Jeremy's Wii to my Wii's address book. Now I have two Wii Friends!

10) Wrote and sent some e-mails I'd been meaning to.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My oh mh-eye

Had a weird dream this morning where Arrested Development had been picked up for a fourth season... by the Sci-Fi channel. So they were fighting monsters, it was weird.

1) Took a nap this morning. It was kind of weird, I got up and got all ready to go and then I lay down in bed fully dressed for work and took a 30 minute nap. Perhaps it was some sort of truce with Sleepy Dave.

2) The CMIG Ice Cream Machine was operating today for the first Fro-Yo Friday of 2008. Flavor: Apple Pie.

3) It's Friday! This is my first full week of work for a while now and I'm glad it's done. I forgot how long they are.

4) Sometimes my ipod shuffles me a great song just when I need it. Today walking home it was Sunburn by Muse.

5) I watched the Buffy Musical Episode because it's been a while since I've actually seen it, as opposed to just listening to the soundtrack. "...while the police were taking witness arias."

6) After that I took a short nap (less than an hour as opposed to those multiple hour "naps" I used to consider normal).

7) When I woke up from my nap my eyes were blurry. I thought this would go away after a few minutes but then it was persisting and I started to worry. I talked with Stephanie over the internet (though it was slightly difficult with the blurriness) and she calmed me down and told me to go take a shower.

8) Shower totally worked. Afterward everything looked really sharply in focus by contrast to the blurry world I had been in before.

9) Played Smash Brothers Melee for a while. The new Smash brothers is just a month away, got to brush up on my skills.

10) Grapes and chocolate covered raisins.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why hello there

Apparently I have a roommate. I just saw a mouse in my kitchen. I don't know where his hole is, but I will find out.

My head ache

Today was kind of a rough day, nothing particularly bad, but I started feeling woozy at work and had trouble focusing all day.

1) SleepyDave proved ever resourceful this morning and thus I slept in for an hour and a half, except that hour and a half was on the couch.

2) Had Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast. Delicious.

3) Had last of the Peppercorn chicken for lunch. It was wonderful, but now there is no more, which is sad, such is the tragedy of food.

4) Made plans for the weekend with Stephanie.

5) Ran into Krista at the bus stop.

6) The 171, though crowded, saved me from a walk home in the rain when I was already feeling not well.

7) Got home and promptly took a nap. Felt much better upon waking.

8) Watched the last new episode of 30 Rock for the foreseeable future. It amazes me how much hilarity they manage to pack into every episode.

9) I have an empty sink! (Of course that means I had to do the dishes, but let's not talk of such unpleasant things.

10) Finally caught up on this blog. Now I may go to sleep early. ::Collapses::

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When's day?

Wensday was a pretty great day

1) The morning was taken up by a b-roll shoot for an astrophysics department on campus. This was cool for a number of reasons. 1, b-roll shoots are always fun because they involve recording people pretending to do things "pretend to type faster" "have a fake conversation" "gesture more wildly with your hands" 2, it's for a program that will be on the History channel. As Caitlin (the student who filmed it) pointed out, "I worked for the past three summers at a company that makes exclusively makes documentaries for the History channel and I didn't get to do anything like this. 3, the physics guy we were doing this for was really excited about the whole process and kept complimenting us on how professional we were.

2) Renee came in, but only for a little bit before heading off to the doctor's.

3) In the afternoon I went on a trip to drop things off around campus. It was nice to walk outside while it was still light out (and still warm enough that my face doesn't hurt). I dropped off the Transplant DVD and the client was very excited and thankful. It's always nice when our clients tell us that they appreciate what we do. Then I walked down to drop off some art history stuff and happened to run into the client about a block away from his building. He was also excited and I didn't have to walk that extra block to midway studios. On the return trip I was listening to my ipod and literally did a little jump at one point. Then I happened to run into Anat. She was on the phone but we stalked each other around a tree.

4) It was a productive day overall, added a bunch of events to the recording calendar and got the b-roll media sent out. (Although I just got an e-mail saying there's a problem...)

5) Used the industrial 3 hole-puncher to simultaneously hole-punch ~50 sheets of paper. Now that's power.

6) I got some real mail! Much better than the normal slew of bills, mail for previous resident and credit card offers (although I did keep the credit card shaped magnet from the last one). It was a letter from Dana Kroop which included the following picture from our LA adventure:

Here are some other pictures form that evening:

Bronze Einstein: "Look Dana, SCIENCE!"
Dana "Whoah!"

Chillin with the big boy in a sequined sombrero.

Dana's Bob's Big Boy's Big Burger

This elephant atop a column is not part of some temple, but rather a shopping mall. Only in Hollywood...

7) Ate some leftover peppercorn chicken, I love it so.

8) Watched the first 2 episode of season 4 of 6 Feet Under over at Ali/Emily/Chelesea's

9) Hung out there for a while and laughed really hard. Ari and I have pretty similar senses of humor and were just feeding off each other. It was great. But by the time I got home it was so late I didn't have time to post. My apologies.

10) Got chocolate covered raisins (one of my many weaknesses).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two days late and Tuesday long

Haven't had time to update the last two days, all will be explained.

1) Tuesday was less warm than Monday, but still warm enough to walk home.

2) Renee was supposed to be back on Monday, but she's pretty sick, so she was out all of Monday and Tuesday and only in briefly Wednesday. Tuesday morning I listened to my ipod for the first couple hours while I worked. It makes it go smoother.

3) Good day at work overall. Got a first version of the Transplant DVD together. The project that has been hagning around for ages finally approaches the end! Also, Walker figured out a solution to a problem that had been lingering for months. Actually a whole bunch of projects that had been lingering around for months finally got worked on. Woohoo!

4) On the way home I stopped at Hyde Park Produce which as always had an enormous line. Now that I have my ipod, it doesn't matter, I just put on Broken Bride and that 15 minutes flew by.

5) I bought a couple pounds of delicious green grapes at HPP and started eating them on the way home.

6) The item I had traveled there for though, was carrots, so I could make the maple carrots I love so very very much. I devoured them all.

7) I also made Peppercorn Chicken for dinner. The sauce could have perhaps used a little more tomato and it meant my hand smelled like shallots for a day, but it is so delicious.

8) After dinner I played a little Zack & Wiki.

9) Then I spent an hour and a half or so animating this thing here. It's not exactly what I wanted because I knocked them out of place in a couple parts and had to guess where they were. I'm happiest with the second one.

10) Talked briefly with Ari regarding Firefly


1) I was all ready to start writing up this post on Tuesday but when I went to upload that animation to my webspace I found out there was a problem with it and then I spent an hour or so trying to figure it out and then it was time for bed.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Alice Pan in Never Wonderland

1) As I said before, this has been a week of very vivid dreams. This morning's included:
Harry Potter/Link/Samus Aran fighting a giant caveman in an underground tunnel system and then on a tiny planet.
Me finding a really cool series of lego sets in a store. The theme was like a weird cross between Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. There was a set with a transparent crocodile and and a pirate and a weird little building that had little places for a mouse to run through. Then there was a set with two vaguely humpty-dumptyish (They had egg heads rather than just being giant eggs) people in a fancy carriage. I wanted to buy them and got in line behind my brother and his ~5 year old son (Note: in real life my brother does not have a son) but then I got confused because the check-out system was weird. There were two cashiers and I accidentally skipped one and then my brother was the second cashier, even though he had been standing in line.

I was very sad when I woke up and realized the lego sets did not exist so I could not buy them.

2) Defeating Sleepy Dave this morning. It was a masterstroke on my part. He's gotten too clever for the trapping ourselves in the bathroom trick, so I convinced him that instead of struggling we should have breakfast and talk about it afterward. The fool agreed!

3) Walking to work in the warmth this morning.

4) Employees galore. Three of the employees who were abroad last quarter stopped in today. It was great to catch them all up on the changes. ("Matt left, Renee became Matt, and I became Renee... basically" "That's our new ice cream machine." etc.) I had a brief moment of panic when one of the employees asked "So now that's there's 9 student employees, is there ever going to be any work for me to do?" I thought, "He has a good point, there's only so much work to go around." Then I remember that there at least 4 Research at Chicago interviews hanging around in various stages of non-completion, not to mention those two projects I keep ignoring. Plenty of work. That and once school kicks in full-steam, their desire to work will inevitably dwindle.

5) gChatting with Stephanie about the pilot script. As always she told me things that I knew were true on some level, but had not fully realized. Also she pointed out things I completely missed. Sometimes we have the same brain and other times we are two halves of one brain, so I pretty much agree with all of her criticisms instantly. <3

6) Walking home in the warmth. Especially when I saw an overcrowded 171 pass me. Glad I wasn't on it.

7) Curried Beef pita again, leftovers taste better.

8) Played some Zack & Wiki

9) Re watched the first couple episodes of 30 Rock on the internet. "Are you making fun of me?" "No! This is what I sound like when I cry!"

10) Made this Prison using the Batman set I got on sale and a good portion of my orange collection:

Of course, since it's just a set for NNN, there's not much depth to it:

I made these villains a couple days ago, but I photographed them tonight. The BrickBurglar:

I did not mean for this guy to look like Freddy Kruger. It just sort of happened.

The three original super villains. So great was their evil that they each got a month named after them. They also founded SVELT, the organization that trains all new evildoers.

The robot's name is Roboticus. His month is Robotuary.
The gangster's name I haven't figured out yet. I know it will take the following form: Adjective Name. Like Tricky Tommy or Lucky Larry. I'm open to suggestions.
The witch's name probably begins with a B. (She also looks familiar...)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Arrested Development Bonus

I forgot to put in the highlight from Arrested Development today:

Michael: She's a little bit more like me. It's like we finish each other's --
Lindsay: Sandwiches. (holds up her sandwich)
Michael: ... Sentences. Why would I say --
Lindsay: Sandwiches.
Michael: (nods) That time, I was going to say sandwiches

Curry Fingers

1) I finished Cosmicomics. Calvino is really amazing at exploring possibility. I think I like Borges better, because with Borges even in infinity there is meaning and his infinity is somehow tangible, whereas reading Calvino I sometimes just feel crushed by this endless expansion of possibilities. It's the good kind of crushing, but still.

2) I got an e-mail from Adam Dusen.

3) Played Zack and Wiki this morning.

4) Finished season 3 of Arrested Development, which is the end of the series. I hope they do a movie. I'm going to have to move to DVDs of another TV show since the writer's strike has already taken out Heroes, The Office and Pushing Daisies with 30 Rock soon following and House can only stretch out the 3 remaining episodes so far.

5) For lunch had a toasty turkey sandwich and a kiwi.

6) Started reading "Stealing a Goose"

7) It's been really warm this weekend so I decided i had to go outside today. I went to the point and walked around by water's edge. I broke up the ice and kicked it in. It was actually very satisfying.

8) Made curried beef pita for dinner. Delicious. Of course now my fingertips smell like curry, but such are the sacrifices I make for tastiness.

9) Got the last few stars in Super MArio 64. Played some Super Mario World.

10) The struggle between shark and mannequin continues. You can't see his legs very well but the shark is standing on the mannequin's head.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Guacamole Man

1) Played Zack & Wiki this morning.

2) Went for a bike ride this afternoon. Made it all the way to the aquarium this time. Approx 12 mi roundtrip. The ride gets much more interesting as it gets closer to down town. More people and more things to see.

3) Watched some Arrested Development. Again Buster wins with, "And that's why you don't use a one-armed person to scare people!" and "He's a robot!"

4) Read some more Cosmicomics. "The Dinosaurs" was great.

5) Took a nice nap this afternoon

6) Realized that there are recycling bins in the alley behind my building (even if they aren't explicitly for my building) so now I can recycle.

7) Failed to find what I needed for dinner (produce) at the Co-op since they have progressively less and less to offer as it approaches their closing date. So i went to Hyde Park Produce. Got the stuff i needed plus a little extra. I got their fresh guacamole and the chips i love so much.

8) Also found out that they are finally expanding into that larger store they bouight. This is happening on th 16th. Obviously the Co-Op closing made this more important since for a least two weeks they will be essentially the only grocery store in Hyde Park.

9) Ate chips and guacamole and toasty pita and humms for dinner. Yum!

10) Finished a new draft of the script for the pilot episode of NNN. Complete with fake commercials! Now I just need to polish this draft, record the voices for it, build the sets, animate everything (to the voices), create all the graphics and edit it all together. I'm aiming for... April?