Sunday, January 6, 2008

Curry Fingers

1) I finished Cosmicomics. Calvino is really amazing at exploring possibility. I think I like Borges better, because with Borges even in infinity there is meaning and his infinity is somehow tangible, whereas reading Calvino I sometimes just feel crushed by this endless expansion of possibilities. It's the good kind of crushing, but still.

2) I got an e-mail from Adam Dusen.

3) Played Zack and Wiki this morning.

4) Finished season 3 of Arrested Development, which is the end of the series. I hope they do a movie. I'm going to have to move to DVDs of another TV show since the writer's strike has already taken out Heroes, The Office and Pushing Daisies with 30 Rock soon following and House can only stretch out the 3 remaining episodes so far.

5) For lunch had a toasty turkey sandwich and a kiwi.

6) Started reading "Stealing a Goose"

7) It's been really warm this weekend so I decided i had to go outside today. I went to the point and walked around by water's edge. I broke up the ice and kicked it in. It was actually very satisfying.

8) Made curried beef pita for dinner. Delicious. Of course now my fingertips smell like curry, but such are the sacrifices I make for tastiness.

9) Got the last few stars in Super MArio 64. Played some Super Mario World.

10) The struggle between shark and mannequin continues. You can't see his legs very well but the shark is standing on the mannequin's head.

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