Thursday, January 3, 2008


3 wonderful things happened at work today

1) Employees came in and worked! Not 1, Not 2, but 3 different employees came into to edit today. I was excited when the first one came in, ecstatic when the second one showed up and felt bad that I had nowhere else to go when the third one came in. Still it really made my day. Now the list of things I want done before Renee come back is much closer to completion.

2) The flurry of e-mails I sent out yesterday reaped a flurry of responses. I now have employees for all of the shoots in the next couple weeks. This is exactly how it's supposed to work, I send out the e-mails and then they do the shoots and I don't have to trudge across campus (or downtown in some cases). I had just forgotten since they've been gone for so long.

3) I finished the last part of the transplant project. We'll still have to do a round or two or edits and put the DVD together, but relative to the work that had to be done until now, that's nothing. Renee will be so excited. As will I. Right now I just see transplanted organs when I close my eyes.

4) One of those employees sent me the link to this cool sound thing. You'll need to wear headphones to get the effect. I wore the big noise canceling headphones we use at work.

5) Played more Zack & Wiki.

6) Watched Arrested Development. I had forgotten how good the third season was. Highlight today may be George Senior's video surrogate, Larry Middleman, "Wink. Wait did he wink or did he just say wink?" "He just said that too Dad."

7) Cooked chicken just by throwing spices in rather than following a recipe. Mostly basil (because I love it so). It turned out pretty good, although I need to use more spice next time.

8) Backtracking a bit... slept in this morning in an amazing way. So Sleepy Dave turns off the alarms and gets back into bed but decides to only sleep for an hour. Without setting an alarm I woke up exactly an hour later. Then he decided that he needed another half hour and again went back to sleep for exactly that amount of time. It was amazing.

9) I love that my schedule is flexible. Yeah I went in late but I stayed late, so it all works out.

10) Adam Dusen was in my dream. I haven't seen that kid in far too long. When was it even? Last New Year's? Yeesh.

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