Monday, January 7, 2008

Alice Pan in Never Wonderland

1) As I said before, this has been a week of very vivid dreams. This morning's included:
Harry Potter/Link/Samus Aran fighting a giant caveman in an underground tunnel system and then on a tiny planet.
Me finding a really cool series of lego sets in a store. The theme was like a weird cross between Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. There was a set with a transparent crocodile and and a pirate and a weird little building that had little places for a mouse to run through. Then there was a set with two vaguely humpty-dumptyish (They had egg heads rather than just being giant eggs) people in a fancy carriage. I wanted to buy them and got in line behind my brother and his ~5 year old son (Note: in real life my brother does not have a son) but then I got confused because the check-out system was weird. There were two cashiers and I accidentally skipped one and then my brother was the second cashier, even though he had been standing in line.

I was very sad when I woke up and realized the lego sets did not exist so I could not buy them.

2) Defeating Sleepy Dave this morning. It was a masterstroke on my part. He's gotten too clever for the trapping ourselves in the bathroom trick, so I convinced him that instead of struggling we should have breakfast and talk about it afterward. The fool agreed!

3) Walking to work in the warmth this morning.

4) Employees galore. Three of the employees who were abroad last quarter stopped in today. It was great to catch them all up on the changes. ("Matt left, Renee became Matt, and I became Renee... basically" "That's our new ice cream machine." etc.) I had a brief moment of panic when one of the employees asked "So now that's there's 9 student employees, is there ever going to be any work for me to do?" I thought, "He has a good point, there's only so much work to go around." Then I remember that there at least 4 Research at Chicago interviews hanging around in various stages of non-completion, not to mention those two projects I keep ignoring. Plenty of work. That and once school kicks in full-steam, their desire to work will inevitably dwindle.

5) gChatting with Stephanie about the pilot script. As always she told me things that I knew were true on some level, but had not fully realized. Also she pointed out things I completely missed. Sometimes we have the same brain and other times we are two halves of one brain, so I pretty much agree with all of her criticisms instantly. <3

6) Walking home in the warmth. Especially when I saw an overcrowded 171 pass me. Glad I wasn't on it.

7) Curried Beef pita again, leftovers taste better.

8) Played some Zack & Wiki

9) Re watched the first couple episodes of 30 Rock on the internet. "Are you making fun of me?" "No! This is what I sound like when I cry!"

10) Made this Prison using the Batman set I got on sale and a good portion of my orange collection:

Of course, since it's just a set for NNN, there's not much depth to it:

I made these villains a couple days ago, but I photographed them tonight. The BrickBurglar:

I did not mean for this guy to look like Freddy Kruger. It just sort of happened.

The three original super villains. So great was their evil that they each got a month named after them. They also founded SVELT, the organization that trains all new evildoers.

The robot's name is Roboticus. His month is Robotuary.
The gangster's name I haven't figured out yet. I know it will take the following form: Adjective Name. Like Tricky Tommy or Lucky Larry. I'm open to suggestions.
The witch's name probably begins with a B. (She also looks familiar...)


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