Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to Thursday

1) For work I had to go record a professor in his office while he was interviewed over the phone. It was something I'd never done before but it worked out fine. I went back and sent the mp3 of the interview to the client and then I realized, "This is going to be on NPR." Granted NPR isn't at all inaccessible and it only a short bit of it would be used, but it still has a much wider audience than our usual distribution network. The NPR lady also said it "sounds great."

2) The bagel sandwich was once again delicious

3) Made maple carrots I love so much as half of dinner. The other half of dinner didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, but I didn't care too much because the carrots were so good.

4) Beat Level 32 on the Portal Flash game. It took me many many tries but I finally triumphed.

I had to go back into work from 8-9 at night which was not my idea of fun. Why you ask? Well there was a complicated shoot yesterday (Friday) and I was going over with one of the videographers to talk with the client. The event is a musical put on by faculty and when we went over they were in the middle of dress rehearsal and we couldn't look at the sound equipment and such until they were done. However, this wasn't too bad because:

5) The producer was really nice and told us to make ourselves comfortable and then she brought us some chips and guacamole and soda. The chips were kind of stale, but it was still nice.

6) So we sat there for a while after a little while I had figured out the set-up and turned to Jim and told him what it was. It's not very complicated, but it's a skill I didn't have a year ago and it was nice to have a moment where I realized "I'm good at my job."

7) The director of the show was awesome. He's very British and told us "We tell them (the faculty cast) that the microphones aren't real." At the end he was telling them that in the big group numbers they need to come to the front of the stage because they had all lined up as far away from the front of the stage as possible. It's like the inverse problem of working with real actors.

8) In between the musical bits there were two ~sportscasters giving commentary. Although most of it was really lame puns I considered watching them research for Phil and Sherry's interactions. The "two people sitting at a desk" set-up has a long history and there are certain ways you expect them to interact. It's good to have an idea of those expectations so I can use/subvert them,

9) Taking the evening shuttle there and back cause oh god it was so cold out.

10) This part from Stephanie's part of the Experiment:
"If you want a drink, help yourself. Assuming that is Jean out there and not a robber. If you are a robber, please ignore that and leave. Preferably without stealing anything. Though, then I guess you wouldn't be a robber. Maybe that would wreak havoc on your personal identity. You may steal that vase by the door, as it was given to me by an ex and I don't really like it."

11) Now have a Clean Apartment. Mopped, dusted, vacuumed etc. Also made a sign for the window of doom so that I never open it again. I had forgotten that it was nearly impossible to close and opened it to air out the apartment then spent 5 minutes trying to close it.

12) "Forget Yourself" by
The Church is a great album. I listened to it while cleaning.

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