Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to work

1) Caught the bus right outside my front door just as I was walking outside into the 9 degree weather this morning. I love that bus.

2) Had a very productive day at work. Finished making titles for the 4th transplant piece and sent that off for approval. Just need to finish the 5th one and that will finally be done. Finished Fred's DVD and made and labeled 10 copies. Sent out e-mails to our students (who will be back soon!) and updated some stuff on the calendars and the project management site. Created a blue version of the University logo for a client's video and made a few other fixes to the video.

3) Went to the store on my way home from work and picked up cereal and MANGO SLICES! and stuff for dinner(s).

4) Locked my door as soon as I came in, because I have no reason to leave again tonight.

5) Played one level in Zack & Wiki. It was in a mad scientist's lab and I had to turn animals into sodas and then mix them together to make a shrinking potion and and invisibility potion to get through the rest of the level. It was a very cool level.

6) Began season 3 of Arrested development. It's great because the first time I watched the 3rd season I had yet to see the first 2 seasons and so I didn't get a lot of the running jokes. The highlights from today are "Taste my tears!" and...

7) The chicken dances. Oh my god the chicken dances. I couldn't find a clip of this particular scene on the internet. I found a different one. And then I used my camera to capture this one just because it's so funny.

8) Leftover con-goo bars.

9) I had turkey quesadillas for dinner.

10) Zeropunctuation review of Super Mario Galaxy.

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