Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blender Bender

1) My Christmas blender came today. Now I can make asparagus soup (and will tomorrow unless I forget to go to HPP after work) and chocolate dipped almond butter cookies with sprinkles and smoothies, and anything else that needs blending.

2) The FedEx package was successfully delivered!

3) It's Wednesday, which means the week is now waning. And next week is a 4 day week. Huzzah!

4) Enjoyed some Clementines today, yes I did.

5) Went to the Fire Escape Meeting this evening where I learned that the 48 hr Film Festival will start on the night of February 29th, a day I have already decided I will be taking off (using one of my nifty personal days), because it's not a real day. I also signed up to offer my editing skills to any project that desires them. Because I like editing, especially when it's a creative/narrative project. The lectures are not as much fun.

6) I just looked up the trick about leap years. So we add an extra day every 4 years unless it's a multiple of 100 unless it's also a multiple of 400. So the leap day in 2000 was actually far more complicated than it seemed. Cool.

7) Had leftovers meat suace and finished off those wonderful green beans for dinner. Followed by finishing off the pretzel goldfish.

8) Played Zack & Wiki, got some fun special treasures, I'm pretty much finished. Whether I go and get those last few treasures depends on how crazy a completionist I am. I used to be an absolute completionist, I had to complete every task in a game before I would be satisfied. Even if I had to do unfun things to do this. Now I like to thing I'm more laid back and let those superfluous tasks remain undone but some small part of me is still going crazy "You only have 98.7% of the collectible thingamajigs! Just think of that sad 1.3% sitting out there uncollected."

9) Played some Wii Sports and finally got my Bowling skill level high enough to unlock the Sparkly Ball for my Mii. Now there's an unlockable worth the effort. (I like shiny things)

10) Buffy Musical episode soundtrack is playing. I may or may not be singing along.

EDIT: I'm just remember something wonderful from this morning:

11) I woke up very parched and desiring some orange juice. And then I had some Orange Juice (drank it straight from the carton, because why get another dish dirty?) and it was great.

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