Thursday, January 17, 2008


1) Had some great insights about NNN this morning. In particular about the season 1 finale and movie which follows season 1. Knowing the season finale is pretty important as I continue to write episodes because that way I know what I need to build to. For instance I know that I have to introduce Fauscius Iceloy and his goons relatively early on so they can have one or two shenanigans before their big dance party. The dance party is of course when the stolen weather machine is put to use in order to frame Zundar. And then there is the trial of Zundar which is all part of Malifios' convoluted plan to destroy New Block City. Don't worry it will all make much more sense as it unfolds.

2) Got an e-mail from Stephanie suggesting we start writing a collaborative story. All I can say to that is <8>. We will each write from the perspective of a different character, alternating every 12 lines.

3) Had maybe 7 clementines today. I love them so. Today was also a very busy day at work, my mind is still sort of frazzled from it. The clementines helped me get through it.

4) I remembered to use my bag at HPP today when I was getting the ingredients for:

5) Asparagus Soup!

6) Watched a 30-minute Lego movie called America: Outlawed. The animation was much smoother than pretty much anything I've done, but the plot was pretty basic (a western) and though the voice acting was for the most part amazing there were a couple voices that just got on my nerves. Basically I'm saying it's a high quality lego movie, but I don't feel threatened most of the brickfilmers are more concerned about technical aspects than entertainment value, which I think is what should really be the focus of a movie made with a toy.

7) I briefly had an empty sink.

8) Writing my piece for "The Experiment." It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do, but once I figured it out I was very happy.

9) Reading Stephanie's first piece. So the way we did the first part is that we both wrote 12 lines without talking to each other about them and then shared them. This way we had no idea what the other person would be introducing (like talking animals or ambulatory furniture) and would just have to reconcile those things afterward. Upon reading hers I immediately realized somethings I would have to account for in mine. We then decided that I would go next because I was ready to write something tonight and because Stephanie always has more time to write in the morning than I do.

10) Writing another part and integrating idea's from Stephanie's. It's going great so far, I'm super excited. I'm not going to go into any specifics. Ask me again when we're finished. I promise I won't talk so much about it in the future, since it's such a teasing thing to do, but today I just can't contain myself.

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Anonymous said...

a. it is possible for you to talk about something you've (or i've) written as long as it's already been shared and you're only referring to the things written and are not speculative.
b. or you could just post things we've written as part of your wonderful things, though i wouldn't want our writing to abscond your blog.
c. all of the above.
d. none of the above.
e. a, b, and d
f. e, a, r, 2, and %