Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A delayed dozen

Sorry this is late, Wednesday was so full of good things I didn't have a chance to write about them. 

The day did not start off well. SickDave reared his ugly head (or throat in this case) and woke me up 45 minutes before my alarm. Needless to say SleepyDave was none too pleased about this. Here's approximately how it went.

SickDave: Oh god my throat!
SleepyDave: We can deal with that later, that alarm hasn't even gone off yet
SickDave: Oh god my throat!
SleepyDave: 45 minutes!
Dave: What's going on here? Ow, my throat, I can't sleep.
SickDave: The winner is me!

SickDave: 1 SleepyDave: 0

Anyway I decided to call the doctor, but they don't open until 9. It was too early to get ready for work so I had to find something to amuse me, which is when I remembered:

1) The Portal Flash Game. It's based on a real videogame which I would already have if I had a computer with the power to play it. But this is very fun and uses the same concept. I'm currently on level 32. I know what to do, but keep messing it up.

2) Turns out bagels are more than just a substitute for bread, they are actually better than bread. My Honey Oat bagel with Mesquite Roasted Turkey sandwich was delicious. Yum.

3) Called the doctor's office and made an appointment. There wasn't any available until next wednesday but that's okay. My throat was only really bad in the morning. It was only a minor annoyance the rest of the day. If it turns out this is just a sore throat that goes away by next week I will just get the physical I've been meaning to get ever since I got medical insurance.  

4) On my way home from work I had a fortuitous encounter. I missed the 171 so I turned to walk home when I saw my friend Elise, who I had not seen since maybe early this last summer. We were walking in the same direction and so we walked and caught up and talked about our various projects. 

She told me about "Wikinarrative" a website she's been developing with some wed designing friends. The idea is that it would be fiction, except rather than being contained in a typical form like a short story or a novel it would be a series of interlinking articles. I had actually been thinking about restructuring that novel that I rarely work on into a form like this. So each character would have their own page or set of pages that would tell their story more or less chronologically, but there could also be articles about specific events that would be linked on the character pages. So Joe might have been affected by "the Cheeseburger incident" and you could choose to read about the Cheeseburger incident right then if you wanted, or maybe you weren't ready for that and needed to find out more about Joe right now. That's a really simple example but obviously the possibilities are endless. 

She also mentioned she trying to start a troupe of surrealists as part of an effort to make Chicago a stranger place to live. And she mentioned that making instructional lego videos for at risk teens is much closer possibility. 

Anyway, we got to talking and ended up hanging out for a bit. It was wonderful and completely unexpected.

5) I got home and made some dinner and because I had been thinking about these different cool projects I was in the thinking mode. I thought of maybe 5 different animation projects. Some involving the mannequin. I may decide to use some of these ideas for the 48 hour film festival. I think that may be a better use of that time than trying to do something Lego.

6) Also had a couple NNN ideas/insights. 

I've been worried about how I can keep the bi-pedal shark segments fresh and funny. Because him running around eating people is only good for so many laughs. But I realized a perfect characteristic for him. I've decided that he's highly impressionable and will mimic things he sees. The way I imagine this working is there will be a commercial before his segment. Say it's a toy commercial. Leggs will watch the commercial and then act like he's the guy trying to sell toys. So he'll pretend the people he's interviewing are toys he's trying to sell and fling them around/ rip them apart in appropriately humorous ways. Or if it is a commercial for a cop show Leggs will start playing good cop/bad cop with the interviewees. Etc.

I also think I have a solution to the Phil and Sherry vacation slides problem. It may actually be something Stephanie told me to try a while ago. Basically making it much shorter and dropping out most of the proper nouns. Focusing on amusing/weird aspects.

7) It wasn't really cold, but it was snowing a wet snow that gets all over you and it totally gross. So I took a shower and felt much much better.

8) Good use of the evening shuttles to avoid the aforementioned weather at night.

9) Because my throat was bothering me I got a Naked Juice for half of my dinner. The flavor was (surprise surprise) Mango Madness!

10) Saw Tiffany and Krista at DOC for a little bit.

11) Saw "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" for the first time. I went in knowing very little about it. I knew that it was in Spanish and that it was highly regarded. It starts off seeming like a drama. The title obviously lends to that and it is very focused on the stressful life of the main character. But very slowly it starts turning into a comedy and by the end it is completely hilarious. It was all very well shot and really enjoyable. 

12) Watched Episode 5 of Break a Leg "Stop it! Everyone stop raising your hands." "I've got abs like a cougar. A Chase Cougar."

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