Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling my age

So there's a big online Lego game planned for release later this year. I am constantly torn between getting really excited thinking about how cool it could be and worrying about how lame it probably will be.

Anyway tonight I was thinking about the cool things that could be possible if they design it the way I would and basically let people build with legos online. I scoured the internet for information, there is not much to be had. So in my desperation I looked at the message boards on Lego's official site.

As to be expected most of the people posting are probably not even in high school. There was one thread that was talking about "old" Lego sets. The sets they were talking about came out in 1998. I was like "What are you talking about? Adventurers being old? I mean at least say Dragon Masters (93-94)! But you want to talk about old? Let's talk about Forest Men (1988~) if not Space (1978~)!" Then I realized I was like a crazy old man yelling at children. Luckily I only yelled in my head.

Bonus 1) Then I went where I should have gone in the first place, over to an Adult Fan of Lego message board where I discovered that some of those AFOLs that are also computer programmers are helping the Lego Universe team perfect the 3d modeling on the in game lego pieces. To quote, "See the differences in center pinhole collars and orientation of pins..." Whew!

Bonus 2) That makes me more willing to believe things like "you will be able to create your own stuff so for example you could build your own Viking ship, invite your friends to be the crew and then sail off for an adventure." and "it will be the game to end all games!"

Sorry about the continued delay in Wonderfuls. It's been super busy at work. Even though I try to only be in the office 8 hours a day, most nights this week I have gotten at least one , if not more calls about issues that I have to deal with right then and there. Which, granted I knew when I took the job, but still can be exhausting when you get a voicemail, a phone call and two text messages (Monday.)

Bonus 3) Now I will go collapse.

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