Monday, January 14, 2008

Forgetful Day

1) So this morning I wad to wake up early because there was a big meeting being put on by the VP of Communication, my boss's boss, for all the people on campus involved in communication. Obviously this included myself and the rest of the Communications staff who have heard Julie talk about her plans for University Communication at least twice, but also a whole bunch of other people from around the University who are somehow involved with communication.

Anyway, SleepyDave was having none of it. He walked all the way to the kitchen to turn off the alarms, but as it was still dark outside, there was no way he was getting up then. We passed out for 40 minutes or so, but then managed to get everything together quickly so we got there only 5-10 minutes in, when everyone was still getting food and mingling.

2) One of the things they had on the buffet was a fruit plate, which had some delicious pineapple. I ate a plate full.

3) So, as I expected pretty much everyone else there was clearly older than me. Well, maybe there were some people in their late 20's , but mostly thirtysomethings and up. This is probably one of the few things I don't like about my job, aside from my student employees (who are great) there's no one close to my age that I interact with at my job. Except at the thing today was one guy who looked mid 20's at most. We talked and I found out he only started in November, so he's at least new to this. So that makes one. Small victories.

4) I got a call telling me that my reimbursement check from the trip to LA is ready. Hooray! I've been wanting that $900. (But then I forgot to pick it up!)

5) Pretty good day at work. The meeting ate up the first 3 hours of the day and then I had a series of exporting and uploading that filled my screen with status bars:

We also did some voice recording in the afternoon at a sound booth in the Reg. I was roped into doing one of the voices. Normally I'd be all over that, but I wasn't expecting it and I didn't feel like I could do the character justice. But it was only for a test sample so I did it.

5) It snowed in the nice gentle, enough to coat the trees and cars, but it's not too cold or windy so it's nice kind of way. I walked home. (But I forgot to go to Hyde Park Produce on my way!)

6) I got home and didn't feel like making the trek back to HPP to wait in that monstrous line so I used what I had on hand and feasted on raw green beans and toasty pita and hummus, followed by a couple minneolas (they'll be gone soon).

7) Took an hour nap after dinner.

8) Watched another episode of 30 Rock from this season. Highlights:
Kenneth's Parties,
"Why is there a pop tart in.... what do you guys do with the pop tart!?"
LL-" People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff and they're going to be disappointed and angry. " TJ- "Just like colonial Williamsburg."
"You'll be Greenzo-ed Jack. You'll all be Greenzo-ed!"

9) I found out that as of last night Isaiah is walking. He does it by pushing the laundry basket around. Go nephew go!

10) One thing I did remember is that I've been meaning to go to OC Remix and find if there was a remix of this song from a Zack & Wiki. I was not disappointed, although the title of the remix is completely absurd, "PsychoUnderpants". Oh yeah I also played Zack & Wiki for a while.

EDIT: Apparently I also forgot how to count. Well enjoy the extra.

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