Friday, January 18, 2008

Frazzled Friday

This week has been very busy. The kind of busy where I don't even remember half the things I did at work and while I'm at work I am constantly jumping between projects which just leaves me frazzled. I'm very glad it's Friday.

1) Rode the bus this morning from my front door to as close as it would take me to work. There are two reasons I like getting on right outside my front door. The obvious one is it means less time in the cold. The less obvious one is that my stop is right before the Shoreland, where the majority of the students get on. The bus is generally packed with people and if I get on there instead of walking down the street I am guaranteed a seat.

2) I threw out my old Post-it of Doom. First, because it no longer sticks to my computer monitor without some added tape. Second, because there were so many additions and cross offs in pencil and two colors of pen it had become sort of frantic looking and the last thing I need is my to do list to be frantic. Third, because I accomplished a couple things on the post-it today. Fourth, because my post-its are now blue, whereas the old Post-It of Doom was a bad shade of green. So I moved the few remaining items onto the new blue post-it and everything is clearly written and looking at it no longer makes me feel (more) frantic.

3) The last thing I did for work today was record a retirement party for one of our semi-co-workers (they work on the same floor of our building, but do completely different things). It was weird and good. The camera made it okay that I was standing in the corner not talking to anyone. It also meant that I didn't have to actually watch the overly long slideshow. Instead I was filming close-ups of the audience as they watched it.

4) First Screenwriter's Circle meeting of the quarter. It's a really nice way to end the week. We got on a lot of tangents but they were interesting and there wasn't much work to discuss this week anyway. Next week it's at my apartment and my NNN script will be one of the ones under review.

5) During screenwriters I made effective use of my ipod's internet capabilities. One of the scripts we were reading had been sent out while I was at the retirement party so I hadn't had a chance to print it out or read it before hand. Not to fear ipod touch is here! I hopped onto Mead's wireless network, went to my e-mail and opened up the word document. Then I turned my ipod sideways so the text would be bigger and was able to read along. How can something smaller than my hand do that? Amazing.

6) Getting home and taking off my work clothes.

7) Having leftovers for dinner

8) Taking a wonderful nap

9) Fooled around on the wii for a while, voted in the polls, entered the Sherry Tiles Mii I made a couple weeks ago in the "Anchorwoman" contest. I mean that's what she is. I just found out (from wikipedia) though that the Europeans have been getting cooler Check Mii Out contests than us and I'm kind of jealous. They get famous characters from fiction and history (Hamlet, King Arthur, Alexander the Great) and we get "The girl with the bubbly personality" and "The overbearing boss who makes you come to work on your day off" (they might as well say "The boss from Office Space").

10) Beat this weird game I downloaded for my wii last weekend called Sin & Punishment. Until it was released for Wii's virtual console it was only available in Japan. You basically shoot things, be they monsters or soldiers or other monsters or jet planes or still yet other monsters. The storyline is very ridiculous and very reminiscent of many anime.

WARNING: The following is a summary of the game, it is long and convoluted.

You start out as this (androgenous) guy running though a field with a red sky and lots of monsters flying around. After you destroy the a gigantic flying centipede you wake up. That's right the first level was a dream. Okay so the guy wakes up and the two girls (red head and crazy gray hair) are like "it's time to go!" Go where and for what purpose? Who knows.

So level two you are running through a city fighting off soldiers and then monsters once the monsters start attacking the city when finally you get to your destination: the central command building (where else?). You ride an elevator to the top, all the while fighting off more soldiers and monsters. You get to the top and face a big back flipping monster. Once that is destroyed this woman who kind of joined you on the elevator and watched while you fought the monster gets really angry at you for destroying her research. (Well I wouldn't have if she had said something earlier!) Then a giant pair of disembodied purple eyes with a soothing masculine voice talk to the evil scientist woman "Don't fight him, he's too strong." She fights, using her special blood to make monsters materialize out of thin air and throwing them at Androgenous guy. Guy wins (well he is player controlled...) and then the woman starts bleeding this special blood of hers and even though she's normal sized it kind of floods the whole town. Androgenous guy gets covered in it and turns into a big monster, so does evil scientist woman. The two monsters fight in the the lake of blood and obvious Andorgenous Monster wins.

BUT THEN! Some military dude with a fleet says that our friend the Androgenous Monster is attacking Tokyo and must be stopped. Cut back to the two girl friends of Andro. (you forgot about them didn't you?) They have safely escaped the flood of blood in a plane. But Red Head does not like this Navy guy attacking her monster friend So she goes and somhow infiltrates his ship. Now you play as her and fight through the inside of the ship until you face this guy (who is the owner of those disembodied eyes from earlier) and his pet/lover(?) rat/mutant thingy. You knock him out the window of the ship but then realize there is still a whole fleet trying to kill your monster friend. Crazy gray hair is like "No problem" and then makes a piece of the ship you are one detach and start flying around.

At this point Red Head should ask "If you have incredible psychic powers why am I doing all the fighting when all I have it this tiny laser gun?" Instead she just rides this floating hunk of metal and single handed takes down the fleet (which includes not only the usual ships and aircraft but also a giant spaceship) with the aforementioned tiny laser gun. Then a rocket is launched at your monster friend which you manage to stop. Red head and Gray hair float next to monster and consider what to do. Gray hair says that Red hair needs to go inside of the monster and find his heart and remind him of his humanity. Of course to do this first she had to paralyze him but shooting him in the head. Red hair is not keen on shooting her monster friend in the head and tells Gray Hair to shut up as Gray hair insists it the only way.

Then Red Hair teleports 10 years into the future (and half way around the globe). Apparently that how she deals with arguments. There are worse things you could do. Unless the future is filled with monsters! Which it is. Also there is a child, which Red hair decides is the child she and Andro would have if he wasn't a monster. Except he is a monster leading the attack on Future America. Paradox? No! Because this is all actually a vision created in the mind of Red Hair by Gray Hair to prove that shooting Monster Andro in the head and then cutting open his chest and putting red hair is the right thing to do.

It's a pretty convincing argument so that's what happens next. EXCEPT! Just as Red hair is getting ready to go inside Monster Andro Gray Hair is like "BTW I'm the real bad guy, i planned all of this so I could use Monster Andro in some space war that's going to happen in a few years. Have fun inside my ultimate weapon!"

Monster Andro stands up spasms and then disappears. Gray Hair says "They teleported? Guess I shouldn't have revealed I was evil quite so soon." But where did they teleport to? Some random beach. Also they are both human again some how. They are in monster central. They fight monsters, red Head gets captured by gray hair. Andro fights more monsters until getting to Gray Hair. Gray Hair then reveals her master plan. To destroy earth and replace it with a look alike earth, except this look alike earth can shoot stuff. So Andro guy turns back into Monster in order to defend earth. So clearly the final boss entails Monster Andro standing on earth and defending it from the attacks of Battleship Earth while also trying to destroy Battleship Earth.
Success followed by colorful confusing explosions and Red head and Andro deciding to become police officers in Japan to clean up all the left over monsters.

But then... Gray Hair is still alive... in space? Making some very significant sounding pronouncements. Perhaps implying a sequel. Or maybe there's something more if you beat it on a difficultly other than Easy? Who knows.

If you just read all of that I congratulate you.