Saturday, January 5, 2008

Guacamole Man

1) Played Zack & Wiki this morning.

2) Went for a bike ride this afternoon. Made it all the way to the aquarium this time. Approx 12 mi roundtrip. The ride gets much more interesting as it gets closer to down town. More people and more things to see.

3) Watched some Arrested Development. Again Buster wins with, "And that's why you don't use a one-armed person to scare people!" and "He's a robot!"

4) Read some more Cosmicomics. "The Dinosaurs" was great.

5) Took a nice nap this afternoon

6) Realized that there are recycling bins in the alley behind my building (even if they aren't explicitly for my building) so now I can recycle.

7) Failed to find what I needed for dinner (produce) at the Co-op since they have progressively less and less to offer as it approaches their closing date. So i went to Hyde Park Produce. Got the stuff i needed plus a little extra. I got their fresh guacamole and the chips i love so much.

8) Also found out that they are finally expanding into that larger store they bouight. This is happening on th 16th. Obviously the Co-Op closing made this more important since for a least two weeks they will be essentially the only grocery store in Hyde Park.

9) Ate chips and guacamole and toasty pita and humms for dinner. Yum!

10) Finished a new draft of the script for the pilot episode of NNN. Complete with fake commercials! Now I just need to polish this draft, record the voices for it, build the sets, animate everything (to the voices), create all the graphics and edit it all together. I'm aiming for... April?

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