Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy this year!

1) I "played" with Legos for a couple hours. At first i was just sorting. I used the awesome plastic case with customizable compartments that i bought at the art store a couple weeks ago to sort all the tiniest lego pieces by shape and color group. To be fair Stephanie did most of the sorting, because she loves sorting:

any way this freed up some space in my other containers plus I had some more legos I had brought back from PA to sort away so it occupied for quite awhile.

2) I got distracted while sorting Legos and built some characters for NNN. I had envisioned some of them already and I figured I should bring them into physical reality. So here are Phil and Sherry's parents (Although I should point out, since there is no sexual reproduction in Figuria parents don't mean quite the same thing as they do here. They have a custom of passing down arms to designate heritage and that's what parents are. The people who have you your arms.)
Sherry's parents, Terrence Tiles and a her currently unnamed mother:

Phil's parents, his unclefather, Frederic Brickley and his fatheruncle, Theodore Brickley

Sherry's maternal grandmother: the previous owner of a hideous desk

Captain Greenbeard:

Captain Greenbeard isn't related to any of the main cast, but he is important in the NNN story. He is the first villain whose plot is foiled by Phil and Sherry. A tale that will be told in the first Phil and Sherry movie. And yes I know I should focus on making the first episode, before I worry about the movie that will follow the first season, but I can't help it.

3) Watched Arrested Development while doing Lego stuff. Finished up the 2nd season.

4) In one of the episodes they used the word "absconded." Abscond is one of my favorite words. I love it so much I use it in ways not originally intended. As a verb I might use abscond to mean: steal, run away, run away with something stolen, hide, run away and hide, run away and hide something stolen etc. As a noun abscond is a cross between an abscess and a scone. Is it an abscess shaped like a scone? A scone shaped like an abscess? An abscess-flavored scone? Yes. Abscond can also be an exclamation. And of course "Abscond!" can mean run away because you just stole that abscond, but it also is a disparaging term applied to the abscond absconder. Perhaps this will be clearer if I use it in a sentence. Imagine someone in a tophat and monocle yelling this:

"Abscond! That absconding abscond(rel) just absconded my abscond!" Oh man I really want to animate that now.

5) Had a lunch of toasted pita and hummus. Mmm...

6) It's finally 2008. I've been thinking it's 2008 for some time now, so it's about time it finally happened. Ever since I graduated I've been ready for 2008.

7) I threw out my wreath and then vacuumed all the pine needles out of my apartment. And aside from taking out some trash I never left the apartment.

8) Rediscovered the hard boiled eggs I made earlier this week and ate those as a mini dinner.

9) Figured out where to put the lego shark:

10) Since it is 2008, that means I can also start using the cool organizer my boss gave me. I was going to write appointments and meeting down there, but when I learned I could synch my calendar from my work computer onto my ipod, I decided that was a better way to do it. Instead i am using it to write down wonderful things as they happen so I can keep track of them through out the day.

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