Saturday, January 19, 2008

I love the weekend

1) Slept in till 9:30

2) Had waffles and orange juice for breakfast

3) Played some Maro Kart 64 and got 2 more gold trophies, just one more and I've unlocked mirror mode!

4) Played a little Super Mario Bros. 3. Specifically Giant Land and the Kuribo's Shoe Level

5) Took a nap, woke up briefly and then returned to the nap. All in all it was probably close to two hours.

6) This excerpt from one of Stephanie's entries in The Experiment:

Everything was more or less ready when she blew in. She'd told me that dramatic flair came with Magery, but i thought the lighting excessive, and told her so. She frowned.
"I've been thinking of making it my trademark. Gets people's attention," she said.

7) Had toast and asparagus soup for dinner

8) Played some Super Luigi Galaxy. Mostly purple coin missions. In the couple weeks since I last played it I'd forgotten that how amazing it is. Oh man, what a good game.

9) I was craving something chocolatey but had no desire to go outside, but realized I had all the materials to make Cocoa Throw Downs. Delicious!

10) Went to Doc and saw the movie Once. It was really good. It was basically the most uplifting movie ever. As soon as I got home I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes and I am listening to it now.

11) Hung out with Tiffany, even if only for a little while. Laughs were had.

12) Aside from going to the movie I didn't leave my house at all today. Which is good because it is really really cold out there. Even when I did it was only for a little while. I caught the evening shuttle right in front of my apartment building and took that to campus and Tiffany had her car there and drove me home. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, which is good, because this is too cold. So glad I didn't have to go to work today.

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