Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just call me the Bag Man

1) Played some more Zack and Wiki to help subdue SleepyDave in the morning. Getting close to completing it.

2) Got an e-mail from my dad pointing out a glaring omission from the list of evil degrees. Despite my love of the word and it's actual relevance I somehow missed the chance to use abscond. Not to worry, the list will now start off with "Abscondery", which I thought best summed up the various uses of abscond. A google search for abscondery had 3 results, including this priceless one: In 1826 in Sydney Australia, Thomas Woods was charged with "abscondery/Parramatta Barracks/to Lunatic Asylum." It's stuff like this that makes me love the internet.

3) I bought something I've been meaning to buy for a while now. A "business case." I don't know what I would call it. It's not a briefcase, but it's not just a shoulder bag. Here's a couple pictures:

It's big enough to carry my laptop (I think, I haven't tried but I held it up next to my laptop and it looked like it would fit), plus it has a whole bunch of pockets and divisions (I keep discovering more pockets) which is good because the bag I was taking to work before now was just one big pocket, so everything was together: my lunch, my notepad and organizer, my little pack of tissues, important papers, sometimes camera equipment. This one will be much better for keeping things organized and also looks much more professional. Ever since I got this job I've been taking steps to make myself look more like an adult working at a job as opposed to a recent college graduate that is for some reason still hanging around his alma mater. Other things on that list include: An umbrella, Clothes (an ongoing process), and a haircut that I pay someone to give me (the last time that happened was 2003).

4)Rajun Cajun leftovers for lunch.

5) Went downtown to meet Stephanie and Paul and Krista to see "There Will Be Blood." On the way I got started on the script for episode 2 off NNN. I figure even though I will working on voice recording/animating/editing of the 1st episode for a while it can't hurt to start production on the next one, especially if I want to turn that around faster than I did this one.

The movie was really good. The soundtrack was odd (I just went on a wikipedia spiral which informed me, among other things, that it was scored by a member of Radiohead, makes sense) but good. All the acting was great, the imagery was fantastic, all around great.

6) Afterwards went with Stephanie and Paul to chipotle for chips and guacamole (delicious!) while we figured out where we would meet Dana for dinner.

7) We had dinner at Fox and Obel, which is a fancy grocery store that has a cafe in it. I swore Dana said "Pasa Nobel" on the phone, but that's not a real place. I got a Margherita pizza which was delicious, although I wouldn't have minded more basil (but maybe I'm a basil fiend). We talked and laughed, it was a good time.

8) While I was downtown I went to Trader Joe's. Shopping there always makes me happy. Especially now that the Co-Op is a like a set out of a disaster movie. I also decided to finally get a canvas bag, because it's only 3 dollars and I care about the environment and god I hate how those plastic bags pile up.

Yes I took all these pictures in the bathroom. That's where my mirrors are.

9) That wikipedia spiral I mentioned earlier? I'm still on it. Current topics include: raining animals, and self fulfilling prophecies.

10) Oh yeah, I got mango slices at Trader Joes. They are superior to the Co-Op Mango slices. I could probably eat mango slices every day and never get tired of them. Heck I'm pretty close to that right now. There's usually a day or two between packages, but otherwise it's all mango all the time. Also got some hybrid ctirus fruit. Manello? No Minneolas. They're tasty. So long as those hybrids retain a decent percentage of orange I generally approve.

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Jenny said...

Our parallel life in mangoes...
In an effort to broaden Isaiah's food choices beyond banana and cheerios, I started buying mangoes. Whenever you mention mangoes in your blog, I, too, have just bought a mango. Isaiah is not convinced yet that mangoes are good; he keeps making a face like I have given him a lemon.