Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Keeping Score

SleepyDave was victorious this morning. The three day weekend made him strong. He made a simple argument "why would we get up this early?" and back to bed we went for two hours. This meant I was at work until almost 7. Blah. SleepyDave: 1 Dave: 0

1) Listened to the "Once" soundtrack on my ipod on the way to work, when I had to run errands for work and coming home from work.

2) I went to the post office to get stamps and decided to use the vending machine because the line was long and I had enough 1s and 5s to get it. However the machine refused to accept my 5. I decided to give up and get in line, but then it refused to return the money I had already put in. This is when it became a battle of wills. I was determined to get stamps and it was determined to take as much of my money as possible without giving me stamps. I got a different, crisper 5 from one of the cashiers and tried this one Still no luck. But then I tried it a few more times and basically willed the machine to take it. I then received my stamps. Victory!
Dave: 1 Stamp Machine: 0

3) Mango slices! I am like a mango fiend. I forgot to mention yesterday that at HPP I snagged the last thing of mango slices. I thought someone else was going to take them, but they were looking at the mixed nuts that were next to them. Mangoes: 1 Nuts: 0

4) Getting home and changing out of work clothes.

5) Got some real (big) mail from mom. A magazine full of recipes and a newspaper clipping about a murder mystery play set in the 70s called "Death by Disco." Regular readers will remember this is also the name of my greatest photograph ever. I'm looking forward to trying out some recipes. Although many of them will probably have to wait until a full service grocery store exists nearby.

6) Leftovers for dinner - finished off the chips and guacamole and almost finished off the meat sauce.

7) Took about an hour long nap which was very nice. SleepyDave: 1 Chances of falling asleep when I want to tonight: 0

8) Got some more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy, including the hardest star ever:

Imagine if you will that you are a simple Italian plumber who is very good at jumping. Now imagine you are on a tiled surface suspended in the sky. Now imagine that the none of the tiles on this surface are safe to stand on for long. Some start shrinking away into nothing the moment you step on them. Others begin to rotate when you step on them, threating to drop you into the void below. And the rest of the tiles are a green gooey quicksand that kills you instantly. Now imagine that there are 150 purple coins scattered across this surface and you have to collect 100 of them. Also imagine you have to do this all in 3 minutes. Now imagine that this is part of a game and therefore is "fun".

It wasn't oo bad, since I've done it before, but it still claimed quite a few of Luigi's lives.
Dave: 1 Luigi: -5 (lives)

9) Went to walgreens to get cough drops, milk and bread. There was no bread so i got bagels, or round thick bread with a hole in the middle. The cough drops are because my throat is starting to hurt. It's not my tonsils, but it could be another infection like I got around graduation. I'm hoping it's just a sore throat. I may call my doctor tomorrow. First I have to figure out how to call my doctor.

10) Made a list of stuff to do and to get and crossed off things done and gotten.
Crossed off: Milk, Bread, Stamps, Bills
Not Crossed off: Mopping, (other) Cleaning, Laundry, Ratner (the gym)
In other words Dave: 4 List: 4

Dave: 6
List: 4
SleepyDave: 2
Mangoes: 1
Nuts: 0
Stamp Machine: 0
Chances of falling asleep when I want to tonight: 0
Luigi: -5

I know it looks grim, but I think mangoes will make a comeback.

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