Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last Year -- 12/30/07

1) Had a really vivid dream about going to this place that had some of the employees from Rajun Cajun, but was not Rajun Cajun and they had this giant fruit ball that was delicious. It was made of many smaller fruits, but was somehow so much sweeter and tastier than any of the constituent fruits, which I think were Guava and Mango. Mmm... Mava Guango.

2) Got a letter from my landlord company saying they are refunding my security deposit + interest. They have just added it to my account rather than give me a check. So this means I don't have to pay rent in January and my February rent will be slightly reduced. This is convenient because the University still hasn't reimbursed me for my expenses from the LA trip. It's weird though, aren't they supposed to hold on to that until I move out so that they can take money out of it in case there is anything wrong with my apartment? I guess they trust me?

3) Watched Arrested Development. Again the award goes to Buster Bluth with the line "You can't fire me, I'm your son! I'm firing you!"

4) Stephanie and Morgan came over and hung out in the afternoon. It was good to see Morgan again, who I don't see very often now that she lives in Indianapolis. Good times were had.

5) Stephanie said she liked my beard which is good because I think I like it and am going to keep it for a while. I was letting it grow over the holidays since there wouldn't be people at work to see me during the transition, but I think it makes me look older, plus the fact that it's red at the bottom is just cool.

6) Stephanie stayed over the rest of the day and the day after that (yesterday) and then left this morning. So basically that means that time was uninterrupted awesomeness, but to be more specific:

7) We played with Legos for a while. I was showing her the Dwarf set and she had brought the awesome set she got me for Christmas and naturally we combined them:

As you can see, the shark has legs. It is eating the big troll. Sadly the shark keeps falling off, so I will have to find somewhere else to put it.

8) We played an evil, nearly impossible version of mario and then got some stars in Super Mario 64 that I had been saving to do with her.

9) We went to Rajun Cajun (the real one, not the one in my dream) for dinner. Twas delicions.

10) We played a whole bunch of Zack & Wiki:Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, which I had been waiting to start since I knew she would enjoy it. It's a lot of fun. Some of the puzzles were quite clever. There was one where we had to make an ice key and another one where we had to break open a block of ice that were particularly cool.

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