Friday, January 4, 2008


Reverse order today, because I already have #10 written

10) This excerpt from "The Simpson's Video Game"
Lisa: "Bart, Dad said you have super powers, that's amazing!" Narrows her eyes and demands, "How'd you get them?"
Bart: "Manual." holds up "The Simpson's Game" manual.
Lisa: "That manual has staggering metaphysical implications. We have to take it to the proper authorities."
Bart: "We could do that... but wouldn't you like to know what your powers are first?"
Lisa: "I have powers?! Wow, with these abilities I can be a force for social justice."
Bart: "Oh god.... can we skip this level?"
Lisa: "C'mon, it'll be fun. We can hurt a lot of bad guys."
Bart: "Well, if there's gonna be hurting..."

9) Watched a few episodes of Arrested Development. Buster highlights "English Muffin!" and dancing to Mr. Roboto.

8) Made myself some butterbeer to drink with dinner and Arrested Development. It's a magical beverage.

7) Had leftovers.

6) Beat Zack & Wiki. The 2nd to last level was very satisfying. Of course I'm not really done , because there's still alll those hidden treasures to find and I would n't be much of a pirate if I left treasure unfound.

5) Took the SafeRide van home from work because I had to stand out in the cold too long at the bus stop yesterday. Even though the van is driving basically the same route as the bus and there is one key difference. I can wait for the van inside my building and only go outside when it's arrived and since it's there specifically to pick me up I don't have to worry about missing it. Of course today was not as cold as yesterday, but I wanted to make sure it was really as easy as it seemed.

4) One of the things I like about my job is that I do a variety of things. Today for instance there was more editing of transplant stuff and various e-mails and what not. But I also got to design a DVD label which was a nice change of pace. I think it turned out well.

3) Had a really good banana today.

2) Had turkey quesadillas for lunch.

1) Slept in again. This has been the week of vivid dreams. This morning I was running through a variety of places. A big playground ala Kid's Castle, one of the University building, some kind of icecapades show.

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