Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mistake Fixery

If horoscopes were true mine for today would be:

"You not going to get anything right the first time, maybe not even the second time. Don't try anything too important!" Today let's start with some terrible things:

-1) I had to re-re-re-export and re-re-re-re-export some clips and then I found out that it was all for naught and I have to do something different with them still.

-2) I made a mistake when Fedexing a package today. I got the address wrong by 1. I tried to rectify this twice using their online system to no avail.

-3) I had a pretty upsetting dream about my hair coming out in clumps. Where's Sherry Bobbins when you need her?

1) Well I did accomplish something I meant to do yesterday and picked up my ~$1000 reimbursement check and deposited it. For a while I've been considering buying things and then telling myself "I'll get it after I get that reimbursement check." But now I can't remember what any of those things were. Apparently they've had this check ready for me to pick-up since December 20th, but I only got a call about it yesterday?

2) Reading Jenny's comment on Sunday's post and pondering our parallel mango lives whilst munching on some of those mango slices I love so very very much.

3) Ali said she'd come with me to this poetry slam on Sunday night. Awesome!

4) Apple released an update for the iPod Touch today. It was $20, but well worth it IMO. It adds a some essential functions like a notepad and e-mail support. It also has a weather forecast and lets you rearrange all the icons on the menu and put webpages s icons so you can quickly access your favorite sites.

It also has a Google maps feature. What's really cool about this is there's a button you can press and then it figures out where you are based on the wi-fi network you are one and puts shows you where you are on the map. It's remarkably accurate and caused me to exclaim "My ipod knows where I am." You can then have it give you directions from your current location to any other location. And since it's all touch controlled you just have to point to where you want to go.

I definitely played with it for half an hour before realizing I was still at work and therefore should probably... something something...

-4) I accidentally bought the software upgrade twice. Hopefully Apple Support will remove the duplicate charge, because it's cool, but not that cool.

5) It has been confirmed, Treasure Island will be moving in to replace the Co-Op!

-5) It is aiming to be opening "before the end of February" The Co-Op is already effectively shut down, there's very little left I want to buy. The bigger Hyde Park Produce is not opening tomorrow but "by the end of January" I guess I will just have to eat at Rajun Cajun everyday. What a shame.

6) I did remember to go to HPP today and buy necessary supplies for dinner. Also picked up a crate of clementines.

-6) Did not remember to use my new canvas shopping bag because I had cleverly hidden it from myself in my work bag.

7) Made meat sauce, although I had to make some substitutions, but it was still tasty.

8) Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, because I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen it. Decided to skip the desert flashback, because while I do enjoy that part, I just didn't feel like I needed to see it tonight. It's just so jarringly separate from the rest of the film, visually at least (until the end, but let's not quibble) and let's be honest, it goes on a little long.

9) Gorged myself on Pretzel Goldfish. I love them so and it's so hard to stop eating them because they are so small so you always feel like you can eat one more.

10) Over the phone I was able to finally reroute the package to the correct address. At least I'm pretty sure I did. After today I'm skeptical anything ever gets where it's supposed to.

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Adam said...

I want to make a blog, too! Damn you, China!