Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

1) Stephanie and I got up in the morning and went to my office. She amused herself on the internet while I worked. She remarked how cool looking my office is. It is pretty cool. I only worked half a day because we had stuff to do to get ready for the party.

2) Picked up my paycheck and deposited it.

3) We went to Salonica for lunch, which is a restaurant I often forget about when trying to think of places to go and thus go less often than I should.

4) We picked up some champagne and beer and then came back to the apartment to make congo bars. I picked out one fancy-ish champagne mostly because it came in a cool bottle I thought I recognized from Anat's Whiskey and Champagne party last fall.

5) Licking the spoon/bowl after the congo bars were in the oven. The congo bars turned out so much better than my last few attempts, although they are still not quite perfect. Still delicious.

6) We played more Zack and Wiki and overcame a particularly complicated puzzle that involved fireballs, tennis rackets and catapults. It was a very satisfying victory.

7) Paul showed up at dinner time and we went to Calypso, another restaurant I forget about too much. We got the plantain nachos with guacamole for an appetizer. Have I expressed how much I love guacamole? It;s probably my favorite condiment and my favorite dip. (Although I've never cared for most condiments or dips.)

8) We played a few rounds of WarioWare back at the apartment until Krista and her brother showed up. It was a lot of fun.

9) We then opened the best champagne and put on the Bourne Ultimatum which carried us up until about midnight. The camera work was making me a little dizzy (although not as bad as the Cloverfield trailer) and the plot was very minimal, but the action was impressive and I guess that's the whole idea of action movies. We had fun making comments.

10) Because it was snowing there was no way we were going to see the fireworks from the Point so we just watched the TV for the ball (except that noone except Stephanie was even paying attention when the year changed.) We all toasted and then hung out for a little while before heading to bed. It was low-key, but I like low-key and it was great to have people in the apartment.

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