Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Packages Galore!

Wow, Wednesday was a long time ago, luckily I wrote down the list of wonderful things that night so I can use that to remember and flesh them out. Anyway here goes:

1) Sleeping in. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:45 so there was no point going to work until after and so I was able to sleep in until 9:20. Sweet!

2) When I first woke up I looked at my phone and thought it said 9:45, which is when I had planned to leave. Then I went into the other room and all the clocks said 9:20 and for a minute I was amazed how all of my clocks were 25 minutes slow. Then I looked back at my cell phone again and realized it really was earlier. It was awesome.

3) Went to the doctor just for a check-up since my throat hasn't really been bothering me and I think it may just be the weather combined with the fact that I often sleep with my mouth open. It felt good to finally make use of my medical insurance, even if nothing really transpired.

4) On the way from the Doctor to work I got a Potbelly's sandwich. Delicious!

5) At work I got a care package from my parents. Highlights: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Peter Pan Peanut Butter! Pretzel Goldfish! Mesquite Mix! I will make Mesquite Chicken this weekend and it will be awesome. Maybe I could also make a nice little pasta salad to go with it like the last time I made Mesquite Chicken. Oooo....

6) When I got home there was an Amazon package waiting for me. It contained a new wii game - No More Heroes (more on that later). I've decided that now that I'm an adult with disposable income I am going to order things from Amazon more often. I am going to limit myself to the following rules:
A) I can only order something new once the last thing arrives
B) The new thing has to be a different type of thing than the last two things (Video Game -> Movie(s) -> Book(s) -> Video Game)
C) No more than $50 per order
D) I will always use Super Saver shipping

7) In keeping with the following rules, later that night I ordered the Star Wars DVD of the original versions released in theaters of the superior trilogy. Unfortunately the only way to buy them is to buy them bundled with the twice redone versions which do stupid things like change Boba Fett's voice and insert Hayden Christiansen as the blue ghost of Anakin Skywalker. But I figure these could be used as coasters or hilarious joke gifts.

8) Ate leftover lime cilantro chicken. But, all the zucchini was gone! Damn YesterDave! However, care package from parents had a can of Green Beans! Huzzah! That way I didn't have to go out and get a vegetable. Also they were tasty.

9) After dinner was done away with I got down to more important matters - videogames. I didn't want to jump right into No More Heroes so I played a little Super Luigi Galaxy to warm up. Played one really annoying star I had forgotten existed as well as some sweet ones. Only 5 more to go and then I can get the super secret 121st star and then a secret message.

10) After that I felt ready to try out No More Heroes. No More Heroes is very much like a Quentin Taratino movie, except it's a videogame. The plot is very thin, you are an assassin trying to become the number 1 ranked assassin in the world. To do this you must kill the 10 top ranked assassins. Obviously it's very violent, but also like Tarantino the violence is so stylized and over the top that it's not very graphic.

I should mention that your weapon is no ordinary weapon. It's essentially a lightsaber (they call it a beam katana to avoid copyright infringement). You also have a rEdiculous motocycle you drive around the city when you are going from assignment to assignment.

The 10 boss battles with the other assassins are obviously the core of the game, but in between you have to go around the city (Santa Destroy, California) and perform odd jobs to get enough money to pay the entry fee for the next match. These jobs are often mundane to the extreme. Like mowing lawns or collecting coconuts. It's very much at odds with the crazy fighting that goes on elsewhere. You can also play with your cat in your apartment, which I really enjoy.

It's fun, even though I'm not very good at it, but the art direction is so good that even failing is enjoyable.

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