Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poll-ice Show

UPDATE 2: Pictures!

UPDATE: So it turns out I can't alter a poll once it's started, which I guess makes sense from a democratic sense. Anyway, if you want to vote for one that isn't listed on the poll just click Other and then leave a comment on this post specifying which Other you are voting for. Right now there is only Pirate as Other but who knows, maybe there will be another one.

If you're a regular reader you're probably well acquainted with NNN. It's news show set in the lego world that I am developing. I'm currently working on the script for the first and second episodes. In addition to "news" each episode also contains "commercials." So far I have written a commercial for a college for villains and political commercials for Orange and Green. I also have a toy commercial that parodies the terror alert scale in the works. I have an idea for another commercial I want to do but need help figuring out the particulars.

The commercial would be for a new police show. The idea is to start out with a narrator saying something along the lines of "There's a new cop in Town and this one has an unconventional approach to crime solving." What I'm not sure of is what the cop/approach should be. I will explain my ideas below and you can vote for which is funniest.

So my first idea for this was to make the cop be a dragon and that be the joke. But then I thought that wasn't very original because Zundar as weather dragon already sort of does that. But I guess that doesn't really change the fact that a police dragon is still amusing. His approach would obviously involve tearing off limbs, putting people's heads in his jaws, breathing fire, and flying to catch the getaway helicopter.

Windumbledore (Win-doom-bull-door)
So there's this character I made who I imagine as Samuel L Jackson cast as Dumbledore. (In Chamber of Secrets he might say "I want this motherf---ing snake out of my motherf---ing school!") His approach would involve magic/the force, general badassery, wisecracks and pearls of wisdom.

A robot, incapable of emotion, he enforces crime with pure cold logic. Oh wait. I just remembered that Robocop exists. But I was thinking more like Data from Star Trek as a cop. Or R2D2. Oh man R2D2 would make a great cop. That's a better idea. His method would involve beeping (imaging him in a room lit by a single light bulb viciously interrogating a witness "Beep boop boop bee BOOP BEEP BEEP?!?!") and having an endless arrays of attachments at his disposal.

Pirate (Captain Detective? Detective Redbeard? I'm not sure.)
To quite my dad, "Have you considered a pirate. They could also have an alter ego parrot to
add to the fun. AARRRRR me hardies!!!!" If I were to do a pirate I would probably play it like this, the pirate would constantly threaten to make people walk the plank even though there is no plank around to walk. Someone might even say "What plank? Walk what? What are you talking about?" To which the pirate would respond by pulling a plank up from the floor and attaching it to the window. Or maybe just smack them with the plank. Something like that.

If you have an idea that you think is even funnier, leave a comment on this post and I will add it to the poll.


Anonymous said...

The libra (or something) in me can't decide. On the one hand I love the idea of R2D2 as a cop. He could even be sort of a disgruntled older/retired R2d2 who still talks (or drifts off into fantasies of how he was the key to the rebellion) about his glory days - although no one really wants to hear or particularly cares/believes him. "Yeah right R2 - you're just another dead-end cop stuck on the same dead-end beat as me- give it up." I think the possibilities of beeping inflection are also quite humorous to imagine.

On the other hand, that pirate idea sounds cool too. He good try to play good cop/bad cop with his parrot partner - but the parrot could be totally ineffectual or simply annoying. And of course he would talk like a pirate even though nobody else did - I think he could really rant in pirate-speak: "Ar, ye shall Hoist the gibben mast yar scurvy, flea-bittenlow-life or The Plank!" Additionally he could always be pumping interrogees for the whereabouts of the burried treasure. (Leo)

David M Pickett said...

Then vote for both! This poll allows you to select multiple answers, because that's how I roll. I'll go ahead and add one for the pirate in the write-in section.