Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slowly I approach Monday.

1) Waking up in the same house as Stephanie. It used to happen everyday and now it only happens once or twice a month. I miss the good old days. Although I am also enjoying the good current days and look forward to some good future days.

2) We watched another episode of Torchwood and then the extras. The weevil is a lot cooler than I originally gave it credit for. Also, the Torchwood set remains totally awesome.

3) On my way home I got a haircut. The last time I paid for a haircut was over 4 years ago. I mean it's nothing special, I just went to Hair Cuttery and got it cut maybe half as short. It's still long enough that it doesn't freak me out, but now that it's shorter it won't take so long to dry in the morning. Going outside with wet hair is not fun in the winter.

4) Had a nice conversation with my hair cutter.

5) Since it's relatively nice out I walked over to catch the 6 by the museum campus and my Ipod played me "Golden "by Jill Scott which is an awesome song.

6) I had good bus/train luck today. Only had to wait a few minutes for each one.

7) I got home and there was sunlight streaming in my living room. A rare and wonderful sight these days. The days are getting longer though. It used to be dark before 5. Now it is dusk at 5. Slowly the light will return!

8) Read the new part of Jack and ellis

9) Because my beard did not go with my new hair cut I shaved it off. I look much younger than I did this morning. I was going to take a picture, but my camera's battery was dead so it'll have to wait.

10) I wen to get groceries and it was not too cold out. I didn't even wear my coat. I wore a sweatshirt and a thin sweater and a t-shirt, but still. 3 Layers? When was the last time I only wore 3 layers outside? I usually go with 4. Slowly I will become less of a marshmellow!

11) My dinner consisted of carrots and hummus and an orange pepper and some grape tomatoes. And then a little later a little bit of bacon. <>

12) Watched the "Comedian" trailer after I remembered Robo Cop existed when writing up the post for the new poll (posted above this).

13) My weekly phone call with my parents. Highlights: Mom was really excited to tell me how she got a Wii bowling score of 280(!!!) at the Nixon's last night, hearing how Isaiah, upon Jenny asking "Are you ready for your bath Isaiah?" put down the book they were reading crawled to the stairs and then up the stairs and then down the hall to the bathroom(!!!) How quickly he becomes more and more of a little person. Next thing I know he'll be talking.

14) I got a voice message from Lila with an impromptu version of "Swordfish" a song she invented and performed for The Franky Job.

15) I did two loads of laundry. Still waiting for it to dry more so I can fold it all. I overstuff the driers all the time. Normally I put an extra token in if it's still wet. But I only had 4 tokens. I need to get more this week and do the other laundry I wanted to do. Slowly I cross things off my list!

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