Friday, January 25, 2008

Stimulation Overload

1) I left work a little early so I could pick up some things for screenwriters. I first went to the NEW HPP and it's amazing. It's so much bigger and though the other one was charming, this one shiny and there's a whole lot more meat and fish so I could actually make more of my usual recipes. It's a beautiful store and it doesn't seem like the old mini Co-Op at all. It seems like they entirely gutted the place.

2) I picked up chips and guacamole and salsa at HPP for screenwriters. It was a nice way to taste the deliciousness without eating half a pound of guacamole by myself. Not that there's anythign wrong with that, but I can only do it so often. Also picked up a couple 6 packs, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Woodchuck Cider.

3) Screenwriters circle went great. It was officially the most people I have had in my apartment at once (8) and it's always nice when the furniture gets utilized. My script went over well, no one really had any corrections.

4) Did a little bit of voice work during it. I read one scene from mine with Zundar and Robert Vylan and did both of their voices (since I will be voicing them). I hadn't read it aloud before and it went over really well. Lots of laughter. Also was the main voice in Theo's script. Did a crazy voice for it.

5) Read the new parts of Jack and Ellis.

6) Beat Portal the Flash game. It was quite fun, though I'm sad I didn't get the cake.

7) After screenwriting I realized it was almost 9 and I hadn't eaten any dinner. I combined the disappointing ravioli from the day before with some pasta sauce and they were much improved. Delicious even.

8) Played some Super Luigi Galaxy and got a very tricky star on the first try.

9) Caught up on all the Break a Leg minisodes and conversations. "Kaballatology" was probably my favorite, I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. But I also liked "Zombies are part of every major religious tradition" as someone's defense for the Hanukkah/Zombie movie they wanted to make.

10) Because it was Friday and I didn't have to get up early the next morning and because I had the idea and because I felt I should be animating more often anyway I animated a little thing with Phil and Sherry (it's in a post above this one). I thought it might work as part of the opening title sequence. I may redo it though, try to reduce the reflections and not bump the camera so much.

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