Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Shut-In

1) Once again had waffles for breakfast. Yum.

2) It was still too freaking cold out today. So I didn't leave my apartment once.

3) How did I entertain myself being inside all day? For one I watched all the episodes of this awesome inter-net sitcom that Stephanie shared with me. It's hard to choose highlights when there was so much hilarity packed in. I may have to watch them all again. Swamblers! Broommates! Goatlegs!

4) Took a nice shower this afternoon.

5) During the shower I had a great insight about where my part of The Experiment is headed. Can't say anything because that would be cheating.

6) Playing a board game online with Stephanie and Paul and Alex.

7) Created a character I really like for The Experiment: "Mmm'Baat" "an old Frogman" "staring at them through spectacles that magnified his already enormous eyes"

8) Got some more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy.

9) Did all the dishes that had accumulated in the sink. Again not a wonderful thing in itself, but the final product being wonderful.

10) Subsisted the whole day on left-overs. I will have to go shopping again soon. With HPP basically the only grocery store around I may become a vegetarian for a couple weeks. Thank goodness for The Occasional Vegetarian.

11) No work tomorrow either!

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