Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Day Waffle Weekend

1) Yet again had Waffles for breakfast. They were delicious. You hear that Adam? Delicious!

2) Got 10 more stars in Super Luigi Galaxy. I have a tactic of getting the most unpleasant stars as quickly as possible so that the last part will be pure awesome. For instance I got a bunch of stars from the Ghostly galaxy today. Because unlike in Super Mario 64 the ghost level is not my favorite. It is actually one of my least favorite. (Except the hidden star is awesome, so i didn't get that one.)

3) From Stephanie's part of The Experiment: "I don't know a lot of good ways to make friends. I thought skipping the awkward stage might work."

4) Being a shut in for the past couple days has put a strain on my food supplies so I made the trek to HPP and CVS today. HPP was so crowded and all the bread type products were missing. So no pitas for me. But! The New Bigger HPP opens Wednesday (although we've heard that before, haven't we? Last Wednesday, I'm looking at you). But I got some good stuff and remembered to use my canvas bag.

5) Completed the (nearly) final version of the NNN Pilot Script. Feedback is appreciated as always. After I get feedback from the screenwriter's circle this friday I'm going to move to phase 2: recording voices. (Although I already have ROBOphelia's part recorded. I did it when I visited Lila in July. See how long I've been working on this? rEdiculous)

6) One of the things I got were the irresistible Chips and Guacamole. I had some as a snack. Mmm....

7) Had dinner at Ali's apartment. Tasty potatoes and roast beef. Yum.

8) Ali asked me to bring "my favorite episode of Arrested Development" so I brought "Pier Pressure." It may not be my absolute favorite episode, but it's definitely top 3. Plus it is easy enough to follow without having seen the show before. Other Arrested Development fans: what do you think is the best episode? We also watched the next three episodes. Highlights: "And that's why you don't teach lessons." "Oh I thought you meant like you were a plumber or something and I was thinking when did that happen?" "Speech! Speech! Speech!" "Will someone please have the decency to punch me in the face?"

9) IMed with Adam (who is a liar). Found out he is jealous of my waffles. Commiserated about sad state of American politics. If only I could really get behind the Green Party. The Democrats certainly aren't doing it for me.

10) Most of my work in The Experiment today was writing Mmm'Baat's tale.

"Let me tell you a story. During the Last War, I was a soldier stationed along the defensive perimeter south of Whetten. In those days there was a great forest there, another unfortunate casualty of war.

The commanders had overestimated the strength of the defensive battlements and had only but a handful of us there to guard them. No one was expecting the enemy to attack from that direction to begin with so our battalion was really an afterthought. When the attack came, it came so fast that we had no chance to react. By the time we realized we were under attack half of us were dead and the rest of us panicked and fled into the forest.

There was a small lake not too far into the woods where we would go to swim and wallow during our breaks. I headed straight for that because I knew there was a hidden underwater cave where I could hide and survive for a while. I hid there for I don't know how long, days, maybe weeks. There was plenty to eat and no one came looking for me. I was a coward to hide like that, but I'd do it again. In war there are only cowards and corpses.

Once I felt that enough time had passed I very cautiously approached the surface. I emerged to a completely different world. The forest was a smoldering wasteland of stumps and charred ghosts of trees. There was no sight of either army. I took as much fresh water as I could carry from the lake and set off in no particular direction. As I walked through that graveyard I began to realize that while all of the trees were dead, not of all of them were dead in the same way.

Most of the trees had just fallen over or burnt up, like trees should. But some of them had fallen in such peculiar ways, it's almost as if they were trying to get somewhere when they had caught on fire. After the sun went down I hadn't gotten as far as I'd hoped and I was considering turning back and returning to the lake. But then something caught my eye -- a pale shimmer that seemed to hang over one of the strange trees. I didn't know then what it meant but I felt compelled to follow it.

It lead me to a small cave that was completely blocked by fallen trees, like they were protecting it. I dug through the rubble and that's were I found-- He croak-called and his servant brought out what looked like a giant chestnut, it was rough and weathered and bigger than James' head -- the Entseeds."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I sent you a magazine last week. Be sure to check the table in your lobby. I don't know if it will fit in your mailbox.