Tuesday, January 29, 2008


1) Put the latest episode of Break a Leg on my ipod and watched it on the bus ride to work. Highlights: "No, it's very clear. If there's one thing that is, it's clear." David shooting the basketball.

2) Today at work was busy, but good, much better than yesterday. I spent the first half of the day recording and then the second half was catching up on e-mails and phone calls and a tiny bit of editing.

3) I had to go right from one shoot to the next and I was worried about the time, but then I remembered there was a bus that would take me right where I was going. A bus pulled up right after I got outside and took me where I was heading. It made a 15-20 minute walk into a 5 minute ride. Twas awesome. Also twas free.

4) When I got home I was rather hungry because I hadn't had a sandwich, because I'm out of lunch meat. But I had one of those honey oat bagels when I got home and staved off my hunger while I prepared dinner. Mmmm...

5) Before I made dinner I watched the opening cinematic for the upcoming super smash brothers game. Twas exciting. It's releasing in Japan in a few days so information about it is pouring out like crazy. I'm glad to hear that Mr. Game and Watch is making a return.

6) Then I made dinner, only I hadn't noticed before that I had to marinade the chicken for an hour. So i got it marinading and then did some dishes so hooray for clean dishes!

7) Then I played some super Luigi galaxy to pass the rest of the time. Twas fun.

8) Then I had dinner! Lime Cilantro chicken with some zucchini and rice. about half way through dinner I remember I had previously made a similar dish, but stopped making it because it was dissapointing. This was not disappointing. Twas delicious.

9) With dinner I watched an episode of 30 Rock. Highlights: Northrax, Tracy's Dance during the three way call, "The Dog that Took My Face And gave me a better Face to change the world: the Celeste Cunningham story", "I gave her the ottoman and she walked out on me." Twas hilarious.

10) Finally folded all the laundry from Sunday. It had been hangin all over my living room furniture. It was nice to sit on the couch agaim. Twas comfortable.

11) Oh yeah, I was thinking about going to the gym tonight, but dinner took longer than I expected and more importnatly I looked outside to see an inch of snow on the ground and obvious wind and decided I could stay in tonight.

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