Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two days late and Tuesday long

Haven't had time to update the last two days, all will be explained.

1) Tuesday was less warm than Monday, but still warm enough to walk home.

2) Renee was supposed to be back on Monday, but she's pretty sick, so she was out all of Monday and Tuesday and only in briefly Wednesday. Tuesday morning I listened to my ipod for the first couple hours while I worked. It makes it go smoother.

3) Good day at work overall. Got a first version of the Transplant DVD together. The project that has been hagning around for ages finally approaches the end! Also, Walker figured out a solution to a problem that had been lingering for months. Actually a whole bunch of projects that had been lingering around for months finally got worked on. Woohoo!

4) On the way home I stopped at Hyde Park Produce which as always had an enormous line. Now that I have my ipod, it doesn't matter, I just put on Broken Bride and that 15 minutes flew by.

5) I bought a couple pounds of delicious green grapes at HPP and started eating them on the way home.

6) The item I had traveled there for though, was carrots, so I could make the maple carrots I love so very very much. I devoured them all.

7) I also made Peppercorn Chicken for dinner. The sauce could have perhaps used a little more tomato and it meant my hand smelled like shallots for a day, but it is so delicious.

8) After dinner I played a little Zack & Wiki.

9) Then I spent an hour and a half or so animating this thing here. It's not exactly what I wanted because I knocked them out of place in a couple parts and had to guess where they were. I'm happiest with the second one.

10) Talked briefly with Ari regarding Firefly


1) I was all ready to start writing up this post on Tuesday but when I went to upload that animation to my webspace I found out there was a problem with it and then I spent an hour or so trying to figure it out and then it was time for bed.

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