Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When's day?

Wensday was a pretty great day

1) The morning was taken up by a b-roll shoot for an astrophysics department on campus. This was cool for a number of reasons. 1, b-roll shoots are always fun because they involve recording people pretending to do things "pretend to type faster" "have a fake conversation" "gesture more wildly with your hands" 2, it's for a program that will be on the History channel. As Caitlin (the student who filmed it) pointed out, "I worked for the past three summers at a company that makes exclusively makes documentaries for the History channel and I didn't get to do anything like this. 3, the physics guy we were doing this for was really excited about the whole process and kept complimenting us on how professional we were.

2) Renee came in, but only for a little bit before heading off to the doctor's.

3) In the afternoon I went on a trip to drop things off around campus. It was nice to walk outside while it was still light out (and still warm enough that my face doesn't hurt). I dropped off the Transplant DVD and the client was very excited and thankful. It's always nice when our clients tell us that they appreciate what we do. Then I walked down to drop off some art history stuff and happened to run into the client about a block away from his building. He was also excited and I didn't have to walk that extra block to midway studios. On the return trip I was listening to my ipod and literally did a little jump at one point. Then I happened to run into Anat. She was on the phone but we stalked each other around a tree.

4) It was a productive day overall, added a bunch of events to the recording calendar and got the b-roll media sent out. (Although I just got an e-mail saying there's a problem...)

5) Used the industrial 3 hole-puncher to simultaneously hole-punch ~50 sheets of paper. Now that's power.

6) I got some real mail! Much better than the normal slew of bills, mail for previous resident and credit card offers (although I did keep the credit card shaped magnet from the last one). It was a letter from Dana Kroop which included the following picture from our LA adventure:

Here are some other pictures form that evening:

Bronze Einstein: "Look Dana, SCIENCE!"
Dana "Whoah!"

Chillin with the big boy in a sequined sombrero.

Dana's Bob's Big Boy's Big Burger

This elephant atop a column is not part of some temple, but rather a shopping mall. Only in Hollywood...

7) Ate some leftover peppercorn chicken, I love it so.

8) Watched the first 2 episode of season 4 of 6 Feet Under over at Ali/Emily/Chelesea's

9) Hung out there for a while and laughed really hard. Ari and I have pretty similar senses of humor and were just feeding off each other. It was great. But by the time I got home it was so late I didn't have time to post. My apologies.

10) Got chocolate covered raisins (one of my many weaknesses).

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