Wednesday, February 27, 2008


1) The deck we use for capturing tapes was on the fritz the past week, which was problematic. However I managed to fix it. It's amazing what a little head cleaner will do. It really should have occured to me earlier.

2) Renee and I interviewed Paul Sereno, who is a paleontologist at the University. It was cool to have the head of a t-rex-like dinosaur in the background of the frame. His office manager is someone CMIG worked with a lot in the past when he was in his previous position. He was very talkative and jovial and walked us part of the way back to the office. All in all it was a fun shoot.

3) Finished off Kelly's cookies

4) I was so glad for the 171 coming home because it was cuh-old out.

5) Left over peanut chicken and fried rice. Yum.

6) Read the latest bit of Jack and Ellis. It's so good. It's got steam-punk stuff and Creation and storm pirates (Purva rocks) and Ellis and now they're in Australia and things are getting really exciting. Here are a couple bits that I particularly liked:

"Off to the east Jack saw a field of vineyards; ahead were mango trees, and the irony that Jack might have assaulted the man with his own produce made him smile grimly."


"You know what I love about you, Clare?" he said.

"My sparkling wit and divine beauty?"

"That you never think any of my bad ideas are bad ideas."

Clare laughed. "I've learned it never does any good, Jack."

7) Watched more Freakazoid. - In Arms Way. It was very funny. Here's how I described it to Stephanie.
in the first part Freakazoid is doing his christmas shopping
8:00 PM and keeps ignoring the obvious cries for help and calls fro mthe police
while he's shopping
sociopathicllama: of course
8:01 PM me: he runs into "the lobe"
8:02 PM "Lobe? I thought you were terrorizing Europe with some sort of cheese ray?"
"i was, but when the holidays roll around I come home to terrorize the ones I love."
"Who ya shopping for?"
8:03 PM "anyone i know?"
"Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I won't tell you."
"What'd you get me?"
8:04 PM "Show me first!"
"No you show me!"
sociopathicllama: lol
me: then later another villain shows up
8:06 PM and they argue about a call that was made at last year's superhero villain allstar benefit softball game
8:07 PM sociopathicllama: hah
me: and then in the second part freakazoid travels to a strange village
8:08 PM and the guy who meets he at the train says
"now, come, we mustn't linger. It is not safe here at night."
"it's day."
8:09 PM "well then, I suppose we can linger for a moment... okay let's go"

8) Busy doesn't really do justice to what work has been. Crazy also falls short of it. My job has been crazy before, but this week it was actually Insane. I'm not going to go into details because I don't want to dwell on them. However, the insanity, coupled with a recent Penny Arcade comic caused me to go job searching. Within minutes I found the perfect job. Obviously I have to at least apply. It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to get paid to do something you've been doing for fun your entire life.

9) Talking to Stephanie. Had to tell her about the job, because I had to tell someone immediately and have them go to the link so I knew it was really for real. Also I like talking to Stephanie. You got a problem with that? Tough.

10) Typing the first part of NNN episode 2

11) Girl scout cookies. Need I say more? That would just rub it in. And that would be cruel. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


1) As I woke up this morning I remembered the tail end of a dream I was having. In my dream there is a legend about Hermes. Hermes never knew his father, but one time while sleeping he finds his father in a dream. He was filled with both joy and sorrow, because while he was glad to finally meet his father, he knew he might never see him again and might not even remember he had seen him. Thus, the narrator of my dream explained, falling asleep was like going home and waking up was both a burden and a relief. Not quite as meta as my "Dream Savior" dream, but it adds to my meta dream mythology.

2) Lunch included mango slices, mesquite smoked turkey on san fransisco sour asiago and peppercorn bread and a navel orange

3) Renee said today that she had looked over the applications for the Senior Producer position and there were at least 11 good resumes and she was going to start scheduling interviews. Woohoo! This person can't be hired fast enough.

4) The ant traps seem to have significantly reduced the number of ants. I didn't expect to see results so fast. I still see a couple here and there, but nothing like yesterday.

5) Last night I cooked the rice and cut up all the vegetables for peanut chicken and fried rice so they were very easy and quick to make today.

6) They were also delicious. The chciken was a little spicier than I usually make it, but i liked it even better, it was at a nice threshold of spiciness, it didn't really burn at all, but you could still feel it.

7) I picked up a six pack of sierra nevada pale ale and Kelly brought over one of left hand milk stout. We each only had two beers, but they were both nice and enjoyable.

8) Oh yeah, Kelly Finn was at my apartment for a few hours! She came over and we had dinner and then I helped her get the dances she organized to take place in the library (known as ECNAD) in to a youtube ready format.

9) It was fun watching through the ECNAD videos even if I didn't like watching myself dancing. I am by no means a dancer and only did it because it's an awesome thing to have a synchronized dance break out in the middle of the library when everyone is trying to study for finals. Sadly she did not have footage of "Beat It" which was the first dance and perhaps the best.

10) While we were waiting for the videos to render and such we played some Wii. As always it was lots of fun to watch Kelly make her Mii.

11) Then we played wii sports. Mostly Tennis because Kelly was on the Tennis team and because tennis is really fun, but also some bowling and some boxing. Kelly did not try baseball because she thought she would embarrass herself. Little does she know that how badly I orignally did at wii baseball.

12) Kelly brought a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies

13) Once the videos were done I got to cross ECNAD off my to-do list. Oh how I love crossing things off of lists.

14) Mom shared her pictures from Isaiah's 1st birthday. Here's one from the photobooth:

And there's this great picture where everyone is smiling and looking the same way

Which is much harder to achieve when there are 7 people and one of them is a baby:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ant Invasion!

...and no, I'm not talking about Kent Brockman's line from Deep Space Homer: "And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords." But that is hilarious. When I wokr up this morning there were at least a dozen ants on the wall shared by the living room and the dining room. I have never seen an ant in my apartment before and saw none the night before. Who knows where they came from. Maybe it has something to do with the weather?

1) In the morning I had to walk the timecards over to a buildling on the south side of campus and it was not too cold. I appreciated the relative warmth.

2) For lunch I walked to umart and got a California wrap (turkey, avocado, bell pepper, sprouts and cheddar in a tortilla) and sun chips and a fruit punch snapple and a big chocolate chip cookie. I also picked up a box of the crackers I like.

3) gchatting with Stephanie during throughout the day.

4) A few people came into edit which was nice, especially since Renee was out (it was her birthday.)

5) Being connected to the internet again. The weekend was great, but I am so used to constant access to the internet, that I get anxious when I'm away from it for a few days.

6) I went to the grocery store after work and on the way there my ipod selected a very nice selection of songs for me. I'm always amazed when the random song gives me a series of songs that I'm really excited about. I usually have to skip one or two every few.

7) Found out some more tidbits about Lego Universe.

8) Watched an episode of Freakazoid. In one he defeated an enemy by showing him a TV that promised "7 hours of Tony Danza!" And then at the end of the episode it said: "The End. Or is it? It probably is." Which, if you don't remember, is very similar to the way I end the first part of Lego Movie 2. I can't believe I forgot about this show, it clearly had a big impact on my work.

9) Read 3 new Sam Fics

10) Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints and Carmel Delites (you can't make me call them Samoas)

11) This is from the writer's strike: John Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert vs. Conan O'Brien

12) Put out traps/poison for the ants. I have no qualms about killing insects. There are always plenty more.

100th! post!

Whew! It's been a wild week. I am going to try an update a lot of last week's wonderfuls tonight. I've got some free time and I don't want to leave my apartment anyway.

1) Playing with Isaiah in the morning while sitting at the breakfast table. I made faces at him and pretended to be a dinosaur and an octopus. Then I talked in the voices of Robert Vylan and Zundar Silverspine. He really liked those. Or at least he thought they were funny. Now that I have the Isaiah seal of approval I can start recording their parts for the pilot.

2) I don't know if I've stressed what a talkative little guy Isaiah is. In addition to his evil laugh and various other noises he'll make when prompted he was constantly offering up his opinion with phrases like "dubbadubbadubba." It's very adorable as well as exciting.

3) I held Isaiah for a little bit and got to make more faces at him and bounce him around.

4) Delicious breakfast – sausage, scrambled eggs and CINNAMON ROLLS!

5) Isaiah taking his "first step". Isaiah has a lot of fun lunging back and forth between Jenny and Leo and there was at least one or two steps in there that he made with out holding on to either one of them. My mom was very excited, as it was what she had been waiting for all weekend.

6) Took a nice nap in the car on the way back from Ithaca. At first I thought I might not sleep in the car at all, but next thing I knew it was two hours later and we were stopping for lunch.

7) At the restaurant I got chicken tenders, who knows the last time I got those at a restaurant. They used to be what I would always always order.

8) At a later rest stop I went in to use the bathroom and came out to find the van no longer at the gas pump. I assumed they had moved to a parking spot on the side of the building. I found them over there, but not quite in a parking spot. They had started to drive away and my brother waited until just before they were about to pull out to point out I wasn't in the van. My parents apologized for almost leaving me behind, but I just think it's funny. Mostly because my brother could have stopped them earlier, but wanted to see how far they would go.

9) In the brief time I was in my parent's house I went down to the lego room and figured out how much lego I could into my luggage to bring to Chicago. I managed to get all the green and brown legos + a few cool lego posters to hang on the wall.

When putting up those posters I also put up the three pieces of the "pentacles" series that Lila has given me. They are right above my bed, which I think fits with their dream like nature. Yes, that is an ewok in one of them.

10) At the terminal my plane arrived on time, but then they had to fix something on the plane so we were delayed boarding. I didn't mid though, I just went and bought a nice snack and found a place to plug my laptop in and worked on posts for this blog using Word. (That's why the formatting of the last few has been wonky.)

11) My snack was a Naked Juice (not mighy mango for once, something more pineappley and orangey) + a container of fresh pineapple + a philadelphia pretzel (best kind of pretezel ever)

12) Flight was nice and I had a whole row to myself.

13) Took a cab home because it's faster and I can afford it.


1) Had a nice breakfast. Dad made bacon and reheated the potato stuff from the day before. Then I helped set-up the photobooth for Isaiah’s party.

2) After that I took my first nap of the day. This day was the worst of my cold. However, by taking a series of naps throughout the day I was able to conserve my energy and it ended up not being so bad.

3) Isaiah’s party. There were a few kids Isaiah's age and their parents, a few of my sister's other friends and of course my family. I think Isaiah was a little overwhlemed by all the people, he was pretty calm for the first part of the party. Once some of the people left, he was a bit more active. The photobooth was up and running and Isaiah got a few pictures in it wearing a black beret. Here's a video of everyone singing and Isaiah not blowing out the candle on his cake:

Yeah! Tear that present open!

Oh, I guess he just wanted to play with the wrapping paper.

"Let's read this book!"

"I changed my mind! Let's go play!"

"Yes, very good, keep opening my presents. I will sit here and watch. Less work for me."

"What is this floating red thingy?"

"It is fun! That's what it is!"
Here's a movie of him playing with that balloon some more:

"What is this cake you speak of?"



4) There was some good eating at the party. I had some chickpea (& assorted vegetable) soup and minestrone and some very tasty whole grain bread. Isaiah's cake was a butternut squash cake with pear and mango puree icing. Delicious and nutrious.

5) Despite being on vacation I still had to deal with some work troubles. Thankfully I was able to resolve it with out too much headache. I was so relieved when Dave Pritchard agreed to go early and especially when Theo texted to say that everything was alright.

6) After the party I took my second nap of the day. Wonderful.

7) When I woke up, one of Isaiah's uncles from the Vincent side and his family had arrived. Isaiah was in a much more playful mood now and he really enjoyed the school bus they had gotten for him. Of course the first thing he did was turn it over and spin the wheels to inspect them, but after he made sure they were okay he was off. He rolled it all around the room. He also scooted around with his walker some more. He also really enjoyed knocking down towers of blocks we set up for him. I also entertained him for a while by spinning his plastic stacking rings around on the floor.

8) I was feeling sick and tired again so I went and had my third nap. I think it was shorter, I wasn't really keeping track. But I felt much better when I woke up.

9) Then we had dinner, pretty simple, leftovers from the party and some salmon and rice.

10) Isaiah was sitting next to me at dinner and he was very interested in my bread. Bread is a relatively new food for him and so the novelty has not worn off. I would break off little chunks and hand them to him to chomp on.

11) After dinner Isaiah and cousins played some more. The best part was when they played with the balloons. Here is the video to prove it:

12) We watched the end of The Matrix. Most importantly the lobby scene and the Neo/Smith fight. That movie is better when you pretend the sequels weren't made.

13) “Once” won the Spirit Award for best foreign film. Hooray!

14) J-P and I watched SNL hosted by Tina Fey. Hilarity. Highlights: The parts with Tina Fey, also the skit about inserting that old guy's grandkids into popular movies.

15) Then we watched some stand-up comedian on Comedy Central. I don't know who we has, but he was really funny.

Two Twenty Two

1) Today I got to seriously sleep in. There was nothing I had to wake up for and we had gotten in at 5 in the morning so no one else was going to be up for a while so I slept in until almost noon. Wonderful

2) Waking up with my family in the house. My parents were already up and making breakfast downstairs with Jenny and Leo. J-P slept longer than I.

3) For breakfast Dad made me sausage and Mom made this awesome potato dish that has potatoes, sweet potatoes, red and yellow pepper and onion (I think, I’m not sure exactly what’s in it aside from deliciousness). There was also orange juice.

4) Jenny told me an idea she had for the NNN world. As part of her continuing campaign to get Isaiah to appreciate mango she has started combining banana and mango together and getting him to eat that. She named this mixture Banango. The banango is longer and thinner than a mango, but shorter and fatter than a banana. It is easy to peel is yellow-orange or orange-yellow in color. It will fit perfectly in one of Zundar’s food segments.

5) Leo recounted a dream he had earlier that week. He and Jenny were involved in a shady deal involving moving an old car from under an overpass. After that they went to my parents’ house for breakfast. My parents profusely were profusely apologizing that they hadn’t had time to put anything elaborate together for breakfast and it was just going to be simple. Then they went inside and showed them what they had prepared: giant tropical birds made entirely of fruit. The wings even moved. Makes you wonder what the elaborate breakfast would have been…

6) Took a refreshing shower.

7) Isaiah! I don’t think can properly express how adorable he is and how much fun he is. He’s even more adorable than the videos and pictures would have you believe. He’s quite a talker, although much of it is in his own (far superior to English) language. Something that absolutely amazed me was I went “woo woo” like a train and then Isaiah did too! He was also clearly saying “mamamama” and “dadadada” to refer to Jenny and Leo sometimes. He also seemed to say “baby” and “ba-oo” for balloon. Next thing you know he’ll be rattling off pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis like it’s antidisestablishmentarianism.

8) Took this video of Isaiah as he climbed up the stairs in the B&B. At the end Jenny swooped him down toward me while I made noises. He really enjoyed that.

9) Got a belated Christmas present from Jenny and Leo. A cool picture of Isaiah and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which was a genuine surprise, because I had forgotten I had even asked for it.

10) Took a two hour nap that afternoon. Partly because I never pass up an opportunity to nap. Partly because I was starting to have cold symptoms and partly because Isaiah was taking (or supposed to be taking) a nap then too, so why be awake?

11) Hung out with Isaiah some more. He showed off his walking /scooting skills with the walker my parents got him for Christmas. He rolled cars around. He played with J-P’s face some more. We all made noises with him. He crawled over Jenny, lunged back and forth between her and Leo (attempts to walk), played peek a boo.

12) We got take-out from a Mexican place for dinner. I had a steak fajita quesadilla.

13) Terminator 2 was playing on AMC. We watched the whole thing. The T-1000 is one of the scariest villains ever. It can look like any one and it can turn it’s arms into weapons and unless you’ve got a convenient pool of magma sitting around, it’s indestructible. The only good thing is that even though it can assume any shape, it usually takes only human forms. Imagine how much scarier it would be if it turned into a cheetah when it was chasing you. Or a velociraptor. A velociraptor with a robot brain, programmed to hunt you down. Terminator 4 / Jurassic Park 4?

14) Got some Coldeeze to help deal with my cold symptoms. Coldeeze is great, because it actually helps reduce the length of a cold (scientifically proven) and it’s produced in my home town. I went to school with the girl whose Uncle created it. (Along the same vein, my first year of college I knew a girl from my house/ the crew team whose father invented the Choco Taco.) They were also a nice flavor – honey lemon.

15) took advantage of cable television and watched some episodes of Family Guy (“Who else but Quagmire?”) an episode of Robot Chicken and a seriously wacked out episode of Sea Lab 2021 “Ahh Mercury… sweetest of the transition metals”

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

1) Isaiah turned one year old today! He’s growing up so fast and so adorable. Here’s some proof:

2) I slept in just a little bit.

3) In the morning before work I did some packing and cleaned the dishes before going into work. Just stuff I needed to do before going away this weekend. I was able to take the time to do it before work because I’d put in extra hours here and there since Sunday. As much as my work schedule is crazy and draining, it also allows me to do things like this, so I can’t complain too much.

4) Had a cheesy pita. Yum.

5) All week I’ve been trying to find a student to cover a recording on Saturday morning. It was especially important since I will be (should I pretend like I’m writing these they day they happened or is that silly?) am/was out of town this/last/that weekend. Anyway, one of my student’s finally came through. I was so excited I told him he was my hero. Which is kind of true.

6) On the bus to the airport I was mostly asleep. I’d wake up every now and then to ascertain that we were not yet at the airport or to exchange text messages with Ali.

7) The airport was oddly busy. I mean I guess I don’t know how busy it normally is on Thursday nights, but it was busier than I expected. The flight attendants informed us that our flight was fully booked and that every seat would be occupied. However, the seat next to me was empty. They guy in the aisle seat looked at each other and the seat and he said “guess it’s our lucky day.” That’s one possibility. There also could have been an invisible or very small person sitting there or a very small invisible person. But I think if I was a very small invisible person I would be extra sure to buckle my seat belt for security and to make my presence known. Otherwise I would probably be inadvertently flattened. The lesson I learned is not to trust flight attendants.

8) I also napped on the plane.

9) I was awake at the crucial drink ordering moment. I fell asleep and when I awoke again there was a Sprite sitting on the tray table of the empty seat, just waiting to be consumed. Maybe it was for invisible man, but I drank it and it was delicious. Sprite truly is the nectar of the gods.

10) Walking through the little hallway past security (anyone who’s been to the Philly Airport in the last few years knows what I’m talking about) and seeing my parents waiting for me.

11) I checked a bag, but it appeared on the carousel very quickly. So quickly I almost didn’t grab it. I watched it pass me and dismissed it, then a few seconds later the part of my brain that had recognized was like “Hey Dave, that was our bag, we should go get it” “Nah, it couldn’t have been, it was way too fast.” “Yeah I know but, look, those two strips on the back.” “Okay I still don’t believe you, but I’ll go check just to – hey it really is our bag.” “Told you so!” “Yeah well if you’re so good at recognizing things what’s this?” “Your fi-- ouch.” If this were last year, when I was still in school I could have told you the part of the brain that does object recognition (roughly) and thus given a name to one of those voices, but that was a long time ago and that would be a sill thing to do. The point is I got my bag quickly.

12) We stopped back home briefly, where I had one of dad’s famous brownies and found out that they have two boxes of gril scout cookies (Thin mints and Carmel Delights) for me to take back to Chicago! I had forgotten it was that time of year. Delicious.

13) Only a few minutes after I walked in the door I received a call from the one and only Lila Pearl. It was unexpected and wonderful. We talked of many topics, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Once and Future King (which I still have not read, which I admit is absurd), Wizard scholarship, her various displays of Lego sets I have gotten her as presents, the “Be Kind Rewind” museum, a new turn for her Walrus Woman story, how her favorite thing about this blog is the descriptions of food, etc.

14) Then we set out for Ithaca. Yeah we left shortly after midnight, which was not the original plan, but there was a big storm coming in and mom and dad wanted to get ahead of it. So as soon ad JP got back fro working a double shift we all piled into the minivan and headed out. The snow had already started and it didn’t really let up. How Dad managed to stay awake and also drive through that miserable weather is beyond me. I was awake for the first part, but then mostly out for the rest. I was happy to be bundled in a blanket and not worry about the sleet. We arrived about a quarter after 5 in the morning. Yikes. I relocated upstairs and went to sleep for the final time of the day, finally horizontal.

15) I read every single comment that gets posted on my youTube videos. Mostly they are pretty basic (e.g. "the sounds effects were awesome!" or "the sound effects ruined it") but every now and then there's a gem like this one that was on The Franky Job, " What? how can you make this. it's fantastic! I want to play LEGO with you."

Wounds Day

Alright, I've got a lot of Wonderfuls to catch up on, so let's not waste any time.

1) I wore my nicest clothes to work today. Why? Bill Gates was on campus and we were filming him. It's nice to wear my suit every now and then. However, because it was cold out I was also wearing my superman pajama pants underneath my suit. It made me feel like a super-hero. Or at least it made my legs feel like the legs of a superhero. I wore all black except for my arty tie. That's to show that I'm a creative professional. Here's a picture of my all done up and checking my imaginary watch:

2) I got so much done at work today. Of course "today" is now almost a week a go and I no longer remember what these many things were. No worries, it wouldn't be a very interesting list anyway.

3) Even though we were not personally filming the Bill Gates talk, Renee and I went along to make sure the set-up went smoothly. We got to wear media badges and talk to other people in suits. It was fun to feel important. Much more fun than actually being important, which in my experience involves getting a lot of unwanted phone calls.

4) We got a shipment of blank CDs and DVDs and labels and cases. It came in 5 big boxes. It took me a while to unpack and put everything away. It was fun to open the packages and sort everything. I like when work requires me to do something simple like this, it's a nice break from the more complicated and stressful stuff.

5) So a couple days before this one of the frat boys fro mthe frat house next door came into our office and apologized for the broken window. Apparently they had a crazy party. None of the windows in our office were broken so Renee sent him down the hall to talk to someone who would know what window he was talking about. When I was putting the CDs and DVD away in our equipment closet I was moving stuff around and noticed a shard of broken glass. "That's odd" I thought. Then I noticed more shards, clustered around the window. I pulled up the blinds to find that not only was the top part of the window broken, but their was still a half-full bottle of cheap champagne lodged in it. I would have been annoyed if it wasn't so hilarious. Renee and I both took pictures with our phones before removing the precarious bottle. If I figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer I will post it.

6) I was at work for 10 hours, but it was actually a really enjoyable day. The last couple hours was when we were waiting for the students to come back from the Bill Gates event so we could start editing it. Renee was working on billing clients which always involves her asking me how much time we really spent on projects so she can charge them accordingly. There was a good deal of laughter.

7) Had left over eggplant parm and some carrots. It was much better today by the magic of left overs. Also there was a freakishly big baby carrot.

Here's a picture of it on a plate with three normal size baby carrots for scale:

8) Watched Freakazoid's origin story. The best part was Guitierrez, the best Freakazoid villain. After throwing a man out the window of a sky scraper he laughs and commands the rest of the board members "Laugh with me!" The actor who voices him is apparent the actor who portrayed Khan in Star Trek II and in this episode he goes on a wonderful tangential rant: "Because he tasks me! He *tasks* me! Around the moons of Vega, I chuckle at thee. Around the suns of Andromeda, I chuckle more at thee. Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins! Kirk, oh, friend, I... Oh!"

9) I got the last 6 stars in Super Luigi Galaxy. This includes the special 121st star that you can only get after collecting all 120 stars twice. This star itself isn't difficult to get. You just run through a simple level and collect 100 coins that are lying there. All the friendly characters from the game are there to celebrate and when you get the star a special message is sent to the Wii message board. It's a picture of Luigi and Rosalina and has a message from the Super Mario Galaxy team thanking you for playing. It's not as cool as say the first level of the original 2d game remade in 3d as a bonus, but it's better than 99 lives.

10) Went in late at night to put some finishing touches on the Bill Gates video. Was very glad I know the evening shuttles so well. (I haven't yet watched the video, though I've seen enough to get the gist of what it's about. The first part contains a video (yes a video in the video) starring Bill Gate and a number of celebrities that tries very hard to be funny and ends up being funny because it's so cheesy. But you didn't hear that from me.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Apology in advance

I won't be putting up today's wonderfuls for a while. And you can expect a blackout for most of the weekend. Sorry, but I will be too busy doing wonderful things to write about them.

How about a bonus wonderful?

Bonus) I wore pajama pants under a suit today. Superman Pajama Pants.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toons Day

1) I slept in for two and a half hours today. I needed it too.

2) It was windy and COLD today. But I combated it by appropriate layering of clothing. I had four shirts of varying thickness on. Kept me nice and toasty.

3) Watched a couple more episodes of Freakazoid. In one of them he had a sidekick named Expendable Lad who was severely injured by milk. Freazoid then proceeded to drown his sorrows in drink (Papaya Smoothies). After the glasses started piling up and he still demanded more the papayaman told him he'd had enough to which Freakazoid responded "If I want to blitz myself into some papaya induced hallucination, that's my business."

4) the other episode featured another Lord Bravery short. In this one he travels to a patent office, only to find out he can't be Lord Bravery because there's already a Lord Bravery Bakery. "Why can't we both use the name Lord Bravery?" he demands of the patent officer. "I'm afraid that would be too confusing... someone could stop you on the street demanding a muffin or a scone. Someone else might run into the bake shop wanting to be saved from a carnivorous man-eating vegetable creature."

The patent agent then goes through a database of pre-approved names that aren't being used anymore.

"Ah here's one: Smoked Meats and Fishes!"
"Excuse me?"
"Smoked Meats and Fishes!! What do you think?"
"Are you actually suggesting that my new battle cry should be 'Fear not. Smoked Meats and Fishes has arrived?"
"You could put Lord in front of it."
"What kind of Super Hero would call himself Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes?"
"Ah, one who wants to use the element of suprise." *wink*

He then goes on to suggest:
Southside Meidacl Plaza
Taste of Tempura
Plastics Advisory Board


5) 15 most annoying video game characters

6) Using pieces of various recipes I made Eggplant Parmesan or something very much like it. Turned out pretty good and filled my apartment with a nice aroma.

7) Adam sent me an e-mail detailing two of his dreams that I made appearances in. Highlights: (secular) Archbishop Dusen, me trying to boost the morale of my employees by dancing and making jokes, me being killed by terrorists(?) for doing so, Adam trying to knock down 10 inch statues with a water pistol and me telling him he would need a garden hose to knock them down but that doing so "would be a crazy venture that would track mud and water all over" and then deciding to do it anyway. DreamDave can be so silly.

8) Read through Macabre County Episode 4 and what exists of episode 5. Episode 4 may be my favorite episode, the main character's pet sheep goes missing, there's a mysteriously appearing Chinese buffet restaurant, and a demonically possessed reverend. Awesome. Now it just needs to be actually produced.

9) Crossed "Screenwriting" off my to-do list.

10) Got more laundry done. Didn't fold the shirts or socks yet, they are waiting patiently on my couch. At least I assume they're patient, they don't really indicate their emotions very well, being inanimate and all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Moon Day

1) This morning I watched the new episode of Break a Leg on the bus to work. Highlights: "I can't believe we did the head-tilty thing." Figure D. Children?

2) Stephanie.

...oh I guess I could elaborate, but is there really a need?

3) Taking the evening shuttle because the temperature had dropped and the wind picked up and oh god the cold. But thankfully I was able to hide in the shuttle

-1) Where are my gloves?

4) I didn't feel like making dinner, especially since eggplant is slightly (only slighty) more complicated than I imagined. Luckily I had enough materials to have a delicious meal all the same. Pita. Hummus. Carrots. Green Beans. Thank you guys, you were delicious.

5) Building with Legos for an hour or so. I tried to use the purple and yellow parts to make some more creatures to no avail. I made a star, but it was a bit obvious, and not very interesting. So I took apart the yellow and purple and instead used the little robot men that came fro mthe exo-force sets to make some creatures.

This is supposed to to sort of look like a rabbit. A robotic rabbit? Rabbot? Robbit? It's also a cyclops.

This guy is literally all legs. He enjoys stomping.

They face off:

I needed to make things for Stompy to stomp on and so I made a series of tiny robot type things. These first ones might be my favorite of the little ones. I mean they're tripedal, what's not to love?

This one is only pretending to be tripedal. That front part is actually a snout.

These barely qualify as a creation. I mean, they're made up of two pieces. They've still got a little bit of personality though.

I've got to be honest, not even I understand these guys:

All together now

6) Watched 2 more episodes of Freakazoid. The best part was a short about "Lord Bravery."
Lord Bravery is a British superhero, except he's not very good. He spends half of the episode bickering with his wife and mother-in-law. There is this priceless exchange:

Wife: "Mother does have a point Nigel, this superhero business doesn't seem to be paying off."
Nigel: "Well not yet, but it will. You think Superman started right at the top?"
Wife and Mother in unison: "Yes."
Nigel: "Well yes, he did, but not the others. It take years to establish yourself as a superhero..."

He then goes out to find somebody to rescue, but is reluctant to do so when he finds out it involves going into the sewer. The exchange is pretty funny. You can hear the audio courtesy of ytmnd.

7) Played No More Heroes for a while. Fought the 6th ranked assassin. She was very fond of explosives. We fought on a beach, she had dug a number of holes ahead of time and covered them up. If I fell in a hole she'd throw a grenade in to keep me company.
After beating her I got a new part time job, sweeping for mines on the beach. I went around and got more t-shirts. The one I'm wearing currently is patterned like crocodile skin. Tis awesome.

8) Sam's latest fic, which if written by anyone else I would probably never admit to having read, but I'll read anything he writes. It was both "twisted and great."

9) Work was actually a pretty good day now that I look back on it.

10) Finally getting some laundry done. I've been meaning to do laundry since the last time I did it. I just haven't had the time or someone else has been using the machine when I do. Tonight I vowed that I would do laundry. Thrice I was turned back but finally I prevailed. (Mostly because no one wants to do laundry after 11:30) The process of trying to do laundry took many hours. It started right after dinner. Everything else I did was just a time filler while I waited for another opportunity to try and claim a washer.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Soon Day

1) Woke up late (earlier than yesterday, though) and had waffles. I won't claim to be a king of waffles. But perhaps a prince or a duke.

2) Sam's new torchwood fic

3) More Jack and Ellis

4) Watched the first episode of Freakazoid. "The show is a bit loud and childish at points but oh my what wonderful tangents. In this episode, "Dance of Doom" a cave man holds a high school dance hostage. Freakazoid goes to the crime scene determined to save the day. But then he runs into his policeman friend Cosgrove who says "Hey Freakazoid, want to go get a mint?" Freakazoid of course agrees and they go to a restaurant solely for mints, "Make Mine Mint." Afterwards they discuss how good the mint was. Then they remember about the hostage thing and Freakazoid runs off into the night with his hands in the air making wooshing noises (pretending to fly).

Then the narrator tells us to watch a mysterious man on the screen. He creeps down the street and up to a pet shop. He pulls a glowing stop watch out of his pocket and aims it in the window. The narrator then tells us the mysterious power of the stop watch, "The power to turn beavers into gold." He asks about the mysterious man, "Where did he come from? What did he want? And why was there a mint scene? Did it reveal character? How was the story advanced? We may never know. But now, on with the adventures of..."

As the narrator talks the camera shifts over to show a marionette dressed up as an announcer speaking into a microphone. The camera pans up and pulling the strings and throwing his voice is of course, Freakazoid. The whole thing only takes a minute and a half, but it's like four tangential moves. No wonder I used to watch this show all the time.

Later on Freakazoid pretends his hand is his new sidekick, HandMan. After Freakaziod and his hand successfully defeat the villain, Freakazoid's hand turns out to be a girl they just saved. The two hands fall in love and then get married and go on a honeymoon. Freakazoid says he hopes they will have a long happy marriage, unlike a certain other couple he knows. The camera then shows us his feet, which also have face painted on them and argue incessantly. Ridiculous.

5) gchatting with Stephanie this afternoon about stuff.we hadn't talked much for a couple days so it was nice to hear from her.

6) Went to a meeting for the Fire Escape project I'm involved with. The director was receptive to my ideas and even said (without me bringing it up at all) "what if we did it with stop-animation?" I'm glad to be involved with a project where I don't have to worry about all sides of it. For instance trying to schedule the actors and crew and reserve equipment and find locations and all that stuff. I'm responsible for the post-production and maybe the lighting a little bit.

7) Talked to my parents, I feel much better about my possible $400 medical bill now. I am so excited for next weekend. We're going to be staying in the Bed and Breakfast right next door to Jenny and Leo's. We may go out to a Mexican restaurant on Friday night.

8) Took a quick shower before going back into work.

9) Work on the weekends is not always terrible. Tonight I just went in and did a few things, sent out some e-mails, updated things in the calendar and the project management system, finished up a label for a DVD, burned and checked through that DVD, watched a new cut of a Research at Chicago video. But I was able to listen to my ipod and gChat to Stehpanie for a bit too.

10) Talking with Stephanie again. We chatted about Once and Sam's torchwood fic and such things. Lovely.

11) Getting home with time to do the dishes and update my blog and still get to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Poll-ice Show Results

So, as you may have noticed, the poll ended a couple days ago and the results are clear. The fake commercial for a new police show in episode 2 or 3 of NNN will feature a robot cop. This cop may look a lot like R2D2 and he may even have a "good cop" partner that resembles C3PO. I still have to iron out the details.

However, if you voted for one of the other options, do not despair. Malbus Windumbledore and Druvvariii Blackwing will find their ways into NNN. Windumbledore may be the headmaster at a school for heroes (someone has to oppose SVELT) Blackwing may be an actual cop, who goes onto to be a judge (Dragon Court is now in session?). I'm not sure yet, i know other things about these characters, but somethings are a mystery even to me.

As for pirates. Don't worry about pirates, there will be pirates o plenty. Yarr!

My first three Lego Sets

Well, to be fair I don't really know what were my first Lego sets. It would be hard to know because my brother and sister already had so many Legos by the time I was old enough for them. Here are the threes sets I remember most vividly from my early Lego years though:

1) Basic Set 3+, a very simple set with no directions, just a bunch of basic blocks, two weird people with no arms or legs, some wheels, windows and doors, fences,flowers and propellers. Basically anything you could need, you could build a car or a plane or a house or a windmill or a house-car-monster with flowers for eyes. What more could you want?

2) Basic Set 7+, a similar idea, but more refined. It comes with two regular Lego minifigs and a horse and a parrot and lots of pieces good for building a house. It included instructions for all four models shown on the front cover which I think is the essence of Lego. Because just having the blocks is a great thing, but showing you a few different ways to put them together is important to because is gives you a place to start from.

3) Forbidden Island, such a great set. You've got all the necessary elements for a pirate adventure, a parrot a monkey, a shark, a cannon, a prison, a treasure chest. I guess the only thing that's missing is a big pirate ship, but there's the little boat, so you can still row around if you want. The thing I loved about this set was the trap door that would drop you down into the prison. When I played with it, everything centered around people falling through the trap door into prison.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not a work day!

1) Slept in until 11:30. Awesome.

2) Classic video game music done a capella

3) Cooked up some bacon as part of my breakfast.

4) Updated my blog for Thursday and Friday. I'm so used to this blog now that I feel strange when I fall behind in updating it. Of course, it's usually because I'm busy doing other things so I don't have time to dwell on it.

5) I took advantage of the fact that I was in my apartment during the day and relaxed in the sunlight for a little bit.

6) I decided I wanted to get out of Hyde Park today, since I probably won't until I go home for Isaiah's birthday this weekend. So I went all the way up to Belmont. It's been a while since I've had a substantial CTA ride. Taking the buses to Stephanie's is disjointed and I rarely get anything done on it. On the Brown line I was able to work a good bit on the script for the the second episode of NNN. It's coming along slowly but surely.

7) On my way back I cleverly arranged my route to take me to Trader Joe's and the Lego store. Trader Joe's got me carrots and green bean and oranges and waffles and mango slices and cereal (though not the cake batter-y one) and an eggplant. (I'd never bought an eggplant before, but I always like it when it's in things, so I decided I'm going to attempt to cook one. I'm going to make eggplant parmesan. ) And it all fit nicely into my reusable canvas Trader Joe's bag. At the Lego store I picked up another exoforce set for it's purple pieces and this tiny construction vehicle for some yellow. Even though I say I don't like Exo Force, I've now bought 3 of the 7 sets released this year.

8) Krista came over for goulash dinner since she slept through our dinner on Thursday. We also had carrots and hummus. I pushed the legos onto one half of the table so we could eat. It was good.

9) Afterwards we watched the last new episode of House together on my computer. It was a weird episode. I don't know what their plan is for the whole Wilson/Amber thing. It seems out of character for both of them. Which I guess is the point? Okay show, you've made your Point, now can we please get back to Wilson spending all his time with House? Also I'm still waiting for the new fellows to do something interesting. They work too well as a team, they need some more tension. They worked well when they were all competing for a job, but now they are all kind of flat.

10) Remembered this dramatic chipmunk video - one of the reasons I love the internet.

11) Put together the lego sets. Had a few cool moments were I was putting something together with no idea of what it was going to be and then when I put it in place I realized and said "that's cool."

12) Briefly attended a double birthday party for Emily and Chelsea. (Chelsea shares a birthday with Isaiah and Emily's birthday was last week). Similar to the party the night before it was a lot of people I didn't know and then a few I did. I talked with Ari for a while which was great. Ali appeared after I'd been there for an hour or so and we sat on the couch and talked about how we didn't know anyone and then talked about her BA project. She's basically trying to put together an hour long radio show in the model of NPR's this American life. Sounds like fun.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Friday

So glad this week is finally over

1) For Fro-Yo Friday Renee made "Chai Tea Latte" flavor ice cream. It was quite good.

2) I had a problem with a DVD I wasn't sure how to get around, or if it was possible even. I asked Renee whether there was a magical easy solution and to my surprise there was. Sweet.

3) I finally finished this DVD I've been grappling with for days. So many things went wrong I can't even explain them all. But it is finally finished.

4) Screenwriters was at my house. Not a big turn out this week, probably thanks to mid-terms and whatnot. Still, it was nice to have people over and it was a productive, if short meeting.

5) After we were done one of them asked if we could watch an episode of Mr. Show - I picked one of the best episodes: "Who wants Ice Cream" Highlights: "Oh Nancy, you can't fly. Only British people can fly. You shouldn't try to fly and you shouldn't listen to British people." "Don't try to shampoo a shampooer!" "That's right Crimestick, those two were a couple of ding-a-lings."

6) Ate some Goulash for dinner, it is much better when I don't have to cook it. Yum.

7) Watched another episode of House: "Frozen." It was a good episode all around, but the best moment again goes to Wilson. He says to House "The reason I haven't tole you is-" and then he runs away. Oh Wilson.

8) Building with Legos. Last night I took apart the diorama of those sets I had bought just for the parts (plus this set which I had bought a while back just for the purple hair piece) and sorted them by color:

Tonight I built these two little guys, who I think are pretty cool:

What's that in the background? A hill with arms?

Actually it's just this tall guy. Here's what he looks like when he's not behind a hill:

Close up of his head

And then I built this awesome dude:

Look how transparent he is!

This picture is just dramatic:

9) Briefly attended Krista's party. Basically talked with Krista, Tiffany, Seth for a while and then headed out. I'm turning in to an old man I don't like staying out past midnight, unless there's a really good reason. I have to get up in the morning.

10) Had a couple more Lego ideas and built these:
This is kind of like a combination between a sheep and an elephant and a unicorn:

I think he's adorable:

The red pieces were giving me trouble but eventually I subdued them into a bird thing:

I guess it's kind of like a pheonix, what with the flame for a tail:

Here's a close up of the head.

I redesigned the little blue guy slighty: