Monday, February 25, 2008

100th! post!

Whew! It's been a wild week. I am going to try an update a lot of last week's wonderfuls tonight. I've got some free time and I don't want to leave my apartment anyway.

1) Playing with Isaiah in the morning while sitting at the breakfast table. I made faces at him and pretended to be a dinosaur and an octopus. Then I talked in the voices of Robert Vylan and Zundar Silverspine. He really liked those. Or at least he thought they were funny. Now that I have the Isaiah seal of approval I can start recording their parts for the pilot.

2) I don't know if I've stressed what a talkative little guy Isaiah is. In addition to his evil laugh and various other noises he'll make when prompted he was constantly offering up his opinion with phrases like "dubbadubbadubba." It's very adorable as well as exciting.

3) I held Isaiah for a little bit and got to make more faces at him and bounce him around.

4) Delicious breakfast – sausage, scrambled eggs and CINNAMON ROLLS!

5) Isaiah taking his "first step". Isaiah has a lot of fun lunging back and forth between Jenny and Leo and there was at least one or two steps in there that he made with out holding on to either one of them. My mom was very excited, as it was what she had been waiting for all weekend.

6) Took a nice nap in the car on the way back from Ithaca. At first I thought I might not sleep in the car at all, but next thing I knew it was two hours later and we were stopping for lunch.

7) At the restaurant I got chicken tenders, who knows the last time I got those at a restaurant. They used to be what I would always always order.

8) At a later rest stop I went in to use the bathroom and came out to find the van no longer at the gas pump. I assumed they had moved to a parking spot on the side of the building. I found them over there, but not quite in a parking spot. They had started to drive away and my brother waited until just before they were about to pull out to point out I wasn't in the van. My parents apologized for almost leaving me behind, but I just think it's funny. Mostly because my brother could have stopped them earlier, but wanted to see how far they would go.

9) In the brief time I was in my parent's house I went down to the lego room and figured out how much lego I could into my luggage to bring to Chicago. I managed to get all the green and brown legos + a few cool lego posters to hang on the wall.

When putting up those posters I also put up the three pieces of the "pentacles" series that Lila has given me. They are right above my bed, which I think fits with their dream like nature. Yes, that is an ewok in one of them.

10) At the terminal my plane arrived on time, but then they had to fix something on the plane so we were delayed boarding. I didn't mid though, I just went and bought a nice snack and found a place to plug my laptop in and worked on posts for this blog using Word. (That's why the formatting of the last few has been wonky.)

11) My snack was a Naked Juice (not mighy mango for once, something more pineappley and orangey) + a container of fresh pineapple + a philadelphia pretzel (best kind of pretezel ever)

12) Flight was nice and I had a whole row to myself.

13) Took a cab home because it's faster and I can afford it.

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