Thursday, February 7, 2008

50 Wonderful things

Today is one of the reasons this blog exists. To commemorate here are 50 wonderful things from today n the order I think of them:

1) Slept in this morning.

2) E-mail update from Adam Dusen!

3) Not shaving because I could get away with it

4) Took the 171 in this morning to a meeting --

5) Where I could zone out and still be doing "work"

6) Poe - Haunted

7) Poe - Amazed

8) gChatting with Stephanie about our weekend

9) I joined Elise's Surrealist Troupe.

10) Upon joining the troupe the founder responded, "Sweet. Our legions have officially reached two. Spread the word."

11) Ate the last of the oranges. Delicious

12) Text message from student indication a problem had gone away

13) Pasta Salad

14) Mesquite Chicken

15) Good memories

16) Playing with Legos

17) E-mail Eric Benson back about Phil Brickley

18) Gchatted with Alex

19) A delicious roll.

20) I laid down and fed myself grapes

21) 171 home from work

22) Dark chocolate M & Ms

23) Real mail! A postcard from Jenny!

24) The postcard front is a poster for the 1960's Batman movie.

25) The ad emphasizes that the movie is in COLOUR!

26) Radiohead - OK Computer

27) Pistachios

28) Chewy Bars by Quaker Oats

29) Tasty Little Crackers by Kashi

30) This weird video of a person dressed as a pig dancing

31) Mobius Strip Comic

32) Smash Brothers Brawl videos

33) A quiet moment walking to the bus after work

34) Laughing with Renee about something today

35) Getting an e-vite to Isaiah's 1st birthday

36) Not getting any phone calls or such from work after I went home

37) Had some great ideas for NNN --

38) "Phil and Sherry's Rainbow Safari"

39) "Hormammu! He is the one who destroys Reality."

40) Building Hormammu's throne

41) In the Season Finale of Season 2 Sherry says to Phil, "Now let's go kill my grandmother."

42) Not dressing up much for work today.

43) Not very cold today and no sleet attacking me from the sky.

44) Adding more stuff to the side of this blog

45) "even a babybot could make a fleshbox arm"

46) Alex and I agree Toon Link is only good for beating up

47) Alex will be in Chicago March ~21-23

48) Not going back outside after I got home tonight

49) Being alive and happy and loved

50) Seeing in myself the things I admired in him

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