Friday, February 8, 2008

Free day

1) This morning we had a recording for the development office. We had to record a student in front of a pure white background. It ended up looking really good, if a little bit like those Mac commercials (the talent just happened to look kinda like the mac guy). What was amazing is how amazing it ended up looking, even though we were in a classroom that looked like it hadn't been updated since the 60s. It's amazing what a little lighting can do.

2) After the shoot I had a little time to kill while I waited for Renee to come and help me take the equipment. So I checked my e-mail and surfed the internet on my ipod. The novelty of this has yet to wear off, nor do I expect it will anytime soon.

3) I had an epiphany about grapes. Grapes = bursts of delicious. You know? It's that first bite that matters in a grape, even though you may have to chew it a little afterward, the first bite is why I eat grapes. The chomping is so much fun.

4) In the afternoon I spent almost an hour trying to fix a problem with the Marantz, our big solid state recording device. The menu system is anything but intuitive, so i had to rely heavily on the instruction manual. There were a couple post-it notes in there marking important parts. Most of them stuck out so you could find them easily. However there was on post-it note that was not easily visible and which didn't seem to be indicating any useful information. the one thing it did have on it was today's date. Keep in mind this manual is very very rarely opened. And so the fact that there was a post-it note saying "On Feb 8th" and nothing more was very very surprising. Renee confirmed it was her handwriting and figured she must have used it on this day last year. However this was after we speculated that she was a psychic or a time traveler leaving post-it notes to predict/indicate when things should be used. Also, upon moving the post-note I realized it was covering some relevant information. What are the odds? It's things like this that make me think I'm actually a character in a book.

5) When I got home, I started getting ready to go to Stephanie's but I knew that was going to take an hour and a half and so I finished off the grapes as a snack. they were delicious.

6) Two buses later I arrived and had dinner with stephanie and ashley at the place on the corner. We had an appetizer of nachos, and though the cheese was ill-distributed, they were still tasty. I had the roasted chicken and Stephanie had Saladtron VII: The Avenger (goat cheese, strawberries, chicken, mixed greens and wlanuts [although she doesn't get it with walnuts]), Ashley had the fried perch basket (it being Lent and she being a practicing Catholic).

7) Over dinner we discussed, the ridiculous price of Ashley's earmuffs, the "Spiderman,"
my job, who is more childish, me or ashley? (ashley), and so on. Good times were had.

8) Stephanie and I came back and watched 3 episodes of Torchwood. Ghost Machine (poor Owen, poor Gwen), Cyberwoman (poor Ianto, although he'll make up for it later...) and Small Worlds (poor... humans?).

9) Continuing the fleshbox vs robot theme Stephanie referred to my teeth as foodmashers. I found this quite amusing but could not think of anything equallt good. She's much cleverer than I.

10) Tiffany told me the Mike Doughty, the former lead singer for Soul Coughing, is coming to Chicago. I think I will go. Partly because I want ot start going to more shows and also because he does such amazing things with his voice. He's one of my voice heroes.

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